20 comments on “#Binibini26 Ruffa Nava: From the heart of a girl who never stops dreaming

  1. For me she has one of the most striking faces in this year’s edition of Bb Pilipinas. I admire and salute her determination to move beyond the pain and difficulties of her childhood–and I am rooting for her success. She can be Supranational to me–where looks count for so much. And I agree with some of the other comments here that hopefully she can eventually return to school & get a college degree. Not that it’s absolutely necessary for financial success (we are all aware that BIll Gates was a college dropout), but it can still help.

  2. Every other Pinoy has that story … nothing specia
    I hope she goes back to school and continues with modeling … then someday meet someone to change her life

  3. Since day 1 she’s already on my bucket list.

    If not for her camp affiliation, gusto ko talaga siya for MS because of her modelling background.

    • I hope she learns the fundamentals of investing para di na siya bumalik to her previous life.

      According to Maxine Ang bayad SA kanila per show is 5k and Meron Silang booking na 2 per week so in a month Meron Silang income na 40k a month. But of course, Maxine is a PMAP member and her rate maybe different.

      I hope she land for an exclusive contract as spomesmodel for a certain product at sana huwag siya lokohin ng Manager niya.

      • Kung magaling, matino at disente ang manager nya ay maganda ang future ni ruffa ☺
        Uso pa ba ang bugawan sa mga pinay models😊
        Nagtatanong lang po😉 hi hi hi

      • Matatalino na naman Ang mga models ngayon, Bong. They already know if they are being exploited.

        Ang ibig ko Sabihin is yung porsientohan pag dating SA talent fee. Ang naghihirap Yung talent tapos mas Malaki PA porsiento Nung Manager.

      • Ha ha ha Gemma napahagikgik talaga ako … syempre, makalinlang man yung manager siguro ay sa una lang pero di na makakaulit.
        JawzKoh, ang hirap humalinghing ng isang oras at superAcrobat ang mga position tapos manager lang ang makikinabang eh laway lang ang kanyang puhunan bwihihihi.
        Sinosino sa mga BbPilipinas candidates ang ganyan Gemma hihihi

  4. I like that showed great mettle in pursuing her dreams. But I hope she consider pursuing a higher education in her late 20s or early 30s.
    She can be an inspirational speaker. I can see Venus Raj in her.

  5. Thank you for sharing your story, Bb. 26. I’m inspired by your story and I admire your courage to put it out in the open. It takes a lot of guts to do that. And I don’t think you’re trying to invite pity, you’re just being honest in sharing the motivation behind your drive to succeed. I wish you success, and you may not be my bet but I’m rooting for you:-) Go Ruffa!

  6. I admire her openness considering how antiquated many Filipinos are over taboo subjects such as alcoholism and child abuse. Only through breaking the silence can one and the community break the shame and pain and move towards healing and transcendence.

    I frequent an American pageant messageboard and Ruffa received praises there (including some pegging her as MUP) while some hyped frontrunners weren’t even mentioned.

    After Ibe and Peters, she’s a favorite of mine from KF along the same level as Ramos. After hearing her story, I’m inclined to think she’d be suitable for a title.

    I’d like her makeup slightly toned down as she already has strong features and at present she has moments of looking too harsh.

    Refreshing feature, I actually learned something about her beyond the typical scripted pageant babble that has had many of the ladies sounding indistinguishable.

  7. OMG, I like her story☺
    Interested din akong malaman ang kanyang lovelife and sexlife kung meron man😂
    Pangpelikula ang life story😢
    She can be the lead actress of her film bio 😇.
    Good luck and I’m confident she will have a B.S. degree someday 😉
    Laban lng Ruffa👊

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