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  1. Norman, this is one of the few blogs I regularly read and send my feedback on. This blog experience is rather different because it breaks the tedium of my everyday work routines in a foreign land, as I shed off my inhibitions tempered by the corporate world and the academe. Like you, writing is a talent honed by campus journalism in the USA, that did not find its expression in the science degree I pursued in the bachelor and graduate level.

    Responding to your blogs is fun because I know I am in a community of readers who may be so opinionated and partisan, and in their dogged defense of their beliefs, reveals in their kind of language the kind of persons they are. I write only reactions that uplift and support based on merits; I don’t write things that denigrate. I seldom react to contrary opinions and, and don’t dignify profanity-laced tirades. I am what I am; they are what they are. Your blog is a free market of ideas. But if in writing my reactions I am able to at least impart some knowledge, I am happy that I am positively influencing others through your blog.

    Keep up the good work. More power. And Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter y’all. I enjoy reading posts in this blog for pageant related updates.

  3. Hmmm! Halos pareho tayo ng books na binabasa though Ayoko ng Hardy boys! My favorite on Nancy Drew is “Spider sapphire mystery” wishing na maisa pelikula. Agatha Christie would have to be “Poirot”. Gus2 ko lang mga Stephen King adaptation like “thinner” “apt pupil” “hearts in Atlantis” and “misery”. Magandang balikan ngayong holy week!

  4. I actually visit only two blogs on a daily basis – Norman’s and that of a southern American girl living in China who soulfully chronicles the joy, the pain, the ohs and the ahs of living in a foreign land. I discovered Norman’s Blog In 2009 and since then I would never ever start nor end my day without reading an article and the readers’ comments. I must say I have shown 2 sides of me in the comments section – the real me and the “playful” me 😀
    To Norman, thanks a lot and cheers to more blogging and more MU like assigments 🍾

    • Jeremi, nakailang name ka dito since 2009 hihihi
      Ako ay 2 lang. Bong at Bong700, nawala na nga c bong eh baka nag-iba na ng name hihihi

    • I guess, it doesn’t really matter what school you came from as long as you’re hardworking and eager to learn new things everyday, anyone can be successful. Look at Norman, he is a Thomasian and a successful pageant blogger.

      • Mae, I agree . It depends on the student. It’s just that back in the day , the goal of many of us after HS was to really get in to either UP or Ateneo.

      • @bong , ok naman ang BSU . Di ba nag top ten nga sa bar sila this yr?

      • @4M
        am a proud Thomasian too… and we are all blessed that we have a Norman Tinio in our midst- he, whose untiring efforts in pageantry keep us all updated,and happy.. a blessed Good Friday, Norman..!!

      • 4m , ok naman UST. Pero Nung panahon namin u go to Up if u cannot afford Ateneo.
        But like what many of the people here are saying, it’s not the school. It’s the person

    • OMG Fabian, you didn’t lol…the cachet of a well-known school (UP here of batch 92 and Stanford U) can only bring you so far (look at Pia W, an alumnus of Star Magic college hahaha)…and in the end, its passion and common decency (as Norman has exemplified via this blog) that will bring you success and more importantly, peace of mind.

      • Andrew, UP din Ako . But I didn’t make it To Stanford. I stayed on the east side during my training yrs.
        My wife (now ex) teaches at Stanford U school of medicine .

    • Fabian, my parents couldn’t afford Ateneo at the time. As for UP, I missed the entrance exams because I was a stay-in seminarian during High School with only two weekends free per month. UST was convenient for me because my paternal grandparents resided around the University belt. And I passed the Pre-Med standards of UST

    • When I was having my externship at PGH, napansi n ko na may sense of entitlement Ang mga estudyante SA peyups. Ganun din Yung mga consultant. Parang u r not on our level Kung di ka alumni.

      Pero sabi NGA ni Solita Monsod, karamihan ng naging Chief Justices, Senate President at Panghulo ng Pilipinas ….. Bar none …. Eh puro UP

      But with punchline…..

      Eh nasan tayo ngayon?

