26 comments on “#Binibini20 Christa Borja: “…People can expect more fierceness, and of course my smile!…”

  1. Pareho sila ng facial symmetry ni Laura Lehman. I hope she’ll win one of the crowns. Bagay sya for Ms. Globe.

  2. Very happy that she is getting noticed!

    For me, siya and Asido ang underhyped na makakapasok sa Top 15.

    Good Luck, girls!

  3. LOL. She actually said “beauty with a purpose” in this interview. Methinks this girl has a Plan B…

  4. She needs to get braces to get those teeth fixed so she could start smilling on pics…

    I want her to win… Potentialy Bbp Grand, Intercontinental or maybe even Universe.

  5. I like her ! She has the height plus the bod and impressive educational background. If her handlers can help her find the right styling, she’ll be shoo in for one of the crowns 🙂

  6. Auto fail for me with the “beauty with a purpose.”

    Hello that is the logo for the wrong pageant system.

    I guess you can’t please everyone all the time indeed, especially BbP and it’s plum pageant, MU.


  7. Magka-level sila ng beauty and educational background ni Calingo, pero mas bet ko sya kasi mukhang humble at mas matangkad. If she doesnt make it this year, I hope she joins again.

    • i agree if they need someone really smart and winnable then SHES IT! if she has a miss indonesia sash people would be hyping on this one 😀

  8. Woo hoo! Look a this woman’s physical physique! Goodness gracious…Holy mackerel!
    If there was a title for BBP Fitness International, hands down Christa wins the crown.

    Like 👍👍
    All the best Ms Borja…crown worthy for sure!

  9. Next……
    Rachel Peters is MU material in that photo below. She is one of the girls that I really want to win MUP aside from Charmaine Elima and Angelique De Leon

  10. Magna Cum Laude honor graduate pala sya sa UK.. hmmmm
    Maganda + Magna cum Laude sya Fabian, anong ma-say mo 🙂
    Ano itittz at kung sino sinong mga pics pinopost dito hihihi
    Puwes, magpost din ako ng OOT hihihi
    Anatalia needs our supoort sa Live show 🙂

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