15 comments on “Mindanao Tapestry | Neo Fashion Fusion of Renee Salud and the Mindanao Weavers

  1. The thing with Renee is that he can really make a dress. Hie over to Inquirer’s Preen to see the mess that was this Manila Fashion Festival; a festival that seems to celebrate design imagination that is bereft of imagination and actual sewing skills (only a few albeit bigger names delivered like Rhett Eala, Barba and Randy Ortiz). They could learn a few important basics from Renee before thinking they’re the next John Galliano.

    In the 90s, my sister had her wedding dress done by Renee and in a fitting, had inadvertently put on the gown inside out- the finishing was so fine that you couldn’t tell the front from the inside (the price was damn fine too).

    As a discoverer of beauty queens, Renee’s heydey I think has passed. Gone are the days when one singular girl had the attention and care of a very hands-on mentor. Today you have super beauty camps like Aces & Queens, KF, Gouldian who have a more strategic approach towards pageants- transform the girl to fit the pageant as opposed to letting the girl blossom and see how she is judged afterwards. But then times obviously change.

    But I don’t think you can count out Renee just yet; there just might be that diamond in the rough sort of girl waiting in the wings who might benefit from Mama Renee’s golden touch…

    • Existing pa din pala ang gouldian? Wala kase akong naririnig na candidate from them recently. Last time lang eh ang alam kong gouldian ay si pataporn wang, ung miss intercon 2014.

  2. May video cya na natawa/naenjoy ako 😄
    Katamad iresearch uli pero ang message is parang cya ang original, sa kanya ang huling halakhak, sya pa rin ang titingalain, cya pa rin ang reyna sa Philippines beauty pageant industry. .. parang ganun ang dating😄 hi hi hi

  3. “Ang Hindi lumingon SA pinanggalingan ay Hindi makararating SA paroroonan”. Yan Ang very basic values na tinuro SA atin.

    Renee’s contribution is tremendous in Philippine fashion and pageantry along with Pitoy Moreno and others.

    Hindi Tayo magkakaroonng 3rd Miss International Kung di Niya na-discover si Melanie Marquez. Hindi rin aangat Ang ranking nation sa MU kung di nag place Sila Chat Silayan or Pebbles de Asis. It’s all because of him.

  4. Jeremi-mi “Bangladeshi Bakleshi” Jagpal is a certified “never was” and “never been.”

    NEVER WAS: as in never, ever was significant; never was someone who mattered to anybody in real life (in other words: walang nagpapahalaga sa UNGAS na ito sa totoong buhay, kaya dito nagpapapansin).



  5. Jeremi
    He maybe a has-been
    By he is a good person . He had a scholarship program at UP during my time there

    • I beg to disagree Fabian. Why don’t ask those people and staff when he was still very active with Binibini. How he would humiliate every candidate who refused to wear his creations back then. This is just one of those various incidents involving him. I can cite many more if you want tse!!

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