32 comments on “Sunday Specials: The Bb. Pilipinas 2017 Talent Competition 

  1. Ang galing ng performance ni Binibini 2. Ang ganda ng pangkasayaw nya ng ballet baka cya manalo Best in Talent.

  2. Dapat kasi classical opera song ang kinanta nya. bong and Fabbie, judge for yourself. hhihi fast forward to 3:00. The next girl was actually more entertaining.

    • 4m , I was actually impressed with Mariel . The other singer who sang a Les Mis cut was also good.
      If i was Boyet , I would feel proud.

    • Ok naman yung talent ni mariel 4M. Di naman nakakahiya yung performance nya.
      Pang BbPilipinas lang talaga yung level ng performance nya.
      Eh yung Talent ni Queen Jehza talaga ay supergaling kahit diko pa nakikita ha 🙂
      Queen Jehza 4ever ako eh hihihihi

      • I think for an opera singer, it’s kinda subpar. basta di ko bet yung talent nya. hihi. Mas ok pa si Arienne. 😉

      • 4m, i like 4 and 5. I think they have a chance to make it into the top 15.

        Yup, Calingo was ok. Her performance was smooth . I’m just worried abt her physically.she gives me the charice-jonalyn -Jaya vibe

    • I hope we don’t have rep for Ms World. Sa China pa gaganapin. Double jeopardy. Wala nang kredibilidad ying organizer wala rin ang host country. Forget it. For life.

    • After last year’s uncredible results, it’s almost a waste of time sending a rep to this pageant that is on the verge of becoming archaic. To add insult to injury, it is in China who will likely have its rep become one of the favorites even before the crowning a Miss World-China.

      However, whoever the beauty is to represent the Philippines, I will support 110%.

      • Miss World? Are you sure???? This was already acquired by Arnold Vegafria so how can that be?

      • Well Vegafria may be the legal franchiser but he can authorize Binibini to search for his representative, right?

  3. mga vhaks, binuksan ko ang BBP 2017 sa wikipedia…nagtaka ako na merong bagong title: Binibining Pilipinas Princess of the World. Kinuha ba ng BBP ang franchise ng pageant na yun? Sana, yung Miss United Continents nalang.

    • kahit naman sino e pwedeng mag-edit sa wiki, baka next time mong tingnan, kasama na ang miss international queen 🙂

  4. Have y’all watched the short clip of Jag Jeans? Ang ganda ni Elima, kaso yung facial expressions nya paulit ulit.

  5. Does this mean there is no big production Jag Fashion Show this year like the previous years? Wala Ron yatang National Costume Show which in the past is the side show for the Jag presentation.

    • From what I heard , she does not have a gag reflex. Yeah , bong700, best in talent hihihi

      • Oh really Fabian, i like that. Talo nya ako sa talent na yan bwihihihi.
        Link kaagad Fabian at wag paloloko sa dilawang Fake news hihihi, charette na maliit 🙂

    • @bong700 and fabian
      fabian- dapat double time tayo dalawa for Dindi kita mo naman si bong700 talagang promote 🙂

    • It’s Ok you dont really want to hear her sing. I thought it was a disaster for her to pick My Heart Will Go On as an opera piece. Really disappointed in her.

      • Hahahahaha… 4M nemen..She is a professional opera singer accdg to her…. Sexcited 2loy ako mapanood kung gaano sya kaprofessional as an opera singer hihihi..
        Parang nahiya ako para kay mariel de leon sa information na nasabi mo 4M bwihihihi

      • Is there a link it ? I’d like to hear now that I mentioned it hihihi
        Baka naman kailangan Lang panoorin 3x para na -appreciate

      • Dyusko bong700 and fabbie Waley talaga. Sayang Ang talento. She picked the wrong song. I just youtubed it. 🙂 Basta Waley talaga ang performance. Mas maganda pa si Queen Jehza kahit Hindi nagperform hihihi

      • Fabian, Mariel is not really an opera singer in the true sense of the word. Dyan sa Pinas kasi makatili lang opera na. She should sing pop instead and do a favor for her vocal chord which has been strained since her first attempt because she seems trying so hard to be one. This is a friendly advice 😀

      • Ha ha ha.. ano ba naman yan kevin, ipit na ipit talaga na parang P*kpek bwihihihi.
        Kakahiya kasi yung ipangalandakan na professional ka pero amateur pala… kaloka hihihi

      • bong natuwa naman ako sa p*kp*k mo. hihihi. tumpak na tumpak ang description mo! Tse!

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