25 comments on “Giving credit to the Bb. Pilipinas 2017 National Costume Designers Part 3

  1. Hmmm… Jamaica looks like she’s wearing a wedding dress and she has her eager eyes on an old, rich white guy on the horizon.

    Okay guys, I’m just joking….😛

  2. Why is it that every time I look at Juliana’s costume, I’m reminded of this movie?

  3. Nava clearly stands out here. She knows how to project her dress. An eye-catching creation, her dress is fantastic – color and texture contrast, balance, and drama, all come together to give a powerful effect. Thomas was a disaster. She didn’t know how to handle the dress and herself in it.

    • @Brian — I agree re: Thomas. There were way too many unnecessary props around Chanel, stifling both her and the dress! The deer-in-headlights expression also didn’t help.

  4. Filipino designers are very creative but a few reminds me of Mexico’s day of the dead. It may be bec Philippines and Mexico both have Spanish influences

  5. I like Dindi’s shot here. Her overall look is reminiscent of the vintage Sampaguita film portraits of the 1950s – early 60s. Her terno is classic yet so elegantly simple.

  6. Dindi ‘s natcos is simple but very expensive -looking .. appropriate for a highly respected pageant like BP. She does not look like she is at a carnival or perya.

    And the pic above shows she is a viable candidate for MUP

  7. John Cliff on Ruffa Nava draws mixed emotions in me. Im not sure if its the designers intention to invoke certain emotions from the viewers cuz she looks like a beautiful Filipina queen of the damned to me. The red details in her serpentine gowns reminds me of giant venous anastomoses , an explosion of bloody internal organs or worse as it feeds my phobia, a cluster of hundreds of coiling red snakes. It’s beautiful but it sends shiver to my spines. You can just imagine the moment its set in motion.

  8. Panalo si Nava dito, ganda din ng gown. Hindi lang pala si Mariel ang aattend ng SONA pati pala si Dindi, mukha syang Aquino sister hahaha.

  9. Sorry, but Chanel’s photo shoot is a disaster. Way too much going on! And is that an orange table cloth or is that a cape she’s wearing??

  10. Way back – ive predicted Nava na “gandang di kailangang ipaliwanag ” i guess im correct.

    She will be the dark horse for 2017.

  11. Nava for this group and the beautiful terno.

    Edwin Uy’s is sinilR to the one worn by Parul. He used red onstead of gold this time. And it looks boring on her.

  12. Ruffa Nava has the best shot in this group
    Dindi looks old para syang politician na aatend ng filipinian ball
    Fabian tse hahahahaha

  13. I wonder why Dindi wore the “safe” gown this year… I expected that she would wear something outlandish…. oh well… She’s already losing steam…

    Without the fan and headress… how did the gown of Lizel Ramos considered as a National Costume?

    • Precisely because of the fans and the headress, LOL. Now add some of that butterfly sleeves and that costume would be thrice the national costume than it is now, right?

  14. The setup and composition of Olive Thomas’ photo were poorly done. Those unnecessary props in front of the frame overshadowed the classy details of her costume! Ugh.

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