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  1. The national costume portion should be incorporated in the overall scoring, at least at the national level.
    First, the designers work awfully hard to create the costumes and second it displays how each candidate displays grace and charm while wearing them.

    However, there are exceptions to the rule. Remember MJ Lastimosa’s catastrophic flower pot guised as a national costume at MU in 2014? As stunningly beautiful MJ was, that costume made her look depressingly frumpy.
    Then her evening gown fit for a mermaid? Let’s not go “swim” there.

    May BPCI always keep 2014 as a year of lessons learned. Thank goodness.

    • I agree… but it was all planned.. SMA knew Colombia was a strong contender that year and gave way for them to win… which resserved Pia for later because she also knew that DT is already having negotiations to sell his share of MUOrg. Thus she knew that whoever would win in 2014 would have a short reign. The rest was purely coincidental… new org, long reign and the stars aligned perfectly for Pia.

    • Saluda, our nat cos are way too traditional, and appeal mostly to us, not to international judges. They do not have international appeal. Our designers are fixated on recreating the the Santacruzan or the museum look among the contestants, rather than a vibrant, evolving look. Designers it is 2017, not 1970!

  2. #binibini34 Gabriela Ortega in that Nat Manilag gown is perfection. Her beauty is so fresh, striking and stand out. The red looks fabulous on her. Just the right drama and still true to the filipiniana style. WOW is all I can say,

  3. There are two gorgeus Natcos here.
    1. Maine’s #32
    2. Katarina #31 <-Francis Libiran it has a very detailed design and its back is soooooo fashion week gorgeous! I just really don't know why it was not showcased on that photo. ❤

  4. Maine’s costume reminds me of Ms. Russia 2014 Nat Cos. I love both. And I love that our natcos now are delivering the wow factor with Avant-garde vibe, pieces are crisp and full of inspirations that are rooted in our rich culture and heritage. They are not just showcase of fashion but they are now, or most of them, tell a lot of our story and identity, and of our designers craftsmanship for the world to see. I hope they consider dressing our queens with these beautiful pieces whoever may win and will represent us internationally.

  5. Aba aba aba. Level up ang mga costumes at terno ng mga vaks!!! I love the elegant photoshoot this year. Great job Raymond! As far as the costumes go, I agree with Elima’s. I feel like Sirene got sabotage but her costume is very unique naman. I was hoping something more eye popping.

  6. maganda natcos ni elima, pinakamaganda sa lahat! sana maisuot ito sa miss u kung sino man manalong miss universe-philippines! 🙂

  7. kuda pa mga bakla………. lahat naman maganda at pinaghirapan ng mga designers, kung anu-anu pang mga panlalait ng iba dyan.

    • Magaganda. Pang Santacruzan. Or Museum. Not for Miss Universe. Except for a few.

  8. I agree with you Tito Norms. Maine’s costume is superb. I wouldn’d mind if lahat ng natcos ng BBP2017 winners eh hihilahin lang sa collection na to. Ibang iba ang datingan ng kay Maine. Mamahalin! Ganyan.

    Mariel – dear, they’re packaging you into a Pia 2.0. tell them to stop. nude terno and same hairstyle? basta, no. lol

    di ko magets ung natcos ni Sirene nung una, siguro mali ang posing sa photo kaya di napakita ang mga dapat ipakita? the pose. hmmm yun na.

    Dindi’s natcos… hindi natapos no ho? anong nangyari??? but i like the fabric.

    Arinne’s natcos made her extra taller. simplehan lang.

    Dane’s natcos is maganda rin. saw a close up video of the details.

    One of my fave din – Kimberly’s and Christagale’s natcos. iba ang dating.. i love it.

    Nelda Ibe – ganda ng fez!!!! mala stained glass ang terno!

    My least favorite ; Thoreen’s terno. hmmm

    • Pia looked slim in her natcos even though she was at her heaviest then . Mariel seems packing in the pic , she reminds me more of KC’s sister

      • @Fabian — Right. Mariel’s natcos made her look heavier and older than she really is.

      • @Fabian.. it might be the fabric that makes Mariel look heavy. Thats why im 50 50 re her looks. she is beautiful but you could see she has to be in a certain angle and looks best hair down.

      • So awkward ng hairdo nya. Hindi tataga versatile si Mariel when it comes to hairstyle.

      • Compare Mariel’s natcos photo to Pia’s, back when Pia was at her “heaviest” during Bb Pilipinas natcos presentation in 2015 — then you’ll realize that Mariel still has challenges she needs to overcome.

  9. Mariel’s get-up made her look big and matronly. That “costume” did not help her at all. Sorry.

  10. Who’s Binibini is missing?

    Anyhow, since all are terno, I would love to see these costumes in motion. What may be good in picture may be bleh in motion.

    But I must congratulate all the designers for stepping up and showing SMA that the Filipino designers are really good at their craft.

  11. Pati ba naman sa pagkuha ng mga pictures may daya pa. Halata tuloy na may maliliit ang kalahok dahil sa makikita mo yung tungtungan ng linagay para magmukhang silang mahaba. Mas maganda sana yung tunay na taas nila at hindi puro photoshopped na lang ang ipapakita nila.

