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  1. tignan muna natin yung mga girls ng maigi, wag muna masyadong judgmental. sana ang mga mananalo rito ay talagang aasahan sa mga trabaho tapos pakinggan natin yung mga platforms nila, hoping na q&a/speech ang kailangan maging basehan ng mga mananalo kaya nga beauty and brains po eh.

  2. Or perhaps the new ranking could be based on BPCI’s objective to produce our first winner for MGI, which is the only title we haven’t won (aside from Intercontinental).

    • @Jackiey12 sis, πŸ’΅πŸ’°πŸ’΅πŸ’°πŸ’΅ + πŸ‘₯πŸ‘€πŸ‘₯ πŸ”€ πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ = πŸ‘‘


    • Malamang mag-semana santa bawal ang pork so waley si Mariel de Lechon! Pero babawi yan, saying naman ang Pedigree. hahaha

  3. medyo malayo pa ang crowning sobrang tagal pa kaya forget muna ang mga girls. its too early to tell who among them should wear the crown. everything is part of their strategy. kaya wag muna mang bash.
    sa crown muna tayo. bat iba ang crown sa banner at sa reality? why kaya hinde ganito ang design ng crown for bbp universe? mas maganda pa tong nasa banner nila kesa sa reality crown ng bbp universe. no need to think for the design. ok na din for me ang design na ito lagyan nalang ng kulay or anything para mukhang universe inspired ang crown and tutal wala na namng kasamang torch pag dating sa crowning bakit hinde pa tanggalin ang torch sa banner.

    • @ Geoff : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      Scepter, not torch. Just correcting. No hate.

      • Pag torch yan kay Mariel lang yan, pansunog para crispy skin! O kaya kay Jonas pambugaw sa ahas!

  4. Sutton vs Peters
    M De leon vs Ibe
    Elima vs Calingo
    Rodriguez vs Nava
    Huelar vs A De leon

    • Actually, mas okay pa si MGI.. BPCI should drop the Globe title! next is intercontinental. Mas okay na ako with MUP, BBPInternational, BBP Grand and BBP Supra and 1 Runner Up.

  5. Norman your revelation of the possible upgrade of the Grand International title is surprising but not altogether unexpected. Some may speculate that Mr. Nawat has paid his dues by letting the former Ms Chinese Nicole to get all the way to First RU position despite his pageant’s well known emphasis on physical beauty. Nicole is many things wonderful I’m sure but a Beauty Queen is not among them. This is evidenced by the vitriolic reaction of foreign fans on her final position despite massive social media propaganda/campaign from her kind both here and elsewhere.

    I hope that in the finals of Bb. Pilipinas 2017, the best and most deserving women win. We are blessed with many ravishing candidates. I would dearly like to see Ms. Elima, Ambal, Ortega, the 2 De Leon, Ibe, Huelar, Asturias, Tobes, Mariano, Peters, Sutton, Malpaya, Nava and Rodriguez form the top 15. Ms Saliba, Thomas, Clenci and Manalo would be good alternatives. That is if Bb. Pilipinas is still a beauty pageant and wants to retain credibility and successful track record set by truly Filipina beauties that don’t require media partner official, obvious paid for favouritism (eg placed in the middle all the time ahead is Ms International rep, carry trophy and competition sash despite not winning an ill-repute pageant during thanks giving for Kylie,etc.) savage social media campaign actually urging violence against our neighbors.

  6. @ Gemma : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

    Very well, your selection. I guess Mr.Itsaragrisil would be pleased to present Ms.Calingo to the Kingdom of Siam for her credentials (she does know Thai, after all), work experience, and ability to learn quickly. She would make a most worthy successor to the gutsy Ms. Nicole Cordovez at the very least.

    But I STILL believe that the Paris Group will NOT grant a back-to-back victory to Filipinas! And since Ms.Elima apparently lacks the gravitas and perspective required by Ms.Akemi Shimomura, I will instead give the Tokyo campaign to… Ms. Peters, politician-boyfriend be damned! At the very least I want Filipinas to finally bag the Miss Perfect Body subtitle. And she does have a physique which was described here as similar to that of Gabriela Isler and Paulina Vega. At may utak rin!

    In addition, I would bump Ms. Angelique De Leon off The Globe and put… Ms.Elima in her place! After all, the girl whom you describe as having an insular/local mindset should feel right at home with “Miss Disco” and “Miss Bikini”. And I can CERTAINLY visualize that serpent-like crown on her dusky beauty, like Ms.Colis before her! Like some exotic princess from some far-away kingdom…

    So where does that leave the poor Ms. Angelique De Leon?

