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  1. Ruffa Guttierez na Megan Young ang mukha ni Miss South Africa pero maganda din si Mariel na mala Evangeline Pascual and Margie Moran… South Africa and the Philippines produced pageant winners who are both beauty and brains. Sa performance lang nagkakatalo. Mariel’s edge is that she is trained by the best of the best when it comes to pageantry. Win or lose, I know for a fact that Mariel would slay on the corronation day.

    Mark my words….

    Miss Universe will crown a unique kind of beauty this year, a beauty that would stand-out!

    • If Mariel is mala Evangeline at Margie, pang 1960s and 1970s lang pala ang beauty niya. If Miss SA is mala Ruffa at Megan, pang 1990s at 2010s pala ang beauty niya. So I’ll go for Miss SA kasi she has the best of both worlds – the past and the present.

  2. Sutton – Universe
    De leon M. – International
    Pajares – Grand International
    Rodriguez K. – Supranational
    Elima – Globe
    Tobes – Continental
    Calingo – runner up
    Peters – runner up

  3. Si Mariel at Leila delima ay magkahugis ang face kaya nakakabadvibes byuti ni Mariel. Mas maganda pa rin si Sierra Bearchell whether payat or mataba kasi magandamaganda at flawless ang face eh tapos hindi isip bata at pabebe pag kinausap.

  4. Kung itabi siya ni Miss South Africa 2017, ewan ko lang san siya pupulutin.. haha!

    • Lagi ba nanalo ang pinakamaganda? Sa tingin mo ba mas maganda si Miss South Africa kesa ke Mariel or Charmaine? Remember, Miss France is not the most beautiful among the candidates in the last MU. Sige na nga, hindi ko babasagin ang trip mo.

      • RAM, obvious naman na mas maganda si Miss SA kesa ka Mariel pero sa akin mas maganda pa rin si Charmaine kesa kay Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. For you, Iris is not the most beautiful but to the judges she is the real deal, and I am pretty sure a lot of fans of MU from around the world would agree. Hence, If we really want to win the DIC crown in the years to come, we should send someone who is a total package. Someone who is not only beautiful but also intelligent, personable, talented, relatable and compassionate with a gorgeous body and a generous heart.

    • ateng! if she will come out in stage well prepared and with well mannered performances then she will win or even place. ang daming magaganda sa past MU til 2016 pero anung nangyari sa performance nila? nasa awrahan yan teh wala sa ganda. pwedeng nasa ganda din but with strong awra or performances. Pero i will never judge this girl agad agad since malayo pa ang MU and more training pa sila. so same kay Mariel if she wins bbp universe dont judge her agad agad.

    • wake UP wala na tayo sa trump Era sa MU. Its IMG who is the new owner of MU and not trump so ibang iba ang IMG kay trump.

      • Sa ngayon which is still months away from Miss U 2017, si Miss SA pa rin ang mas maganda at mas may aura kesa ka Mariel, Geoff. Admit it or not, I think you should go out from your lonely place and ask people everywhere sino mas maganda and you’ll see. Wag mong sabihin na wala na tayo sa trump era. Look at Pia and Iris, they are both gorgeous and truly stunning! Hence, if we really want to win the DIC crown in the years to come, we should send someone who is a total package. Someone who is not only beautiful but also intelligent, personable, talented, relatable and compassionate with a gorgeous body and a generous heart.

    • Okey, because you said Maine is prettier than others, I’m fine with that. But It’s the “san sya pupulutin if katabi si Miss SA?” sounds judgmental. Eh hindi nman ugly girl yung kinukumpara mo…Sa totoo lang higit sa kalahati ng kandidata ngayon mas maganda si Mariel. Maybe, you’ve seen her that close or you know her very well, baka mayroon kaming di alam na alam mo kasi parang it’s beyond comparing, yours is bordering on hatred. Are you a Noranian who hasn’t moved on? #IamNoranian #ButIHaveMovedOn

      • Just like Sutton, I am an independent, RAM. Masyado mo namang seryoso. I decided to use the word “pupulutin” para matauhan ang iba dyan.. hehe.

    • You can praise anybody for all you want…but you don’t have to bash anyone the way you just did!

      • Eliza, bashing and being frank are two different thing. Puro nalang bashing ang nasa isip mo. You’re a typical Pinoy na hindi makatanggap ng mga straighforward comments. You like it or not, I am just being frank.

