6 comments on “Meet Joshua Banatin, your very first Mister Grand Philippines 

  1. Ano ba yan parang monay, ang laki ng panga wala bang dekalidad na sumali sa patimpalak na eto… surely talo na nmn ang pinas…. medyo dalawa lang ang may dating Mr. Universe and Mr. Global, pwdi na din ang Mr. Teen Global cute pero mas gwapo pa din ang last year winner.

    well good luck sa team Philippines…..

    i wont expect triumph for them enough to represent the PH.

  2. Parang 5’7″ lang sya. Joshua Banatin, umpisahan mo ng banatin yang mga maskels na yan.. gawa ka ng pandesal at monay. Kahit maliit ka tingnan hitik nmn ang pandesal at monay sa katawan

  3. Hello Joshua. I hope this reaches you.

    You have more or less five months to prepare. Pace yourself.

    And from the over-all glowing feedback you have garnered at Pampanga last week, it is apparent your pageant experience has polished you for this, the dual responsibility of representing well and being a host-delegate. This is your logical destiny. Embrace it.

    It will be a pity that you will SURELY NOT WIN, because this inaugural pageant needs to make a good first impression and a home court decision will NOT help in this regard. Nevertheless, keep it cool and classy.

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