22 comments on “Introducing: Your New #Binibini36 Gillian Eliza Colcol

  1. Isiping mo ang daming 5’5″ na kandita ayon sa Bb Pilipinas website. Yung frontrunners na mananalo ay puro maliliit. Desperado na talaga si Madam na makahanap ng taong susunod na yapak ni Pia, kahit 5′ 7″ lang si Pia at least naging Miss Universe 2015 naman.

    • @ms queen, hi im actually surprised how gilian not passed the screening. she has a good height pretty. ako nagagandahan sa kanya hndi sobra pero d naman papatalo nand have volunteer experience. ang dami pumasa na 5’4 5’5.

  2. She has the natural beauty, tall like Pia, talented and articulate. She can be the next Miss Universe 2017.

  3. Gillian is beautiful! but to be honest, i’m already okay with the official candidates at 39 lang. but then again, to each his own… hehe congrats for making it as an official candidate! sad lang, di siya nakasama sa Press Presentation

  4. Mao Yalung is the ONLY replacement candidate to ever place as semifinalist of Binibini in its more than 50 years of existence. It will be an uphill battle but welcome to the 2017 batch none the less. #AllTeaAllShade

  5. i find her pinay looks attractive. gd luck. ms maoleong placed before in the semi. maybe she can surpass that

  6. I actually like her dusky, exotic beauty. She reminds me of Czarina Gatbonton, a former Bb Pilipinas World title holder. And, at 5’7″, she at least more than meets the minimum height requirement.

  7. Sayang talaga si Ms. Chan!!! Cute pa naman sya…

    Ms. Colcol here is pretty din naman…kaso thick ng legs…

  8. Gorgeous! In my opinion definitely an upgrade from the previous candidate based on facial beauty. Welcome Gillian! Another Filipina beauty added to the roster can only be a good thing.

  9. She failed to make it the first time around – not a really good indication on her chances of winning ANYTHING at all. She’s prettier than some of the candidates tho, I wonder why she was left out initially then?

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