    • @Miss SA, pareho silang magaganda, let’s wait till the final comes, with that I rest my case. #E5 #MARIEL #PETERS #MAELIEZEL #IBE

  5. Hmmmmm!

    Diverting to positive feedback na Ang mga comments ni Mariel.

    Yung mga dating critical sa kanya naging open minded na rin!

    ISA na lang Ang hinihintay ko mako-convince SA progress ni Mariel. Yayamanin Ang name Niya. Secret! Hulaan niyo!


  6. ot ang gaganda ng nat costume sa wowowee beauty contest. out of the box

    • Okay, upon closer inspection, she still looks a bit on the fat side, and she has all these moles everywhere….

      • @ Casper : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Imho, her shape is just fine. And having plenty of moles did not deny Amber Valetta her successful modelling career; in other words, it is not a huge problem. Again, just my one cents…

      • Hindi moles yan, mga tinggil ng baboy yan. Lambi na parang warts naiwan.

    • infairness, galing umaura ni chanel olive thomas…gilid si mariel..lol

  7. Love her from the very beginning. May x factor ang Ganda nya. Puedeng successor ni Maxine kase di sila magkamukha. Aside from intensive workout, kailangan nya ng personality development. Ganda rin ng backstory – an opera singer from an illustrious show biz clan in the Philippines. At least di sya breadwinner ng family – gasgas na backstory ng mga MUP for the past few years. Naipanalo na ni Pia yan. Styling is on point plus she really has a good speaking voice. My MUP 2017.

    • X tralaga! Ikaw ba naman ang hindi na kumakain baboy at oblong pa rin! tapos habang nagpuipilit pumayat lumilitaw ang pitpit na mukha! Parang latang naipit na ewan! Wag kayong bulag hindi siya maganda, wag ipilit, tingnan nyo kasi sa personal para siyang putlaing chekwang mataba!

  8. Its funny because prior to the screening, all her pics registered her to be ‘mataba’- and now look at all this! I believe that for every person who mentioned it on social media, an ounce evaporated like magic. By the time she’s crowned- and I think she’ll get one if not the top one- she would be practically anorexic lol.

    One thing going for her is that she does have the goods and that she actually wants this and have been dreaming about this for years. The self-belief is so strong as well as the physicality. I have friends who have no idea who the binibinis are but who would point out time and again from photos alone, Mariel- along with Maine Elima, Jehza, Peters, and yes (grudgingly) Dindi, Tobes- as the faces worthy of crowns.

    And as I’ve said before, all she needs to do is convince us on finals night..

  9. Mas mahalaga ang edad. mukha , tangkad o talino. Marami pang araw para mag-isip kung sino sa kanila ang masuwerte.

    Bb. 1 Marasigan 26 yo 5’6″ Bb. 2 Galingo 24 yo 5’5″ Bb. 3 Tobes 22 yo 5′ 6 1/2 ”
    Bb. 4 Ramirez 25 yo 5’7″ Bb. 5 Mariano 21 yo 5’6″ Bb. 6 Nama 24 yo 5’6″
    Bb. 7. Malpaya 25 yo 5’7″ Bb. 8 Ang 24 yo 5’7″ Bb. 9 Saliba 21 yo 5’7″
    Bb. 10. Huelar 22 yo 5’6″ Bb. 11 K. Pajares 26 5’7″ Bb. 12 A. Deleon 26 yo 5’8″
    Bb. 13 Sutton 23 yo 5’7″ Bb. 14 Asido 26 yo 5’7″ Bb. 15 M. Deleon 23 yo 5’8″
    Bb. 16 Lacap 26 yo 5’8 1/2″ Bb. 17 Manalo 26 yo 5’8″ Bb. 18 Ibe 23 yo 5’8″
    Bb. 19 Peters 25 yo 5’8″ Bb. 20 Borja 26 yo 5’8″ Bb. 21 Ambal 24 yo 5’10”
    Bb. 22 Thomas 26 yo 5’8″ Bb. 23 Salientes 21 yo 5’7″ Bb. 24 D. Pajares 23 yo 5’8″
    Bb. 25 Villareal 23 yo 5’9″ Bb. 26 Nava 23 yo 5’7″ Bb. 27 Valente 24 yo 5’7″
    Bb. 28 Kapeundl 25 yo 5’7 1/2″ Bb. 29 Manongsong 24 yo 5’7″ Bb. 30 Ramos 26 yo 5’7″
    Bb. 31 Rodriguez 24 yo 5’6″ Bb. 32 Elima 24 yo 5’6″ Bb. 33 Cequena 24 yo 5’7″
    Bb. 34 Ortega 26 yo 5’6 1/2″ Bb. 35 Halvosen 24 yo 5’6″ Bb. 36 Colcol 25 yo 5’7″
    Bb. 37 Legaspi 24 yo 5’5″ Bb. 38. Asturias 24 yo 5’6″ Bb. 39 Clenci 26 yo 5’5 1/2″
    Bb. 40 Guelos 24 yo 5’7″