  5. Wow.. who cares if Sirene doesn’t have a camp…

    She’s actuallly being mentored by the legendary Bambi Fuentes…. I love it… I hope Binibini would disregard camp politics this year and assign crowns based on the girl’s own merrits…

    May the best girl win! 🙂

    • I do .
      No offense meant to KF but the 6 MUPs from A&Q had great transformation after they won MUP.
      I’m hoping Sirene gets the same makeover … if she wins MUP

    • I will not complain if she gets MUP. beside nasa list ko sya sa MUP title. but i will expect that she will transform in to more re branded MU Material with camp or none but having no camp now pa lang ay pinabibilib na nya ako sa kakayahan nya. sana lang ma maintain nya to til finals or even madagdagan pa nya in to winnable. medyo may hinahanap pa ako sa kanya pero this thing na hinahanap ko is makakuha naman nya since may mga panahon pa for training. Kung ok talaga ang b2b sa MI. at pag d nakuha ni Sirene ang MUP then sana sya ang ipadala sa MI, she can win this. But if she win the top prize (MUP), Then Jehza is my MI. Mariel for Intercon, Dindi for supra. Maine for Globe and Rachel for MGI.

      • Rachel for MGI is a good idea if she does no win MUP. We can only have one MUP

      • Fabian, Rachel is disqualified to win a crown because of virginity issue.😂
        Puede cya bumalik sa ME at bka ibigay pa ang title sa kanya ☺

  6. Thanks Tito Norms for approving my comments… I hope itl get fixed soon so that I wouldn’t have to bother you so often. Happy Lenten Season! 😀

  7. It’s also great to hear more about your life, Tito Norms. Happy Easter!

  8. Years ago I “found” you while browsing and have been grateful ever since. You truly are one of the greater “discoveries” on the internet.

    • I second to that! Thank u Sir Norms for a wonderful blog, it has been like a maintenance pill which I need to take everyday. #thankyou #THANKGOD

  9. Pasalamat tayo sa ating panginoon dahil mahal na mahal nya tayo.
    Binigyan tayo ng talento at gamitin natin ito sa magandang paraan at hindi sa kasamaan na hindi natin namamalayan na naging kasapi na pala tayo sa kaharian ng mga demonyo dahil sa pera na ipinamumudmod ng maling sistema na ginagawa ng tama kahit kinasusuklaman na tayo ng Panginoong Diyos.
    Sana ay magbago na ang pagkukunwari ng nagdadamit santo pero mga demonyo at handang ipagdasal ang mga may karamdaman na walang kapalit na pera.
    Sana wala ng magkakalat ng Fake News dahil lamang sa Pera.
    Sana maliwanagan na ang pag-iisip ng may ambisyong maging makapangyarihan sa gobyerno alang-alang sa ikabubuti ng Bansang Pilipinas at sa ikabubuti ng buhay nating mga Pilipino.
    Sana ay magiging matino na ang mga masasamang Bakla na followers ni Mommy Norman, Amen 🙂
    Happy Holiday everyone, hihihi… Charette 🙂

      • OMG Maureen got teamed up with the girls who were gossiping about her… and she actually picked the biggest bitch 1st… luckily they won… I’m surprised Jennica is bitchin about her only kababayan, Maureen… I was hoping theyd be friends. 😦

      • Jenica may attitude talaga regardless kung sino inaaway niya (feeling ko). Feel ko insecure and lola mo kasi gonda gonda ni Maureen

      • Grabe kahit kapwa Pilipino insecure sya… Tangapin nalang nya na hindi sya matangkad at kagandahan hindi yung dun pa sya nagkalat ng crab mentality nya… at tinarget pa nya talaga e kapwa kababayan nya. 😦

  10. Thank you Norman. I seldom post but I always read your blogs. Much appreciated! Thank you.

  11. It’s a gift given that should be used. Like you, I’m learning to use mine again. Not just writing but the gift of music.

  12. tito norms thank you for sharing your gift and passion for pageants, and i admire you more for crediting our supreme guidance for it.

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