12 comments on “Easter Sunday Exclusive: Q&A with your Mister Philippines Global 2017 James Alfred Ventura

    • @ Anonymous : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      No problem. The Thais do not mind twinks. But they do want/like HEIGHT.

  1. Kailangan lang mag focus sa shoulders…
    Kaya yan!

    I suggest the following:

    Workout 3 days straight..
    1st day: Shoulders-heavy, legs, core, cardio
    2nd day: Chest- heavy, legs, core, cardio
    3rd day: Back-heavy, legs, core, cardio
    4th day: Rest, Diet- green leafy, pineapple & papaya

    6 small meals a day
    Fish meal before workouts.
    High protein, low fat, low glycemic diet..
    1 serving Cruciferous veggies 3X a day
    Vitamin C 250grams 3X a day.
    No rice and bread

  2. i don think he has time gain muscle for mister globe i feel he should join misters of the philippines when his reigh is over. HE SHOULD!

    • @ Bill Ramos : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      This is tricky. Assuming he does not win in Chiang Mai, then timing will be critical. Misters of Filipinas will have their Casting Call in July 2018 (I think), and going from Global to International, Manhunt, or Supranational is a DEFINITE UPGRADE, parang Mutya or Earth to BBP!

      Another option is Gentlemen of the Philippines 2018, where HEIGHT is also the clear trend at Universal Ambassador and Model International.

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