10 comments on “#Binibini34 Gabriela Ortega: “…I am a Filipina with an open mind and an intercultural background…”

  1. From the very start, i see her as the demure version of Anjanette Abayari. Hindi rin ako magrereklamo kung isa sya sa mga mananalo.

  2. I am not saying this because she is family but would just want to share with you who Gabriela is in person as we know her and you can be assured we are the worst critics of each other within the family. She joined the pageant because she is confident she is eqally deserving and worthy to be considered as a title holder of our country in the international arena. She has proven herself to succeed in her studies and at the same time actively participated in all cultural and social activities in Spain promoting her heritage. She has always maintained her hardworking n independent stance often refusing help to make things easy for her because she believed in the integrity of working hard for a goal she sets her mind into. She gets only 3 to 4 hrs of sleep with their hectic schedules, yet she always at her best. This is an overwhelming cut throat industry she walked into but she wanted this experience to mold her into a better person and not transform her into a glamorized figure head with superficial values. It is so easy to “lose” yourself amidst all the fame and glamor but her open mindedness and intercultural values has held her intact and very grounded. I guess you will all agree with me that the physical appearance and how you play the cameras can all be changed and enhanced but the inner beauty n forbearance is what matters in telling whether you are truly, innately deserving to be called a FILIPINA BINIBINI. Let us not forget the nightmare we all witnessed with that title holder who lost in the pageant and shamed us all after the event when she bad mouthed the winner sourgraping.

  3. This girl has a beautiful face. Its like a better version of pilar pilapil. Very sophisticated. Could pass for a malay or a polynesian or latina. My problem is her body. She sometimes registers as stout or stocky. Pasarela needs improvement too as medyo maiikli ang bitas.

  4. I like her! I like the fact she brings the intercultural background element to the table.

  5. Social media write ups about Gabriela doesn’t begin to really come close to what a beautiful woman she truly is, in and out. On most of the pictures out there, she’s beautifully made up. But the pictures on her Facebook page shows her in casual setting, fresh faced and gorgeous! She nailed the questions on both her answers, She’s a totally different Binibining contestant: very classy and a bit pulled away from the crowd because she is highly confident and not showy. She’s a true Filipina beauty that shouldn’t be missed!

    • I am enjoying all these positive ratings for our Bb. Pilipinas # 34 ! They are honest ang ring true to the actual facts about Gabriel Mandarieta Ortega ! I am so proud of her qualities and I am ecstatic that people are beginning to pay attention to who she really is – an unbiased down to earth person with true beauty inside and out !!!

  6. Reading this article made me love this candidate more! Really great person to represent internationally! Perfect face, beautiful and smart!

  7. Pretty face but she needs to get lean and fit…

    She also needs to practice her passarela and body projection…

  8. Just sit up and pay attention…?
    Pwede rin ba ang … just stand down…? Lols.
    Maganda sya… pwede nga syang dark horse sa finals.

  9. I like her answer to question #2.

    My only dilemma with her is the inconsistency with the way she register on camera. There are times na mahigsi Ang biyas like during the presentation and there are times na proportional as in that pictorial.

    Unless subject to change yung rep for MUC then I’d rather see Gabriela on that pageant. She’s fading lately however if she would perform come finals night, a 2nd RU finish for a first timer is not bad at all.

    Chanel Thomas would be my 1st RU coz she would be great alternate to any crown if a crowned rep wouldn’t be able to compete.

    Mantakin mong pati 1st RU hirap piliin!

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