    Well, I like to believe and hope that BPCI-SMA will pull a surprise on Pageant Night and make good on the rumors of a seventh crown! And there, I shall send her.


    But my heart goes out to Ms. Huelar and Ms. Ibe. Malay beauty wasted. Such brave souls! Sigh…

  7. My TOP 12

    1. Mariel De Leon- MU, MI, MG, MIntercon
    2. Serene Sutton- MU, MI, Supra, MIntercon
    3. Camille Manalo- MU, MI, MG, MIntercon, MGlobe
    4. Nelda Ibe- MI, MG, MIntercon, MGlobe
    5. Charmaign Elima- MU, MI, Supra, MIntercon,MGlobe
    6. Christa Borja- MG, Supra, MIntercon, MGlobe
    7. Arriene Calingo- MI, MG, MIntercon, MGlobe
    8. Jehza Huelar- MI, Supra, Mintercon, MGlobe
    9. Dindi Pajares- MI, Supra, MIntercon, MGlobe
    10. Rachel Peters- MI, Supra, Mintercon, MGlobe
    11. Jamaica Ambal- MU, MI, MG, MIntercon, Supra, MGlobe
    12. Angelique De Leon- MG, MIntercon, MGlobe

  8. Half way through the finals night, my wish list to SMA is the same:

    Dindi for MUP – she is beaming with confidence and she is focus on the pageant. And she has a game plan. She knows what she wants. When she joined last year, she was already an FA and she is only 23 now which means she was able to get a job immediately after College thus her maturity was expedited. Her stint at Miss Bikini and last year Binibini is enough to strengthen her for the international stage.

    Sirene for MS – Mutya won without the help of any camp. Sirene can deliver being an independent candidate. She already surpass ramp and print ad modelling. It would be great for her career path to do spokesmodel this time.

    Arienne for MGI – her credentials and work experience speaks more loudly than her subtle voice. Given na rin na fast learner Ang babaing Ito kaya A&Q can transform her the way they did to Nicole.

    • Mariel for MiC – technically, she is ready! Hindi lang visible because of her “melancholy” personality. Lahat na yata ng prototype ng candidate napadala na SA pageant na yan thus I’m taking my bet on Mariel. Her beauty can’t be ignored.

    • Angelique for MG – nakakapanghinayang Kung Hindi siya manalo for any crown. Styling na lang Ang kulang SA kanya and she’s good to go. Mas feel ko na mas magiging successful siya after her reign.

    • Maine for MI – 80 percent of pageant fans is rooting for her. Mabenta din siya SA mga Latin fans. Totoo naman na facially outstanding siya talaga pero hirap siya talaga mag-construct ng “deep and strong” statement. Yung perspective Niya Hindi rin universally appealing but rather very local. Tinanong siya about her fave music and sagot Niya is OPM which is nothing wrong. Pero pwede namang “reggae” or “bosa nova” where everyone can relate which is based on genre. Sa mock interview, tinanong siya kung sino gusto Niya maging friend. Ang sagot Niya Bo Sanchez which is again very local. There are others which are universally appealing like Zig Ziglar or Anthony Robbins or Nick Vujicic. Somehow it shows the limitation of her perspective. All the while Akala ko madadala ng sweetness ni Maxine Ang Q&A pero di PA rin pinatawad. At Kung sagot ni Maxine na generalized na eh Wala pa ring bearing, ano PA kaya ang “localized perspective”.

      Nevertheless, napakaganda Niya to be wasted and umaasa ako na kakayanin Niya ang b2b SA MI.

      Medyo shady Rin saken na she joined again after 3years.

    • Rachel Peters is another “it” girl.

      Malaking issue Saken Ang may boyfriend. In this situation, politician PA! Kung palarin siya at Manalo at pinagpiye-piyestahan na ng mga lalaki na naka-swimsuit siya or magka-pictorial siya ng mala-Pietro Boselli na model, Ewan ko kung ano mararamdaman ng boyfriend Niya.

      Armi Kusela resigned after 7 months of her reign to marry Virgilio Hilario.

    • The others which I like to be included:

      Jamaica Ambal
      Ruffa Nava
      Gail Tobes
      Chanel Thomas
      Jehza Huelar
      Christa Borja

      • @gemma i like your list. candidate 1 ,25 and kapeundl are also pretty..

      • Yes,Jacky! I’m very open to that. After reviewing Jehza’s performance nagustuhan ko na siya. I have to drop Gabriela Kasi Hindi pa masyadong polish during presentation eh barely one month na lang sila.