    (Source : Bb Pilipinas )

  10. ika nga slowly but surely! so if hinde ka satisfied sa pinapakita ngayon wag agad agad i close ang door for them. hinde deserving or anything negative or bashing. strategy lang yan mga bes. nag uumpisa pa lang naman and the real battle will be on the last day of april. Its their choice to show themselves in full or slowly.

    • @geoff im liking how ms mariel is becoming a stunner day by day. im just waiting an updo(hair bun) look

  11. she is beautiful but w that hairdo her neck is registering as maigsi ang leeg. i think mariel wants to be mup so if di papalarin i first runner up na lang ni madam than gave her a minor crown.
    MI are for small framed ladies example sirene, jehza wag na basagin trip ng mga hapon.

  12. Mariel – MGIP or Supra
    Sirene or Peters or Dindi – MUP 1st or 2nd runners up
    Sirene or Jehza or the other pleasant beauties – MI

    • Dearest Fabian; just because you keep on saying it (that Dindi will win something) doesn’t mean it’s going to happen lol…

    • @fabian whoever will win mgi phil. naka mark na yan kay mr. n .. this might be the first mgi crown for us.
      peters for mgi, that rockin latina bod , a strong passport na di na kailangan mag apply ng visa and the bf influence mr n will love
      dindi for supra..
      i like elima face for mup but she is not tall so its sirene or dindi and im waiting for mariel makeover. 3 girls for my mu
      mi- best rep jehza or sutton ,i agree w u
      angelique and tomas-mic and globe

    • @fabian, im w u w this dindi will win this time(not sure what crown)
      @bong700..pang mi talaga beauty ng jehz mo suportahan taka

  13. I like her!

    Maganda siya! Mukhang Buhay na Barbie!

    I was checking the opinion of other bloggers and admin of different pageant groups and forum and palaging PASOK siya SA 5.

    As for the title that fits her, let me count the ways,

    Kung SA MUP, beauty wise lutang na lutang Ito! Sa Q&A di rin pahuhuli. Pero yung personality Niya KC ang major hindrance, tipong Kung di mo siya kausapin di ka Niya kakausapin borderline suplada.

    Kung MGI naman, possible na magkaroon Sila ng personality clash ni bakla! If ever na manalo siya. Though check pa rin Ang characteristics Niya para dun.

    Kung MI naman, sayang naman Yung comm skills kung mag mememorya lang siya ng speech. Eh SA pageant na yon pag namarkahan na nila Kung sino gus2 nila the pageant stop, confirmation na lang yung final speech. And Yung route para mamarkahan ka is to show consistency from day 1.
    Kaya unpredictable pageant na yan which makes it unique.

    Which leads me to MIC crown for her dahil kaya i-mold Yung ballgame to her advantage.

  14. Habang tumatagal gumaganda si Mariel, mahilig talaga ako sa transformation kaya bet ko sya. Di gaya nung ibang contestant yun lang fes kahit sang photo haha

    • Parang hamon, matagal ang curing! Halatang nili-lipo na si bakla! Ang tamlay lalo sa mga events! Isang araw bubulagta na lang yan! Wag kasi nyo ipilit! Maawa din kayo.

  15. I don’t agree with some people who say she will be a different kind of beauty from the Philippines.
    She represents the same prototype as Shamcey and MJ.
    I can go either way .
    I m ok if she gets MUP
    I won’t feel bad if she doesn’t .
    I just think we need a feminine beauty

    Sirene Peters and yes … Dindi for MUP

    • Fabian, I can see the connection between Shamcey and MJ but I can’t see your conclusion of how Mariel would be their prototype.
      She has a total different look from MUP’s 2012 and 2014.
      Can you share why?

    • Feminine PA din naman siya, Fabian ๐Ÿ˜„

      Square face Kasi advantage SA mga lalaki KC mas masculine tignan (i.e., Piolo P., Gabby C, Andrew Wolff) which is opposite SA oblong face na perfect para SA babae.

