23 comments on “Two Questions for your #Binibini1 Dane Felisse Marasigan

  1. I found her sosy and pretty, pang artista or host, I doubt her chances as a “beauty queen”. Pero why not, ang importante mas maganda siya sa iba.

  2. I like her. She’s not the prettiest nor the tallest but she’s very charming. Masaya panoorin ang video niya. Maaliwalas ang face.

  3. OT:

    I hope beauty queens would learn this valuable lesson….

    Take things one step at a time or lose everything:

  4. sweet looking sya….yung tipong pag naging mag kaklase kayo ng highschool sya ang iboboto mo ng muse…lol…by d way is it true na si gov. migs villafuerte ng cam sur ang bf ni rachel peters?

  5. I don’t wanna be rude bc ineng looks kind and sweet naman, pero maikli talaga ang biyas niya at medyo basic pinay atchay ang face. She has a picture with Pia, who is a legit 5’5″, and ineng is an inch to an inch 1/2 shorter. So 5’4″/5’3″ lang talaga, wala ng dagdag, beh, okay?! Wala naman sana problema at pwede sa minor pageants kaso her head to feet ratio is not proportional… Hindi pwede sa modeling at beauty pageant ang long torso and short, thick legs, ineng. Sooo, focus ka na lang sa ibang career na you’ll be successful at.

    Dane, if you’re reading this, please ask your friends to stop spamming our IG and FB page. We will promote you naman if deserving ng attention sa fans. Okay, beh? 😘

    • @anna bb repeaters who joined last year 2016 grew 1-2 inches 2017. naman ang alam ko once you reach 21 di ka na tatangkad. pero mga bb tumangkad

      • @jackiey love, diba boys lang ang hanggang 21? 😮 Alam ko girls stop growing vertically earlier than boys. Girls reach their full adult height a year or two after the beginning of menstruation… so 15-16 tapos na. Ewan ko ba bakit hindi sila magsabi ng real height nila. Sa pictures, videos at seeing them in person mo mabuking ang mga may sakit na liabetes. 😐 Anyways, kamusta ka na lovely Jakiey? You are one of the few commenters dito na binabasa ko, skip-skipadoodles lang sa mga others. Lol! 😋 I hope to meet you one day bebe ☺️

      • @anna lagi ko nga din binabasa comments mo at sana one day makita ko kayo ni goddess bong700, goddess gemma, gutsy fabian, madam tissa, beautiful laila

  6. She has a video on the car on her way to the screening and I said napakaganda Niya and on that video also was her boyfriend na iBang lahi.

    In the same way that I don’t agree that Rachel has a BF, I believe this girl should be at Top 15 too.

    She mentioned at Binibini video also that she studied in the US although her accent is still not neutral.

  7. Just curious… Has there ever been a candidate #1 who has won a crown in Bb Pilipinas?

    • wendy valdez 2005 bb pilipinas tourism. and i remember precious lara as candidate 1 on her first try but she did not win that yr

    • Reham Snow Tago, Bb Pilipina World 1995, was candidate #1 during her batch.

      • @ reader naku mapaghahalataan ang edad ko 80’s baby naman. maliit si snow tago mga 5’3 hanggang balikat lan sya ni joane quintas 5’9.dati kc 5’4 ang requirement ng bbp. para sa mga millenials

      • @ jackiey12 I know, she’s somewhat vertically challenged for a BQ, relatively speaking. Sayang =(

        … but you can’t deny her beauty and commanding presence. I remember, she used to be a dean’s lister at DLSU if my memory serves me correctly. Kabogera and kudaera and pootah! LOL

    • Elizabeth Berroya, Bb. Pilipinas Universe was candidate #1 when she won

  8. Is it possible to send a 5’4″ to Miss Universe?
    Pwede siguro para maiba naman.
    Miss Mini Universe!

    • Honestly , I’m not sure Pia Shamcey and MJ are even taller than 5’5′”

      • janicel and pia are both 5’7 .mj 5’6
        it seems bb listings are not accurate.
        the queens last yr are 5’7 napansin ko ginawang runner ni sma mga 5’5 1/2 2016 pageant

      • Pia is definitely 5’7″, maybe even truly 5’8″. I can vouch for this. I am 5’7″ and I got a photo with her one time when she was in NY. She was wearing sweats and athletic shoes. I was wearing boat shoes, flat.

        She was a taller than I was in my photo with her. I also got to talk to her briefly — one on one with good eye contact — and I remember looking upward to look at her in the eye.

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