  9. I just want to share this my good friend always updates me w the ladies activities. she told me calingo,sutton and Mariel are mabait and gracious. atm palagi si friend coz single and fan talaga.

  10. @George

    Good idea, but by choosing a clause may cause havoc during finals night as the judges are attempting to deliberate which BbP beauty goes where.

    Remember Christi McGarry? She was a prime example. They sent her to Intercontinental after having competed there before.

    This is where Miss USA and Miss America is at the advantage. One winner, four runners-up and life goes on, period!

    If MW were still part of the BPCI franchise in 2016, Nicole Cordoves would have been a fabulous MWP rep and would have finished strong at MW with all due respect to the wonderful Catriona Gray. Maxine-Nicole-Kylie would have sufficed the old MU-MW-MI trifecta.

  11. Si arriene performance wise pasok talaga yan. so kung makapasok sya sa semis at ung Q&A ang basis sa finals then sure win na si arriene sa any crown. pang MU ang answer ni ateng. but if favoritism strikes again. Rachel or mariel is MUP.

  12. Rachel and mariel may win bbp universe through favoritism.
    Sutton and Elima may win bbp universe from their performances..

    • 2 lang ang kahahantungan nyan, mag ala-MJ lastimosa (heavy favorite) circa 2014 winning or ala-ara arida (dark horse) circa 2013 win. Pero puro nasa hotpicks naman yang mga nabanggit mo.

    • These girls are applying for a job and naturally the owner has a say as to whom she should hire. If u feel like SMA is leaning towards Mariel or Peters , what’s wrong with that? It’s a beauty pageant , not a math or science contest .

  13. Bahala sila sa bago nilang ranking. Basta sana I consider nila magpalit na ng crowns.

    • I agree with you look at France watch them from 1990’s to present yearly they change their crownm different designs

  14. I don’t see a Charice in Arienne Calingo. She more looks like Nadine Lustre to me. But she is quite one of the short girls of this batch. But I think in Beauty Pageants sometimes height in not major factor because their are some short beauty queens like Olivia Culpo. But I think Aces and Queen should prepare her more in Styling and making her look much better because I don’t find her ugly but not a stunner. I think she does not need much preparation for Q & A because she is very good in public speaking and that is one of her strengths among the other binibinis.

  15. Well, Ive grown to accept and like the multi-title BbP pageant. Took a little to get used to.

    With the overwhelming success of the Philippine sash has enjoyed in the Big 3 pageants since 2010, how much more intrigue, drama and strategy there would be if the BbP crowns awarded were still only Universe, World and International?

    However, some pageant experts believe a separate MWP franchise from BbP is a major factor in the overwhelming success Philippine pageantry as a whole.

    There has to be a solution to prevent top tier BbP beauties from “winning” tier 2 and tier 3 titles.

    Just my thoughts πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    • Saluda, the problem with Elima in 2013 was that she responded with a long and disjointed answer . If you are not fluent in English , u should go the short route like Respicio in 2013 and Jehza in 2016. If Respicio was only as gorgeous as Elima in 2013, she could have snatched a crown.
      Pia reviewed all the Q&A videos while preparing for her pageants
      Janine seemingly had a prepared general answer to every possible specific question that could be thrown her way .
      So if u r not smart as Shamcey , u should go the Pia or Janine way. I hope Elima learned he lesson from that extremely embarassing situation in 2013.

      • Once a question is thrown out, the tendency is for the brain to think of myriads of answers kaya labo-labo ang lumalabas sa bibig. I agree with you Fabian…the longer the answer, the more disjointed it becomes. Presence of mind is very important.

      • Shamcey is not even articulate, I mean she’s achiever and all but that girl’s q&a is average. I think Janine is the best, she has lines but very strategic and compelling enough and so as Pia but Janine has more ipact, I think yung conviction kasi iba.

      • I agree with Yashi..
        Janine had expressed her answer with so much conviction with which If MU were under IMG back then, she could have won the whole thing. Anyway, Janine is a budding fashion, print and runway model now in the US so this might be her true niche.

    • I think BbP should include a clause in the applicant agreement for the applicant to declare: “Would only wish to be considered for Miss Universe and Miss International titles” and make it acceptable so long as they are within age limits in order to be able to join in the next BbP editions. That way, if they rank high enough for a crown, but fall short in terms of points for Miss U and Miss Intl, but are in the top 6 or 7, then they immediately get placed in the runners-up slots and the others move up in the ladder and get the minor crowns. πŸ˜‰

      • Instead of a question, rank na lang as “first choice” or “second choice” or even “third choice” on a title. ISA Sa tip ni Jonas, “choose your crown”.

