2 comments on “normannorman.com for Listerine® Healthy White

  1. Good afternoon, Mr. Tinio.

    Just wanted to share that the salts and organic acids in the lemon help to dissolve the coffee stains on teeth, which are partly tannins.

    And the polyphosphates aid in re-building the teeth via deposition of a calcium polyphosphate patina (the calcium is in the tap water anyway) on the surface, akin to the “hilamos” when one brings his/her car to the auto detailing garage for a fresh surface coating of paint to restore luster and smoothness. A nice finish!

    Just my one cents… 🙂

  2. Naku, Mamang! High level na talaga ang sponsorship mo! Kailangan mo na ng agent para SA mga corporate bookings mo 💰💰💰💰💰

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