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  1. Elima! iba talaga ang aura niya, iba ang glow niya lalo na pag nag smile. ang mga mata niya nag go-glow.

    Jehza is always on point. nakikita ko sakanya si Chalita but again, di ko alam if in favor or magiging against her ang aura niya na yon.

    Sirene is beautiful.. pero i don’t know eh. parang may kulang.. parang may something that needs ‘editing’ pag nag group pic sila, hindi ko agad siya mapansin. but let’s see.. 🙂

  2. Sirene ingat ka kay Katarina! Sanay sa ahas yan!!! Kampon ni Ahas Gaffud yan!

  3. SMA gave the universe title to both different camps. not just once. one camp proved their worth in this title in consecutive years. and one camp never proved their worth in the said title. i think its time to give bbp universe title to someone who is independent or no camp. beside may napatunayan na ang isang bb na walang camp noong 2013 sa supranational. so this year why not to give to her (Sirene) the bbp universe? Kung deserving naman ang isang reyna na walang kampo na matunog ang pangalan.

    • I’m for Jehza pero agree ako dyan para SMA camp lng ang marecognize sa placement ng MU independent candidate 😄 at tumigil na ang ibang camp sa kaka proud charette hihihi

    • You should know it’s not about beauty camps. If the girl is really deserving regardless of the camps, she should win any of the titles.
      We can not say that if MJ was trained by Aces, she will get higher placement.
      Alam naman ng lahat kung ano ang issue kung bakit di nkapasok sa top 5 si Mj.

      • I did not see any improvement in MJ from BP to MU . I think she would have made top 5 if she turned into a pleasant beauty that night. Whether it was her own doing or her camp’s , does anyone know?

        I believe getting feedbacks from people that know helps . If that means joining a beauty camp , Why not? I understand a local girl does not have to pay to join . So it’s a win win for them .

      • Everybody knows, the issue with Mj was the gown which is not her choice to wear during gown competition. Kung pinasuot yung gustong gown nya, mailalakad nya yun ng maayos.
        Look at Pia, she likes the blue gown very much kaya kering keri nya ang paglalakad.

    • at miss tissa i know and tama ka its base on their perforamance what ever camp they are. but what im trying to say is just for sma itself. i mean diba she have the power to choose who among these girls will be put to the top prize. so since may independent noon na may napatunayan sa international pageant which is supra. so this year may bagong reyna na independent at ma potentials. so baka this time ma appreciate ulit ni sma ang isang reyna na ito and bigyan ng korona. gets po?

      • since nga natikman na ni sma both camps. again and again. but an independent hinde madalas. so baka this year i try nya ulit ang independent since may isang reyna na ma potentials naman.

      • What if a candidate from aces or kf is more deserving? Would you sacrifice this candidate to choose and try an independent candidate?
        Well if that independent is more deserving, then there should be no.problem.

      • yung nga ang sabi ko miss tissa, kung deserving naman why not!. but anyway! favoritism exist. Maxine is the proof. but im happy that she proved her worth pa rin. so it may happen again the favoritism decision in bbp final results. So far i think Rachel and Mariel sila ang favorite ni Madamme.

  4. Yeah, my road leads me to E5 once again. Can’t help it. I’m actually tossed between her and Mariel. #DEJAVU #BBP2013BETS #MUMATTERS

  5. Hoping to see new crowns this year. #replacethesantacruzanlevels crowns please.

  6. Charmaine Elima for MUP! So far sya ang bet ko. Peters and Sutton are my next.

  7. Woops, posted this by mistake under the Bragais feature, all the top contenders — Elima, Sutton, de Leon, Peters — all are on the reserved side.

    Parang they need a few energy drinks before appearances. So they can capture that aura that Jen Hammond did during that interview at Miss Intercon lol.

    For this reason, I can’t rule out Dindi P (even though her sis has been coming on stronger IMHO) and Katarina Rodriguez. #Energy

    On a side note, Nelda Ibe has quickly shot up my list. Could she be the Joanna Eden this year for KF (the one who surpasses the clear camp favorite–Peters).

    Press presentation always heats things up. Speaking of which, watched it from the Facebook page. Madame has quite the appetite LOL.

  8. For a model Sirene is kind a sloppy with her get up.
    IElima is uber -gorgeous … with make up and contact lenses. But there are pics where she’s not attractive st all
    And bong 700, jehza will not be .. umatungal ka man hihihi

    • Umatungal😄lol
      Bakit nemen ako aatungal fabian.
      C Manalo nga na nilait-lait ko eh 1million% ang support ko sa kanya hi hi hi ☺

  9. After the Binibinis have left Subic, BPCI will ask the python and the owl for their impressions. LOL.

    • Hindi na kailangan tanungin, umaaligid naman lagi yung Ahas Gaffud na yan!!!

  10. NapaWOW na naman ako kay Queen Jehza Huelar sa video slideshow ni mama N. 🙂
    Wala na talagang makakapigil pa sa BbPilipinas-Universe crown para sa kanya hihihi
    Ang saya saya ko lang 🙂

  11. I’m telling you… that Charmaine Elima is just tearing it up in her photos! She has that MUP appeal… all will rest on how she answers her q&a, again.

    Externally, she has “it.”

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