  16. Elima cannot be in the top 3 due to emphasis on comm skills
    Peters cannot be MIP because MI Wants a sweet pleasant beauty. It would be like Krista Kleiner 2 if she won MIP.
    I cannot place Mariel
    Jehza can be anywhere but MUP
    Calingo can be MIP MUP or MGiP .. provided A&Q can in-charice her
    Borja and Clenci can be MUP or MGIP .. provided they can turn them into pleasant beauties .
    Ibe and Sammie are pleasant beauties .. with make up on .. so they can be anywhere Q&A is not a major emphasis..

    • Sirene can be successful with any of the crowns but I hope she gets MUP or MIp.

    • Interesting Fabian… lesson learned! Communication skills is now a maker and breaker. Maxine’s experience was unfortunately a wake-up call.

      Charmaine Elima has the external goods for MUP as did Maxine Medina. Perhaps three years of life as a flight attendant will be the difference. We’ll see.

      The downside of the emphasis is that the BbP hopefuls may end up sounding too rehearsed and sometimes even fake, you know what I mean?

      Balance is the key, in my opinion. πŸ‘πŸ‘
      Pia, Janine, Megan, Catriona and Kylie all had it.

    • @fabian calingo can be mup mgi but not mi .we all know how the japs like delicate features(though a bk to bk is farfetch and i dnt knw how can a and q un charice calingo. she should embrace the charice look.

      • Jackie , MIP crown this yr is dispensable as it is impossible to get a b2b accdg to many.
        So what have we got to lose by fielding Calingo?
        She is a dead ringer for Charice . But you know A&Q”s ability to transform …. nothing is impossible as she already has a small nose a perfect skin and a beautiful set of whites.
        Remember Bea Lara and Miss PR 2014? They are not exactly MI prototypes.

        Calingo is a good speaker with a sweet unimposing voice . She may not be pretty but with a little knickknack , she could win it for us!

      • Kung di makuha ni Jehza ang MU ay sa MI sya mapunta at sya lang makakapagbigay ng B2B sa MI pageant hihihi charette lang πŸ™‚

  17. elima – you can makeover the body, upgrade the style but being able to think on ur feet, and being spontaneous di ko alam kung may training para dun.
    calingo – u can be a rocket scientist , but if u dont have the goods to get u through swimsuit and evening gown waley rin
    paghaluhin si elima + calingo =
    angelique de leon! hehe =P

    • Itrain muna yung dilang matigas nung Nad na trainer ng Inahas na Queens! Parang yung Nakakalokang bisayang matigas ang dila! Isama na rin yung fezla na itrain ang chaka! Saka yung bibiikin na ichura ni Bessie manang-mana tuloy si Mariel biik de Lechon!!!

    • Sorry ha, but the problem with Angelique is her beauty. There’s something wrong somewhere. Parang walang front teeth, and the eyes, is it the make-up? Vampirish ang pagkamulagat. I don’t think her smartness can make her get through. #IMO

      • I agree with the teeth
        I thought they had improved . But some pics still show the same old problem.
        I dig her new style though .. like a next door type.
        I hope she makes it into the top 15 at least … I know it will depend on how she looks during the coronation night.
        So whoever knows Angelique , pls ask her to look into this .

  18. πŸ‘‰πŸ»Guess the emoji for πŸŒ… chel πŸ‘£ters aka πŸ—ΏπŸ‘ˆπŸ»

    The 38 binibinis can say πŸ‘‹πŸΌ to the “πŸŒŒπŸ’« πŸ‘‘” because it is now reserved for the one and only πŸŒ… chel πŸ‘£ters aka πŸ—Ώ

    During the πŸ‘™ press presentation, SMA gave her an πŸ‘πŸΌ and a πŸ‘πŸΌ Her πŸ‘πŸ‘ were glued to the one and only πŸŒ… chel πŸ‘£ters aka πŸ—Ώ

    πŸŒ… chel πŸ‘£ters aka πŸ—Ώhas connections with some of the MAJOR sponsors, πŸ₯‡’s πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‹ is one

    Her πŸ‘¨πŸ»friend is super πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΆπŸ’°πŸ’΄ that he could afford the “πŸŒŒπŸ’« πŸ‘‘”. SO when it comes to the “πŸŒŒπŸ’« πŸ‘‘”, πŸ’° talks

    More “Guess the emoji” to come after I πŸ“₯ more intel from my insiderzzz…

  19. I see that Binibini #2 Arienne Calling will win Miss Universe- Philippines or Binibining Pilipinas International.

  20. I am still hoping for a new design for the crowns.
    Give up the current Santacruzan crowns.

    But I am watching for these girls:

    M. De Leon
    A. De Leon

    • Pag si Mariel kinoronahan diyan hindi na yan Santacruzan bakla! Parada na ng Lechon yan!!!!