  12. What are these costumes if they will not be worn in the international pageants for all to appreciate??

  13. I’m not a big fan of NatCos.

    Actually maganda yung details Nung Kay Elima and maganda Rin yung shot pero nung nakita yung front shot parang natabunan na yung details.

      • There u go , The profile looks good .. but the front view? Not so much , amigo

      • Is it just the angle of Maine’s frontal photo or is her costume really a straight flat cut? I think the cut is boring. Look, this is a beauty pageant, not a La Naval look alike contest. As far as I know you don’t have to look that authentic to win the nat cos award. You have to be stylish, modern yet inspired by your culture and history. And yes, SEXY. There is nothing sexy in Maine’s custome, nor in her projection. Miss Russia, in the picture here, radiated sexiness even when fully clothed, and she didn’t look like she jumped from a museum window. Maine did. That’s why I disagree with your Mr. Norman. Sorry, you understandably are biased, and base your judgements on other factors that we do not or did not see. But on the basis of these photos alone, I say boo. This will not arrest the attention of anyone in Miss Universe apart from the rabid Pinoy fans. I don’t think “religious” customes make their mark in Miss U. Designers, if you want to win the Best in Nat Cos award, be BOLD, like the endless fab folds in Vanessa Saliba’s gown (NOT HER HEAD PIECE which is timid and flat!). Forget trying to make your queens look like authentic religious icons!

        In fairness to Maine’s costume, the details are indeed fascinating. But not the overall look. The gown appears to be carrying her, not the other way around, which should be.

  14. I saw the other close up shots of Charmaign Elima, Jehza Huelar and the other girl’s National Costumes. I studied all of them carefully and I come to realize… That our national costume should create a statement when it comes to high-lighting the beauty of the contestant and the cultural significance her costume represents. The winner of the best in National costume should posess a balance of the two factors.

    Jheza Huelar’s national costume showcased her beauty and the national history she represents but I saw only one flaw, I find the inspiration- “carnival queen” a bit over-used ever since Pia wore the costume of almost the same inspiration at Miss Universe.

    Charmain Elima’s costume has all the elements of a winner… I just wish that they added a feminine modern twist to the religious inspired costume. I find the flat front and tent like shape not very flattering for her. A cinched waist with a modern neckline for me would be too conventional but a better choice than the current conservative cut which I find hypocritical based on the history of why Marian Idols’ silhouettes are of that particullar shape and style.

    I just realized that Chico Estiva’s creations are inspired by Disney… his creation reminds me of Cinderela crossed with the Emerald fairy and what Whitney Houston wore as the fairy god mother of the modern version of Cinderella starring Brandy. I wish he added more historical elements in his design. Mariel De Leon would have been a better fit for this gown.

    Channel Olive Thomas’ costume by Edwin Uy is trully an art piece but it did not match the wearer. A contestant with a more conventional facial beauty would have been a better fit for this costume.

    Serene Sutton’s pictorial is perfect for a Magazine cover.. It is a clear standout, the cultural significance is there but I feel like the modern twist of her whole ensemble lessened the essence of Filipino pageantry.

  15. ang OA ng nat cos ni elima…masyadong trying hard nag dating….maganda ang #1 at #19

  16. Magaganda ang natcos this year. infairness sa mga designers. kudos to all of them. kahit ung iba d ko ma gets ang inspiration eh ok pa din high fashion. Charmaine Elima nailed the natcos photoshoot and also its the best natcos this year bb batch. followed by jehza heular.pwede na sya lumipad dahil sa wings ng agila. hihi. charot. arriene calingo looks tall in her natcos. si mariel ala Pia Wurtzbach in her natcos. Dindi simple pero makintab at madulas. Thats All bye!!!

  17. Elima’s is certainly beautiful. If I saw the nat costume event live (was there one?), I would have given this a standing ovation. Glad to see this elegant work of art made by a Pinoy.

  18. The image of Peters is the best.
    Terno was taken fully within the frame . The backdraft is not overpowering. It is arranged well.

    As a rule in photography , you do not crop images on joints . Some of the ladies were crop on their ankle which make it weird .

    While i like most of the Terno , some elements on the background make it tacky. Whats with the red curtain background ?

    • Yan kasi ang gandang di kilangan ng explanation!

      Yung fezla ni Mariel di bagay sa Natcos, kasi kung lechon ang peg bakit matalim pa sa manga ang panga ni biik? Umamin! Nagpapa-facial contouring o turok para madefine at mabawasan ang chubby cheeks hahahaha.

      • No comment @ richmond .

        My MU is Sutton . Im not a fan of M deleon .

  19. Elima and the NC are absolutely STUNNING!!! Both are MU worthy!

  20. I agree 110% with you Norman. the costume of binibini #32 epitomises the true essence of the National Costume portion of a beauty pageant by showcasing a costume that is steeped in history and national identity together with unique ingenuity, design artistry, technical expertise in execution, tells a story, contemporary relevance and pizzazz!!

    The costume is truly fitting for the beauteous Charmaine Elima. C’est magnifique!

