12 comments on “#Binibini38 Ana Patricia Asturias: “…A prepared heart, mind and soul is what makes me ready for the crown…”

  1. My wish for easter, for the girls to please please stop invoking God in these interviews. If you have to use faith as a hook to get support then get thee to a nunnery and not BBP.

      • Norms, you’ll probably sweat holy water by the time you’re done with the interviews. Always good (Friday) to hear from you!

  2. she is giving me the Joanna Eden vibe. hindi malabo na masorpresa tayo in a nice way come finals night.

  3. All of the ladies are starting to sound the same. #IAmDedicated #IAmComitted #IAmReadyToGiveMy All. Let’s be honest their camps all have the same scripts, so really none of this should even be doubted.

    For a change I actually want to see someone say “I come from a better camp” or “I am taller” or “the world will not mock me when I am wearing the Philippines sash like they will Nos. __, ___. ___, ___” or “I have more followers than so and so” or “My parents are artistas, duh!”

    Sorry. No offense, but these are getting a little repetitive which is unfortunate for the later featured contestants.

    • They are young so they have not experienced a lot of bulshit in life . They still do not go home exhausted from a day’s work wondering what life’s in store for them . Naturally, they are idealistic … thinking they can make a difference …nothing wrong with that.
      Pls do not be cynical

      • @fabian Fair enough. I am a jaded old queen so sorry it is my nature to be cynical these days 🙂

        Anyway, the ladies will be there one day too so they will realize my mindset one they too. Hahaha.

  4. Congrat dear #Binibini38 Ana Patricia Asturias I appreciated ur words so confidence to everyone that wish u #winning…#HappyEaster in advance & may #JesusChrist visit u & may ur future ur dreams become trueful, & I say help me greets P #MissUniverse2015 Alonzo #PiaWurtzbach & also ur family.

  5. Dapat nag start muna sya sa mga lower tier or regional pageants kung medyo kulang sa credentials… She could be crown-worthy but not now specialy when there are a dozen other girls with excellent pageants experiences and outstanding credentials. But based on physical beauty, she is pretty with-out a doubt.

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