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  1. For most of you on this forum you have already made up your mind on who will be your contender for MUP. I am hoping to open your mind and to think about #Binibini22. I believe COT (Chanel Olive Thomas) has the goods to deliver. She made an impact on the JAG jeans ad and runway, her ad was different to the point and made it memorable. Her ABS CBN photos give us a casual but still exude elegance and down to earth nature, her national costume and swimsuit is a reflection of real art, that a photo can create a mystery on a woman. She has also created a platform on supporting women around her. Her mock Q and A video shows she can articulate a solid response when placed in the spotlight. I have read the criticism this can all be worked on but don’t forget difference is what makes the Binibining Pilippinas winners need to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

  2. Im rooting for Chanel to win Miss Intercontinental Phil. a little birdie told me she is one of the most fluid speakers and great pasarela.

  3. I like her. Medyo sablay lang sa NatCos. Almost the same NatCos with Parul in 2014, but Thomas failed to make the costume more alive the way Parul did. I still like Thomas nonetheless. Beauty of Face and Figure, check. Com skills, check. Pasarela, check. She seems to be brainy too. I hope she wins. She’s 26, so it’s now or never for a Binibini crown.

    • Kahit ano pang crown, basta manalo lang si Maine, she deserves to be called Binibining Pilipinas titlist. I’ll be happy to see her name in the history of Binibini Queens.

      • Maine is beautiful the face of Bb Pilipinas 2017 but she looks short. This is a beauty contest one should choose the cream of the crop.
        a minor crown is fine for her but not mup .

      • Kamukha daw ni Janine at Ariela? Buksan mo nga ang mga mata mo!
        Janine and Ariela are pretty pero kkaiba naman ang beauty ni Maine. She’s the most beautiful in this batch actually.
        In denial lang kayo kasi may kanyakanya kayong bet.

  4. Pass…She looks tired (always) Even the her NatCos photo looks soooo boring.

  5. She needs to double her efforts to stand out. I like her as she has that laid back Australian vibe that Caris Tivel has but we know what happened to Miss Australia this year. Chanel has the height, the communication skills, and A&Q behind her so I’m wondering why she isn’t a front runner. She should be a crown contender by this time.

  6. Love her close-up headshot.
    She is definitely crown worthy…very crown worthy!

  7. If she can lose the gut , she Is my alternative to 19 24 and 12 for MUP. I like 1 4 and 5 too. 2 and 20 are lacking in face value. Clenci is also looking good nowadays

    If 11 15 and 32 win, I’m ok too
    Ibe and Jamaica have big necks so no to them.

    Who ever wins, I hope she can talk and walk on stage.

  8. She has unconventional beauty. I also like the way she moves on stage wherein she has her distinct gaits. She is one of the girls this year who deserves to win one of the crowns at stake. She can be Intercontinental IMO

  9. I like her to win a crown, for Supra sana kaso I prefer Sirene for that crown being an independent contender.

    I like her pasarela skills! Parang lumulutang SA runway! Her comm skills is good too. It’s just so happen this year Ang daming stand out na tailor fit na for specific crown.

    If she will join again next year, she might have a title.

    • @Gemma hi dear I also like Tomas .I want her to be Ms. Intercontinental rep. She is already 26 so Im hoping she will win. sa jag video nya ang ganda ng reaction nya before the video ended

      • Never thought she was 26 already. It’s hit or miss na pala. But I will agree with you for MIC crown for her if ever.

      • hi gemma, mic are for tall ladies . si mariel pwd din dun. actually mup pwd for mariel and chanel. Mariel i think should undergo yun Belo sculpting sa likod. non ivasive yun. tutal nasa laban na sya wag sayangin yun ganda ng mukha.fight.
        Si Chanel I saw this lady talagang maganda lalo na pag nagsasalita.
        I want tall ladies to win. Si Jehza even 5’6 mahaba tingnan so pwede manalo. yun iba 5’6 gemma di mahaba ang biyas. gemma dear did you notice pag 5’6 and below sa runner up nilalagay ni madam? 2015 and 2016

      • My fairy Ninang, if ever magpa-Belo PA si Mariel few weeks na lang Sila baka sumablay PA siya sa recovery time. Di hamak na mas maganda na siya ngayon compared Nung 2013.

        Di ko siya ma-imagine for MUP dahil SA personality Niya. Tipong Tanong sagot na walang engagement Yung character Niya. Yung mga nagtatrabaho SA call center Meron Silang customers satisfaction survey and Yung mga Amerikano gusto nila kausap Yung vibrant Ang personality na di mo talaga maaaninag Kay Mariel Kasi very uptight siya.

        Chanel is pwede for MUP. Napili ko lang si Dindi Kasi naman for the past years puro over 25 years old na yung sine-send natin. Tutal naman emotionally matured si Dindi kaya swak na din considering na 23 lang siya.

        Somehow feel ko si Jehza for MI. Walang duda na maganda siya kaso prototype siya ni Kylie baka di mag-work. Ganun din si Gail Tobes. Yung 3 beses na almost Nag-b2b Ang Venezuela SA MI mapapansin mo na contrasting Ang beauty Nung mga sinend ni Lola Osmel like dark beauty si Elizabeth Mosquera then the following year pinadala Niya yung brunette na si Jessica Barboza. Kaya feel ko si Elima for MI. And Kung magiging consistent to na tipong walang dahilan para di siya isama sa Top15 at bibigyan siya ng magandang speech na maganda Ang pagkaka deliver, taga mo as bato, siguradong b2b ‘to.

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