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  1. LC Ang #8 took this round .

    If im going to buy , wear and attend a gala tonight , it will be Bb Pilipinas #8 s terno .

    Thats just me !

  2. Arienne= Maria Gigante
    Arienne better show she’s got it or she’s gonna be a TYG

    • I don’t think so Fabian
      Maria is Maria, Wynwyn is Wynwyn
      Arienne is…. I can’t even know what to say (yes I used can’t i/o don’t)

  3. I just found out something…

    Serene Sutton is indeed campless but she did not join un-prepaired. She assembled her own hair, make-up and PA/fashion stylist. She works out regularly. And she studies/practices everything on her own (even for the Q&A which I think would be so much better trainning with Aces & Queens). Best of all, the clothes she wears are at her own expense except for a few evening gowns and costumes which she borrowed from her designer friends. Her styling and photoshoot concepts are all hers. And this is all from a girl who paid for her own studies and lives independently. Now, she proved that she is truely crown worthy. Amazing!!!

    • And she can do everything- hair, make-up & styling on her own. Definitely super model material…

      She could win BBP-Supra or maybe even.. Miss International.

      • I have Sirene as one of my MUP possibilities — along with two others — at the moment.

    • MU for me. She can do it as long as she doesn’t stumble and get affected by camp politics.

    • This means Sirene is resourceful, independent, self-motivated, disciplined, determined, smart, creative, and hard-working. Nothing has been handed to her on a silver platter. She’s worked very hard for everything’s she’s got — and supports her family all at the same time.

      She is amazing. Beautiful, inside and out!

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mariel DeLeon. However, there are some angles in her photo shoots that makes her jaw look very very boxy and square. Kind of masculine.

    Hopefully her trainers can soften it up a little.

    I still think she is MUP caliber!

    • Referring to Bong 700’s post, below, displaying the 7 random candidates.

    • I agree with you Saluda. While it’s true that having a chameleon like look can be an asset, in Mariel”s case, there are angles where she looks quite “boxy & square” making her look kinda gawky. In the official national costume photo, for example, she looks like a boxy Pinky de Leon…. nag mukhang artista ang peg. And in that group pic with SMA above,I can’t believe it’s Mariel! Parang too much “chest out” ang ginawa that she looks a bit awkwardice. I know it’s just a bad angle which I hope Mariel will take note of. She remains one of my top favorites but if she will not play her cards well, she will get a lesser than the MUP crown.

  5. Hindi na ako nanood ng Abs-Cbn dahil sa mga fake news nila.
    May show pa ba si Toni Gonzaga sa Chan. 2 kc gusto ko syang magHost uli ng Bb.Pilipinas hihihi
    Hindi ako aantukin kapag c Toni ang host kc pati Judges ay napapatawa nya bwihihihi 🙂

    • Agree
      She was not boring . and she was not trying to embarrass the candidates . She was trying to be funny .
      But as I said , I do not like that she is cocky .

      • yeah she was trying to be funny but there are other ways na hinde ma e embarrass ang candidates. but still i dont like her to be the host again. and im sure KC will hosting this pageant. lalake nalang ang hahanapin. baka si Xian lim na naman. though magaling din pero medyo may kabastusan sya so i dont like him too as host for bbp. Robi Domingo pwede pa kaysa kay Xian or even Billy C.

      • Di naman sya cocky fabian pero nakatikim na sya ng cock hihihi. Medyo mas exciting na ngayon kc may halong cock na ngayon ang hosting nya bwihihihi

    • Ewww. I hope they don’t get Toni to host BBP again. She’s not up to the standard. It’s as bad as having Duterte for president. Ugh.

      • C Toni ang nagturo sa ibang host kung paano ihandle at icontrol ang event na di ka malilimutan at di pagsasawaan without trying hard and no pretention at all hihihi. DU30 is the Best President we ever had aj hihihi.. Change is coming. Kahit anong kasinungalingan at mga Fake News na ginagawa ng mga dilawan ay hindi sila magtatagumpay because Evil never wins hihihi Remember the one who cheats and lies in order to get what he/she desires, no matter the cost bwihihihi.

    • Agree ako sa 1st sentence mo bong. I don’t watch ABS-CBN anymore either.
      As for Toni…no to Binibini hosting please! One cannot make patawa at the expense of the candidates. That’s horrible! With her antics, nagiging chipipay ang what is supposed to be a formal, elegant, highly respected event.

      • Eliza, tama na yung mga mapagkunwaring elegant, highly respected event like what happened to MU2016 na sayang lang ang ginastos ni Lolo Chavit and company hihihi.. Chipipay naman ang nangyari sa totoo lang. Di mo maramdaman ang Filipino flavor sa MU Grand event hihihi.

    • Hi bong pansin ko lang fan na fan ka ng mga taong asal kanto like Duterte and Toni

      • OMG naman Doremi hihihi. Di naman asal kanto c DU30 mas lalo na c Toni hihihi Ang tunay na asal kanto at mamatay tao ay ang mga dilawan hihihi magResearch naman paminsanminsan Doremi hihihi 🙂

      • jusko bong, katunog mo na si mocha. magresearch ang alam lang na sabihin pag iniinterview. natalo kasi manok mong si bongbong. proud ka pa talaga.

      • @J, ha ha ha… Cayetano ako ano ka ba… mas masarap c Cayetano kesa kay BBM bwiihihihi
        Wala naman akong paki kung sa Capital L ka bumoto as in Libog, Liers, lielayan hihihi

  6. Queen Huelar 4ever 🙂
    Ibigay nyo na ang lahat ng awards sa kanya para makabawi kayo ng ROI nyo sa BbPilipinas hihihi

  7. @Gemma

    I agree with your wish list. Especially staying away from that horrible and embarrassing excuse of the hostess that they had a couple of years back mocking the candidates.

