36 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2017: At Jardin de Miramar for the OBB Shoot

  1. JawsKuh, napalunok ako sa good moral character ng mga candidates eh ang dami nilang hindi na Virgin… nakakagalit talaga yang rules na yan at paano nakalusot ang mga malalanding yan Fabian, Laila, jackie, c2f, basil at mga dilawan paki-explain bwihihihiihi

    • Bong700, I understand your point of view
      It’s still considered immoral even to this date for a woman to have pre-marital sex…. at least when it comes to Filipino women.
      I know it’s 2017 but still .. ‘malalandi at putatsing’ pa rin ang dating
      Tse hihihi

    • @bong700 since 80’s baby ako madami pa ako friendship na v yun mga nagaral tapos nakalimutan mag bf hihi. Nung kabataan ko para sa akin importante yan bilang dalagang Filipina ngunit ngayon I think the most impt thing is you could influence people to do good . virginity is not an issue anymore pag ginawa mong requirement ang v matitira na kandidata yun pipintasan mo na lang

    • Kung sa mga boys (18 and above) ilan kaya ang matitirang may moral kung ang basis mo ay virginity?

  2. Just curious.. Who are the straight girls in this blog? Who among the candidates do you find beautiful?

    • Sirene Sutton, Mariel de Leon, Juliana Kapeundl, Katarina Rodriquez, Charmaine Elima and Gail Tobes.

    • @Lea I find Elima, Angelique , Sirene, ms ortega , kapeundl, Tomas , Jamaica, Vanessa beautiful
      sexy: Peters and Dindi.. brains and great styling Calingo
      cute: Huelar and Marasigan

      • Asturias and Kapeundl are giving me Joanna Eden vibe.
        2 sa crown mapupunta sa dark horses. kaya 4 crowns ang front runners

    • @Lea: I find all 40 candidates beautiful in their own way. But if I were to narrow it down to just three candidates whom I think might have a shot in actually winning a title — within the confined parameters of this beauty pageant — Charmaine, Sirene, and Rachel immediately come to mind.

      Needless to say it will all boil down to each candidate’s onstage performance on finals, so who actually wins what would be anybody’s guess.

    • Lea, parang sinabi mo na rin na hindi marunong kumilatis ng magaganda ang mga vex sa blog na to kasama na c mommy N ciempre bwihihihi

      • @bong700, no naman.. I have great respect sa mga kapatid natin na vex. 🙂 I know beauty is in the eye of beholder. Nacurious lang ako kasi as a girl nagagandahan ako sa ibang candidates pero karamihan sa commenters hindi nila bet.

      • @bong700, not at all. I have high respect sa mga kapatid natin na veks.. nacurious lang ako.. as a girl kasi nagagandahan ako sa ibang candidates na karamihan sa mga commenters di nila bet. So talagang beauty is in the eye of the beholder..

  3. Juliana Kapeundi is the Ariella Arida of this batch. And if she play her cards right, she might just stole the thunder from early front runners.

  4. Beauty is subjective. What may be beautiful to me may not be beautiful to you or it’s the other way around!
    **** I like Elima here. She’s enchanting.

  5. I think aces should make Nadine Lustre styling for Arienne. w this pics in the garden kahit hindi ko gusto damit ni Arienne she appears sexy to me. at kung ipupusod ilukot kaunti yun unahan to enhance the height. at sure ako take home niya isa sa crowns
    Elima face can launch a thousands ship. maganda talaga

  6. Omg! Omg ! Dindi is banging! She s a real MUP contender!!!!
    If u want cuties , there are a lot of better alternatives to Huelar . Pics above prove that . Candidates 1 and 4 are just 2 of them. Gising , bong700 ! Gising , Jeremi! Gising, Bayan !!! Hihihi

    • @fabian kapeundl #28, vanessa #8 and marasigan are delicate beauties/cuties
      teka di na charice si arienne ha she is giving me the nadine lustre vibe

      • Jackie ,
        I’m not familiar with some of the girls . Without the numbers , I’m having a difficult time id’ing them but yeS.. the girls u mentioned are cuties too
        And yes , Lumalaban si Ate, Hindi sya mukhang charice hihihi

    • @fabian kapeundl #28, vanessa #8 and marasigan are delicate beauties/cuties
      teka di na charice si arienne ha she is giving me the nadine lustre vibe

    • Tse over my sexy body Fabian. Dindi up to top 15 only. I would take candidate no. 1 any year of the century over your Dindi hahahahah
      Ganda ni Elima how much more kung pictorial na yan ng MU I’m sure pansinin sya.
      Elima or Peters for MUP

  7. They all look fresh, the photos are not heavily edited which is refreshing. #NoTeaNoShade

  8. Elima, Huelar, Peters, candidate no. 1 is cute..I dont like Angelique De Leon’s shot here

  9. Andaming gumanda, nakuha ang tamang styling. Before press presentation di sila ganun kaganda. Huelar, Elima, Thomas, Calingo and Sutton FTW

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