27 comments on “Photo-Blog: The Binibinis visit Manhattan Garden City at The Araneta Center

  1. My Top 15:

    Mariel De Leon
    Serene Sutton
    Camille Manalo
    Nelda Ibe

    Christa Borja
    Jamaica Ambal
    Charmaine Elima
    Arriene Calingo
    Dindi Pajares
    Jheza Huelar

    Channel Olive Thomas
    Kimberly Pajares
    Katarina Rodriguez
    Angelique De Leon
    Gail Tobes

  2. Jamaica Ambal looks like a more statuesque and internationaly exposed Patricia Ejercitado.

    I feel like if Serene Sutton would train for the Q&A, she could win Miss Grand.. or else she would be sent to Supra, Intercon or worse, Miss Globe.

  3. Mariel is becoming more and more svelte… Meanwhile Crysta Borja definitely has the best body from height, bone structure, musculature and body proportion… Sometimes, I wana chop off Katarina Rodriguez or Gail Tobes’ head and attach it to Crysta’s body. LOL Well Crysta’s face is not that bad… She just needs braces to fix her teeth so she could smile on regular basis instead of her frowny default face which is an attempt to hide her crooked teeth. She does have the background and credentials to win a top crown.

    • Now I understand why Rachel and Crista is next to each other… for people to compare the 2 best bodies…

  4. Wow na wow for me! as in pak na pak!
    Facial value/body and beauty/brain!

    1. Mariel de leon –
    2. Charmaine Elima
    3. Tobes
    4. Katarina
    5. Sutton
    6. Peters
    7, Ambal

  5. Queen na queen ang aura ni Mariel. Lumalaban na talaga!=) Perfect na perfect siya dito.

    My Favorites:

  6. I am starting to like Mariel recently. Medyo distracting lang yung hair nya sa forehead.


  7. Umaariba na si Mariel, sana magtuloy-tuloy at makasungkit ng crown. Kahit anong crown malaki chance manalo in the international competition. She embodies a Dalagang Filipina -disente, edukada, matalino, mahinhin pero mukhang may inner strenght, talented, at marunong magsalita without sounding mayabang at pa-impress. Hindi naman kc dapat lahat ng interview eh laging deep or profound na parang si confucius ang kausap mo. I like her ‘relaks lang’ demeanor hindi laging gigil.

  8. Sneak peek of the Muslim Maranao inspired National Costume of #Binibini22 CHANEL OLIVE THOMAS created by Edwin Uy.

    Sneak peek of the Modern Terno National Costume of #Binibini28 JULIANA KAPEUNDL created by Chico Estiva.

    • I love it!!!! Local designers are really bringing it this year.. These are beautifull and well made… Chico Estiva could be the next Michael Cinco… I wonder if Francis Libiran, Cary Santiago and Cherry Veric would maintain their ranks?.. I cant wait if any one of the Binibinis is brave enough to wear the design of the very talented yet infamous Leo Almodal this year?

    • @Chico Estiva

      Please get rid of the small bow….

      I think a large hispanic cameo/brooch or anything classicaly ornate or native inspired would be a more suitable accent in that area.

  9. Mariel hands down! That third group photo says it all Wow! Go girl! Dindi’s hot too!

  10. Nanlalamon s pics so Rachel Peters!!! Pakak so Mariel de Leon s Cleopatra pose nya. Gondoh!!!!

    • where’s CANDIDATE #13—-sirene sutton ,…wala sya sa group pic!…why oh why?

    • Cleopetra! Kawawa naman yung flatbed na hinigaan niya lumundo sa bigat niya!

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