      Kahit square faced si Mariel, Yung ilong at mata Niya napaka-feminine naman kaya na-neutralize.

      On the other hand Malaki Yung frame ng katawan niya kaya medyo masculine pero na neutralize naman ng payat niyang braso at shoulder.

      Kaya Ang suggestion ko enhance lang yung V line Niya para Pak na Pak na siya talaga!

      • Vavoy line? Flat faced yan! Nakakalokang mukapan ang ganyan, di pantay ang contour at shading sa ganyan, di mo alam san iaangulo kasi flat at iba ang tabas.

  16. you have mu support guapa!
    super charming/facial beauty wise/body and brain!
    Hoping for Miss Universe or Miss International crown for u!
    God bless!

  17. mariel is really beautiful and stuning but there are things that some people here seen on mariel. majubis o may kulang etc. . But its too early to tell eh. and ayan mukhang now pa lang kinakain nyo na ang mga sinabi nyong hinde maganda kay mariel. her answers above are very exciting. lumalaban si ateng nyo. i said on my previous comment shes not my cup of tea or number 1 in my universe list. but if she wins the top prize im okay with that since shes part of A&Q maker of a real beauty queen. nakapagproduce ng winners internationaly. so kahit im not a fan of her. pero fan ako ng aces so i will suffort her. so lets wait and judge them base on their performances come finals. sometimes kung sino ang weak sa preliminary events sya pa ang nananalo sa coronation.

  18. I am starting to like Mariel de Leon recently. Medyo distracted lang ako sa hair nya sa forehead.

  19. She has calm demeanor and good upbringing – she looks classy without even trying hard .. like Maxine.
    Her education ( IS?) and experience abroad make me think her English is at least ok.
    However , Her beauty is debatable .’
    I would like to have someone with a pleasant beauty like Olivia C Olivia J and Paulina.
    .. or in our case Janine Mutya Sirene etc.

  20. Go Mariel! Keep improving. Medyo bawas lang ng konti sa big hair look, it’s kind of getting old.

  21. She is peaking at the right time! The candids are stunning, my frontrunner for now!

  22. She’s beautiful, she’s sexy, she’s sultry…
    Ladies and gentlemen she is MUP caliber!

    Lets hope her communication skills accentuates herr stunning externals!

  23. I agree with Laila, Mariel is one of the stand outs during their visit ar Manhattan Garden. I noticed that she looks so tall, leaner, slimmer and her aura is something that can not be ignored. Aside from her, others who stood out are Jamaica Ambal, Rachel Peters, Angelique De Leon, Jehza Huelar and Elima.

    • Love your picks Jeremi.

      I’m not picking faves this year.
      I’m afraid I may jinx their chances, like I did last year.

      It’s too heartbreaking…

      • Saluda open din ako sa mga Hindi gaano napapansin na girls. Yung bagong pinalit na girl lakas Ng dating. Si Mae Liezel ayaw patalo. Palaging on point. Dun sa Mario Dumawal news clip na may onting footage mg JAG shoot Ang ganda ganda Ni Sirene. Patinyung energy nya Tama Lang timpa. I’ve seen some rough still Ng JAG shoot nila – Ang hahaba nila. Huelar, Peters and si Katarina ang sexy sa fitted tops and high waisted skinny jeans.

  24. @ the rate she is doing, she is one of the girls to beat at this point ! Her physical transformation is getting more evident (her close up pic above is proof) so I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins one of the titles at stake, if not the major MUP title itself. Good luck, Mariel ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Alam nyo kanina sa IG nagkaroon Ng frenzy over Mariel. Yung photos nya sa visit nila sa Manhattan condos – Ang Laki Ng improvement Ng tindig nya pati yung body nya Parang mas lean. Hindi pa sya payat na payat kanina pero even si Dindi na nag sta standout sa mga casual events na ganito nasapawan nya kanina. I would have attached photos kaso I’m using a tablet I don’t know how. Isa Rin ako sa 50/50 Kay Mariel pero kanina nakita ko na talaga na lumalaban sya.

  26. She’s my MUP as of the moment, followed Jamaica, and Sutton. My top 3 girls for Universe.

  27. Well, Winner dahil kay Cuay ang sagot ng mga tanong na yan… Join the winning team with Queen Jehza hihihi

    • Tanong nyo si John Cuay ano ang katotohanan sa pagbagsak este pagpayat ng katawan niya – clue hindi shabu ๐Ÿ˜‰

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