14 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2017: Who’s your Jag Denim Queen, Part 2?

  1. In fairness, most of these girls if not all will turn heads on the streets of NYC

  2. Ilan lang naman naglaban dito…

    Si Serrene Sutton, Christa Borja and Jheza Huelar

    Sama ko na din si Rachel Peters…

    Nag-iisa lang ang tamang timpla…

    As in face, body, catwalk skills, & ideal image…
    Alam nyo na! 😀

    • Borja is lacking in face value…. not that she’s ugly . Parang si Elizabeth Oropesa Lang

  3. Sirene vs Jehza for Jag.
    Runners up – 5, 19, 24, Chanel , 32 , 38

    Sirene vs Dindi vs Peters vs Chanel vs 5 for MUP
    Jehza for MIP
    Mariel for any of the crowns
    Elima for any of the crowns
    No to Angelique . Something wrong with her face. It will not be third time’s a charm for her … nor will it be for liezl….

  4. Give ko JAG award Kay Rachel. Haba Ng biyas. Feeling ko pang JAG talaga.

    Yung dating Ni Sirene sa video – parang si Rose Huntington Whitely kulang nalang Jerry Bruckheimer sa mga may sumasabog sabog effects.

    Mae Liezel – can we talk more about her? She’s seriously always on fleek.

    Angelique – I think she moved with exaggeration but it all worked together. I’d be very upset if she doesn’t get any of the crowns this year.

    Clenci – super elegant. I like her face. If Parul and Alicia Keys had a baby it would be Elizabeth.

    Katarina – face talaga bawi na. Pero ang hirap minsan I overlook pasarela and proportions.

    Charmaine – medyo na sobrahan sa SMIZE pero I don’t mind it. Ang ganda Ng eyes nya! Mga Latin pages paborito sya and Sirene.

  5. Much have been said about Jehza Huelar and Charmaine’s lack of height but oh boy they both look tall in those high-waist jeans. Aside from these two, others who stood out were Rachel Peters, Katarina Rodriguez, Angelique De Leon, Sutton, Chanel Olive Thomas and Ibe

  6. i thought Katarina will rock this event for jag denim queen. actually she can but she failed. na disappoint na naman ako. Sirene Sutton nailed it. but i doubt if she will win since voting ang basis. i think they should let sponsor decide and not the fans.

    • I agree… I thought her normal self would have been a perfect fit for this challenge… But she tried to sway her hips which was awkward and doesn’t really fit the whole theme.. 😦 Pretty face though as always.

    • Katarina has a beautiful face. But it all disappears when she starts talking . Her English is not bad but the way she carries herself is almost crude if not ‘manly’

  7. Based on the video clips, it’s Sirene Sutton. I think I’m liking Elizabeth Clenci too, there’s something about her. Very promising.

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