  21. 101% agree with you Norman- it’s as if Cesar Gaupo, Into Sotto and Pitoy Moreno all collaborated on a gown and came up with something timeless yet modern; traditional yet elegantly fashion-forward. And this is the question that has always nagged at me when looking at national costumes? How do you judge it exactly? As a costume, it obviously has to be judged based on the merits of the garment itself. But in the context of a pageant, the wearer and how she carries the whole thing should matter as well. This gown manages to top both- and Elima shows here that she can give the models a run for their money- because in this photo-shoot, the modelesque girls win the day; Sutton, Naval & Katarina all understood the context of the theme and posed appropriately.

    Coming close- Angelique de Leon, Dindi, Mariel and Rachel Peters- who all had the advantage of gowns which suited them well.

  22. Many lovely costumes, but if I were to choose only two it would be the costumes worn by Charmaine Elima and Jehza Huelar. Charmaine especially looks divine in her natcos photo. Jehza looks beautifully elegant. Both costumes look spectacular.

    Congrats to ALL the candidates for a job well done!

  23. parang 12 footer si angelique, simple and crisp. less is oh so much more.

  24. #2 because it is simple and elegant and realistic
    #13 because it is modern and different from the rest
    19 because it looks expensive without even trying
    24 looks good but it’s hard to appreciate the color in the pic
    No to 32 because it is over the top and reminds of Thailand’s EGs – no originality

    • @Fabian

      Are you kidding me?! When and where ever did a Thai contestant wore an evening gown that looks like #32?! When in world history did the Thais come-up with a Hispanic Baroque Christian idol inspired evening gown?!

      • Gusto mo ng simple, gusto mo din ng modern. Gusto mo din ng expensive looking.. Ikaw talaga baklang kanal ka, magulo utak mo.

      • Honey , it is casual talking , do not be too literal.when I said realistic, i meant it was something you would see being worn in formal Occasions.
        Humanap ka nga ng Kausap mo .
        Tse, hihihi!

      • Erwann, u use the word ‘ bakla’ with such intensity . I’m sorry you hate yourself that much .

      • Ano daw? something being worn sa formal occasion? But you know the category is National Costume… Well I’ll let your taste “realistic” and “can be worn during formal occasion” stand on your ground. I saw how intricate that design created on Maine’s NatCos and I myself thought it was an Inno Sotto because of that backdrop and cut then when they said it was created by someone else I was like you guys might be mistaken.

        The cut is fabworthy.. and for those saying it doesn’t have figure well you guys might be unaware of our lady of la naval de manila’s clothes. It is made that way.. You want it inspired by our lady of la naval de manila with a gorgeous figure – common holiness with a booty or cleavage yeah?

  25. Naglalakihan, nagpapabonggahan nagkakabugan na mga natcos. Pero who will present their nat cos in the most elegant and dainty way? Sana walang sumemplang. Good luck binibinis!

    • Pasensya na, pero sa unang tingin aakalain mo pisces sya. Pero sabi nila inspired daw yun sa bountiful harvest painting.

      • Thanks for the explanation!

        Na-disconnect PA rin ako Kasi all of them are in Filipiniana photographed in retro 60’s concept tapos biglang may naiba, pati yung ayos ng buhok pati posing. Kaloka!

  26. I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with Mr. Tinio. Ms. Elima, as usual, can JUST STAND THERE and SLAY the shot! Just like in her black swimwear photograph.. She gives so much with very little effort.

    Runners-up for me are Ms. Nava in noir terno so TEXTURAL that it’s creepy in an Alexander McQueen way, an UTTERLY LOVELY Ms. Kapeundl with a sceptre, and Ms. (K.) Pajares as Norse apparition (why so Scandinavian?).

    Ms. Thomas is in costume intricate enough to make the props around her unnecessary. Sayang!

    And the answer to Mr. Tinio’s question in his earlier post on who gets to wear the white terno with the green filigree is … Binibini 16, Larah Grace Lacap! Where’s my prize, po? LOL.

  27. Pablo Mendez nailed this for Charmaine Elima!!!.. WOW!!! Classic, Authentic, Historical!!! Love it! I also love the classic yet modern gowns of Angelique De Leon and Rachel Peters…

    Serene Sutton in her assymetrical gown is a clear standout… She is definitely the most modelesque.

    The Maranao Princess costume worn by Channel Olive Thomas looks way better than her face.

    I’d prefer if the Chico Estiva gown had a more authentic wide A-line skirt insted of a huge ball gown. I wish it was worn by Mariel De Leon.

  28. I’ll go for #binibini12. Everything is cohesive and on point. Simple pattern of the filipiniana, light make-up, clean hairstyle. The body angle, facial expression and the fact that she is not staring at the camera. #simplicity #binibiningpilipinas

  29. Omgeeee!!…Thank you so much Sir Norman Tinio!!..Love love love!! I am so speechless!! ❤😍😍😘😘😘😘

  30. Tito Norms, I loved #32 Elima, # 28 Kapeundl fr the old era (it also helped both ladies are classic beauties) and the diversity of # 20 costume

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