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  1. Based on her answer on Norman’s question, it boils down to,

    Me, myself and I

    It’s a NO for me for now

    When she comes back next year with a mission that a beauty queen has to accomplish I might say YES. That is to be fair to other girls who will use their title for a worthy cause.

    • As long as Marlon is not tied to any girl, he is free to play around. That’s the privilege of being a man in the same token na privelege ng mga babae na magsinungaling.

      On that second video, Kung si Esther Swan NASA tabi ni Pia at that time and there is that provocative question, she would have been snatch out already para di masagot yung Tanong na yon.

      • @gemma marlon can play around yes but he has to give financial support sa 2 bata until they can support themselves. pia should be able to see its water under the bridge. sya ang present

      • Right, Jacky! About the financial support. It’s impossible that Pia wouldn’t have known it from the start. They might have thought it could be kept under the rug. Kung ako SA kanya, pakasal na siya. It’s about time. She already gave her share for the country.

      • Pia could just have answered “that is a very personal question, no comment”. She can confront Marlon later if indeed she was really not aware. Ang nangyari kasi Pia was put in an embarrassing situation. Si Gafud naman on the other hand, OA!

    • Hays kahit anong talino ng babae pagdating sa love or pag lumandi di nakakapag isip ng maganda

    • Dyusko ang mga Pinoy naman talaga. So what if he has kids? The question is, is he single? We live in a modern world where having kids out of wedlock is becoming a norm. As long as he did not deny the kids and support them then why not?

      • Jeremi I think Marlon is a good choice. hihihi. Looks and career wise, he’s got it. Nobody’s perfect so let’s not judge him for what he did in the past. Unless of course if the rumors are true. That is not good.

    • Pia handled it well, si Jonas lost his cool. Reporters will never fail to do what’s in their nature to do. He should have just let it slide. The media is hard to control, they could play dirty depending on who is the force steering the wheel. At this point, Pia needs to have the media on her side. Jonas behavior is just stoking the fire…unless he wants to be at center of it. Opinion ko lang po.

  2. Pansin ko lang, parang ang mga binibining pics in swimsuits ay patalbugan kung sino ang papasa papuntang Japan hihihi.
    In fairness, Pasok c Ms Legaspi hihihi.
    Di mo na alam kung sino talaga ang pasok at ligwak.
    Cno kayang mga frontrunners ang uuwing luhaan dahil naungusan ni Miss Legaspi hihihi 🙂

    OOT: Naview ko lang. Ito ba yung pinagkakaguluhang gasoline boy ng mga bayot sa beauty and fashion industry … PWeee, kaloka hihihi

    • @ bong700 : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Ms. Legaspi took a big risk by jumping ship. She is up against a FORMIDABLE line-up at BBP. If she instead resigned her Runner-Up position for a second shot at Miss Earth, imho she would have an easier time, judging on Mr. Tinio’s earlier post on Miss Earth for Earth Hour.

      CJ Querol will represent Filipinas at Manhunt International 2017.

      • Kaloka Andrew, Binihisan, tinuruan at tsinu_ _ ha ha ha charette, what i mean ay binigyan ng Title from Kabadingan community hihihi.
        Si ading Chris naman, sinong bayot na kalandian nya ang nagpasok sa community ng mga kafederasyon at nagpaShamcey Supsup and Tsaraaannn, binigyan ng Title hihihi kaloka talaga mga vhaks hihihi.

      • @ bong700 : Regarding PO1 Chriz Dulagan, I just wanted to say that the “Igorot Hunks” that showcased their traditional dance at this year’s Panagbenga Festival are all SHORTER than him. He himself is probably 5’10” and was Mister PNP 2015; CJ is a little taller at probaly 6′ flat, as tall as his Manhunt Philippines predecessor, Don McGyver Cochico, also a “gwapulis”.

        It seems the Filipino gay community gravitates towards TALL guys for pageant titles. A certain Eton Bonifacio was Chriz’s handler during the Misters of Filipinas 2016. But I am NOT certain if Eton is gay. And it was rumored that Francis Libiran, who supplies the formal wear for PEPPS’ annual male pageant, vouched for CJ. I think it was Francis that discovered CJ in the first place.

        Baka nagpa-gasolina sa SeaOil si Francis Libiran, at nagkataong si CJ ang nag-serve sa kanya.

        Chriz and Don McGyver recently joined Mister International 2014 Neil Perez as judges at the recently-concluded “Gandapulis” beauty pageant. Mr. Tinio posted on this on his fanpage. FYI lang.

        To conclude on Ms. Legaspi, more than anything she needs to convince WME/IMG that she has the qualities they are looking for in a spokesperson, has to prove to pageant fans how and why she can continue the work of Iris Mittenaere, and has to be RELATABLE. Showing no hesitation in admitting her “flaws and faults” (see above) could be a good start in pursuing the DIC crown. This is in stark contrast to those who portray themselves as “ultimate”. Someone down-to-earth for a change…?

      • This is the perfect sample of a “square face” na talagang advantage and dagdag pogi points SA mga lalaki as I’ve mentioned on article about Mariel.

        Tinatawag na chiseled jaw line or in vernacular “pangahan”.

    • bong700 sino ba naman ang aayaw sa kanya. hihihih. he can definitely pump it! hihih

      • Dakkel? Naimas met ngata hi hi hi.
        Baka maituprak gamin ket nalangsi 4M hi hi hi ☺
        Ngem ni Chris kasla Naimas. Kaim-imas na siguro diay naramanak diay baguio hihihi😄
        Naimas ti igorot 4M 👍💋

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