21 comments on “Giving credit to the Bb. Pilipinas 2017 National Costume Designers Part 1

  1. These national costumes are all beautiful, I think. And it’s so refreshing to see many of the girls have their hair “up” or in a bun, for a change.

  2. Based SA mga nanalo on the previous years na parehong butterfly Ang design Ang Napili, Ang common denominator is yung choice for fabric and intricate design. If they would go for the same taste, most likely it’s either Calingo or Ang.

  3. Definitely, Huelar. Although a very interesting and creative costume, the outfit has too much layering, with misplaced design lines to create movement. As well, the bottom part begins a bit too high, while the shoulder cover, a bit too low. And what’s up with the wrinkling on the front? Wrinkling is a big no no. Despite all that, Huelar managed to shine and didn’t look lost in it.

  4. In this display, i lik3 Jennyline Malpaya. She reminds me of a younger and definitely much more beautiful version of Ms. Gloria Diaz, MU 1969.

  5. Are some of the girls standing on stilts underneath their skirts? I’m not gonna name names, but you guys know who I’m talking about!

  6. Huelar is pretty but there’s definitely something wrong with her shot? It didn’t showcase the gown nor her body, she even looked fat. The gowns are stunning, nonetheless. Although I least like Huelar’s.

  7. Huelar looks like Darna in long gown…stunningly beautiful, sexy, fierce!

  8. All of these look good.
    Btw, Mariel has turned me off by her NatCo shot.. her face looks so wide and fat. Sorry. She is a bye for me for now

  9. I love that all of the designers stepped-up this year as in halos walang tapon… 1st time to na wala akong makitang mukhang timang.. All are well-made and each of them has their own unique interpretation of the Filipiniana.

  10. Calingo and Ang – design and fit of the costume.

    Something’s odd on the fit of the costume on Huelar – around the waist and hips area.

    The designs of Acebuche and Ornum are both sinple yet elegant. I like the simplicity of the design and clean execution. That of Ornum looks hand painted as well.

    Galing ng mga Filipino designers. There’s really no need for Barraza.

  11. For this group, kasing liwanag ng araw ang ganda ni Huelar, Tobes at Marasigan. Tipong di kailangan magpaliwanag sa NBI.hihi. Paalala, sa ganda ng mukha at tindig na hindi pilit ang labanan pa lang ito.

  12. For me it is Calingo and Huellar who stand out from this group.
    Congrats Mak Tumang and Erich Miñoza!

  13. Congrats to our dear #Queens in Bb Binibini Pilipinas 2017

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