    She was as bad of a hostess as Janina Miguel’s final answer was in 2007
    I still cringe with embarrasment for both of them.. 👎👎😔

  8. Gumanda nga ang hair & make-up ni Arriene Calingo dyan… Kumbaga pag abroad, exotic kung exotic ang peg… Pero pag local, of course mas mabenta ang mestizahin ang peg… She knows how to adapt to the Filipino standards of beauty… No wonder she’s Miss World Ph 1st runner-up… May game-plan si ate gurl! Ganyan talaga dapat… Palaban!

    Serene Sutton… very consistent as always… modelesque is definitely her brand.

    Charmaine Elima and Jheza Huelar…
    well-proportioned and todo project as always..

    Nelda Ibe’s bone structure looks good but she needs to work-out her butt… Sali ka narin Katarina… Squats and dead-lifts to death!

    I still can’t move-on from Mariel’s national costume…. It was the most apropriate event to show-off her class and create a statement that would mark her as crown worthy… The Cary Santiago gown is a classy choice but the silhouette was not flattering for her figure. She needs to put some volume on her lower half of the body to match her upper-built… a voluminous skirt or maybe even a ball gown would have been a better choice. But that was done… And now she’s back to her consistently pretty self.

    I like Rachel Peters as well… pero nakukulangan lang talaga ako ng konti sa Face-value…

    Katarina naman… ganda ng mukha.. pero yun na!
    Kailangan din kasi ng sex apeal please… paano ka mananalo ng crown nyan?!

    Jamaica Ambal & Camille Manalo… .

    • E si Mia Howell nga 2nd runner up sa MW ni di nakapasa sa Screening .
      She cannot sit on her laurels.
      She has to look good in EG and swimsuit.
      Unless SMA endorses her to the judges, she will not get A slot in the semi-final round without a good stage presence . Right now , I can name more than 15 candidates who look better than she is .

      • Mia Howell got fat and not in a good way… she has a gut hanging out while her butt looked flat… Last time she competed ahich was at Miss World Ph, she was more fit.. And if she won then… it wouldn’t matter because Miss World has no swimsuit competition.

        Meanwhile, Arriene is consistently fit… if she pops up later with abs then she is truelly working her butt off to win that crown. She is not resting on her laurels because she has little laurels to rest on. We need a girl who could compete with strategy and knows how to standout and that is Arriene.

  9. sirene sutton is MI material..rachel peters kamukha tlga ni solenn heusaff. gumuganda sya payag nako sa MUP sya…si elima pwede nang MGI

    • Sirene .. she’s very caucAsian but I think her face may be too strong for MI .

  10. May mga magaganda physicaly pero hinde uma acting as a BQ. isa na dyan si Katarina. shes one of my bet. pero na didis appoint ako sa kanya. i know this is not the competition yet but they need to show us what beauty queen is. off cam man o wala pang pageant they need to show it. Yung performance lang ang isecret at sa finals na ipakita pero yung side ng pagiging beauty queen dapat araw araw. oras oras. but still shes on my list i drop her as bbp supranational. So far these girls are very consistent.
    Sirene sutton.
    Maine Elima
    Rachel Peters ( hinde ko talaga type pero pwede bahala na si Madamme)
    Dindi Pajares
    Jehza huelar
    Mariel De leon
    Arriene Calingo not a front runner pero lumalaban sya. im liking her looks lately.

  11. universe – m de leon, peters
    international – sutton
    supranational – elima
    grand – rodriguez, pajares

  12. Minus the holy week, they have barely 3weeks left till the finals and here’s my expectations:

    1. Group of 4 in swimsuit competition the way they did in 2008 para Makita Kung sino kabado versus the prepared.

    2. Cameraman, please concentrate on the candidates and not on audience reaction. Do not repeat the shot you made with Maxine last year.

    3. Keep the SGV rep side by side with the host. We don’t want interchanging of crown.

    4. Get a female host who don’t mock the candidate or who has insecurity in herself. KC did a good job last year! She’s very professional!

    5. Keep the random announcement of candidates turn in the Q&A. I want to hear who is prepared!

    6. If they can’t hold a preliminary, perhaps a closed door interview with the judges is a must.

    7. Madam SMA, make my wish list a reality!

  13. Strong contenders are the following:

    1. Mariel deleon 2. Charmaine Elima, 3. Sirene Sutton, 4. Rachel Peters, 5. Katarina Rodiguez, 6.Chanel Oive 7. Juelar

  14. my choice for MUP remain the same: Mariel or Jamaica

    International: Chamaine or Sirene
    Intercontinental: Angelique or Nelda
    Supranational: Katarina or Ruffa
    Grand International: Dindi or Rachel
    Globe: Jezha or Liezl

    1st ru: Chanel (United Continents)
    2nd ru: Larah or Arienne

    This collection is my top 15 also.

  15. Kung ako SA mga girls hihingin ko yung picture ko. Aba! Minsan lang Tayo maging bata, ano? Manalo matalo, at least, may souvenir ako.

  16. Elima, A. deLeon, Katarina, Sutton, Peters are the standouts in this event.

  17. In terms of facial bone structure, Sirene and Charmaine’s are classic and exquisite.

    • @Hana.. if only Maine is 5’8 she will be mup.. Sirene beauty is mi material

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