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  1. Sa Nababasa ko ay hindi Dakota c John.
    Ang mahalaga ay may lasa sya at hindi mapakla.
    Thank you, hihihihi 🙂

  2. On a side note, our Mr. Phillipines, Gentlemen of the Phil candidates should aspire to have some semblance of John’s physique.

  3. Pak. Ung headline lakas mka “ready for the world: MWP Catriona Gray” mejo iba na awra ni papa john eversince nag join sya sa thats my pogay.

  4. Good day to the Mister Gay World Philippines organization.

    One very important trend in global pageantry in the recent past has been the move away from the emphasis on physical appearance and towards relatability, that winners come from a background and lead lives that a great number of pageant-followers can identify with. Tragic and melodramatic back stories are just SO TIRED already. Broken familiy? Intolerance for homosexual relationships? Nothing new. I am not trivializing Mr. Raspado. I am just saying that if only there were something else about him that would be more uplifting or optimistic to mention, I am certain he would gain more followers, both gay and straight, in his quest for the first Asian Gay World crown.

    Previously, the blogger posted on Mr. Raspado’s campaign (the “Red Carnation” thing) and only elicited the usual superficial comments (check the Archives). Had you made an Introduction Video that showed Mr. Raspado in an advocacy OTHER than the “tried-and-tested” theme of sexual orientation acceptance (the “LGBT rainbow”), then MORE visitors to this blog would rally to his cause. Can you not support a cause that does not have to depend on being gay?

    PLEASE DO NOT LIMIT THE PAGEANT TO GAY ISSUES (like the need to get tested for HIV/AIDS). Use it as an opportunity to prove to detractors that gay guys are capable of much, much more!

    Until that is done, this competition which you hope would foster greater acceptance of and understanding for the “federation” will be considered by the straight majority as little more than another nuisance male pageant.

    And now, I return to musing on the prospects of Clenci, Borja, and Kapeundl. P.S. I am gay.

    • @Andrew

      So could you suggest a better MORE SPECIFIC advocacy for our country’s representative that fits your criteria than HIV awareness and equal rights for members of the LGBT community? LOL 😀

      • Tokhang. In support of du30’s “drug war”. Bagay din sa gothic rubber costume nya. Lol

    • wow now that was long on rhetoric but dead on substance. what do u want gay guys to do? promote world peace? LOL

      • @ bill ramos and @ Lalo La : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

        Trendy advocacy is safe and boring. Mister Gay World 2017 will want someone BRAVE. A trailblazer.

        Go visit the Mister Gay World 2017 webpage and watch the Intro Vids of Mr. Raspado’s competitors.

        And based on what I’ve both seen and heard, I declare Belgium FTW! Mexico, Czech Republic, South Africa, and Filipinas round out my Final Five.

        Indonesia is my dark horse! I like that he does not take himself too seriously. He is (gay) love. 🙂

      • I love Belgium’s intro. Different and precise yet still promoting LGBT rights.
        It’s hard to come up with an advocacy that does not involve LGBT issues, since it is a gay pageant afterall. But Belgium’s intro can be taken as an example. Candidates should focus on something specific rather than relying on the broad spectrum.

    • Mahaba pero masustansya. Super like. Pero as Bill Ramos mentions, what should the promote? World peace is very cliche on all pageants. HIV/Aids awareness is getting trendy. So what else can they promote?

    • Recent past talaga? So kailan yan bakla? Kahapon o nung isang taon? Echusera!

      Magpadala ng bortang may AIDA! Ipadala si — ng Campo Carne inahas na Queens! Alam!

    • Andrew don’t take this pageant too seriously. For all I know these boys are excited to see the other meats on stage and “connect” once they all arrive. Sausage fest!

      • #living #life to the fullest! As they say, you only live once, but if you do it right once is all you need! Anyway I think he is very hunky and chunky as noted above. That’s a man. Much preferred to the twinkies we tend to send so whatever “connections” he may make will surely lead to memories to last a lifetime!

      • Agree justgrc. Plenty of memories for sure! I can only imagine what happens the night after the competition before they leave! mmmmmm!

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