  21. These girls for the crown

    Mariel de Leon
    Nelda Ibe
    Charmaine Elima
    Rachel Peters
    Jehza Huelar
    Dindi Pajares
    Sirene Sutton

    • @ Neeson : Good afternoon/morning/evening. I do not not where in the world you folks are. Sorry.

      Seven crowns? Or six, with one Reserva/Spare Tire?

  22. Good (HOT!) afternoon to Filipinas! At least here in Imperial Manila. LOL.

    The rate downs for the (my) hunch (below) that Mr. Itsaragrisil will handpick Ms. Mariel De Leon is understandable. I think most of us wish the Paris Group campaign for the doll-like opera singer, and NOT Miss (Grand) International. A play of words..

    But here are the arguments :

    1) Following Ms.Verzosa’s victory, there were comments in Mr. Tinio’s posts on his coverage of the Tokyo Dome pageant that the probability of a back-to-back win is highly unlikely anyway, as the Japan-based organization is averse to it, evidently to uphold credibility. Therefore, we could, in theory, JUST SEND ANYBODY to Tokyo later this year as we would certainly not get a seventh Mikimoto crown anytime soon.

    2) There were even whispers of Ms.Wanda Teo of the Department of Tourism meeting with the Paris Group (ostensibly no less than with Ms. Akemi Shimomura herself) to discuss the possibility of bringing Miss International to Manila, to allow Ms. Verzosa to crown her successor before a hometown crowd, in emulation of Ms.Wurtzbach endorsing the Art-Deco MU crown to Ms. Mittenaere just last January. Even Mr. Tinio posted an article on this! Check the Archives.

    But of course, this means (again) that Filipinas will not win (like the valiant efforts of 4M at MU).


    4) While it is true that Miss Grand International seeks to be comparable to MU, it is also true that the fragrantly-millenial and upwardly-mobile career women of Bangkok are well-traveled, brand-conscious, and include in their aspirations trips to the fashionable Ginza district, where a Miss Paris store holds its own against the most luxurious labels of the world. These are the women Mr.Itsaragrisil seeks to connect his pageant with at home, and therefore it is in his own best interests to “pull a fast one” on Ms. Shimomura by having first pick (ahead of her, anyway) at this year’s offerings at Binibining Pilipinas. We do have a strong sash, don’t we? The kind that instills fear in our competitors, as our Saluda Chang is wont to say?

    And puh-leeze! Let’s accept that these Big Pageants are competitors. Each one wants to be the ONLY ONE. So, pick the the pace up, Miss Earth…!!! ALL BUSINESS. ALL STRATEGY.

    Besides, what does it say to you when, so far, MU’s Ms.Suansane could only manage a Downy endorsement? Not very glamorous, isn’t it? And isn’t Mr.Itsaragrisil a regular at the slopes of Aspen, Colorado?

    5) And the BEST argument : simply that Ms. Mariel De Leon fits Mr. Itsaragrisil’s bill just fine!
    Sash Factor in a recent post outlining the indispensable and non-negotiable attributes of a titlist for each of these pageants (and yes, in connection with the upcoming BBP 2017 Finals) will reveal that Ms. De Leon, among other qualities, has refinement, eloquence, youth, above-average dress sense (but what are our designers for, anyway, but to advise and assist Ms. De Leon on this?), diplomacy (kaya nga international understanding, ‘di ba?), and pedigree. And beautiful complexion and stature (height), too!

    6) AND FINALLY, bear in mind that whoever succeeds Ms. Ariska Putri Pertiwi will be brought by Mr. Itsaragrisil back to Thailand with him for the scrutiny of those same fashionable Bangkok ladies. She must be gutsy and be able to hold her own, and cause no disrespect or embarrassment to either himself or the Thai Royal family. She tows the line, not a Miss Smarty-Pants trouble-maker!

    In short : Mariel is ok for GI. And it does not “degrade/downgrade” her. That’s Nawat. BOW! LOL.

    • @andrew . i do want mariel to win a crown. since she is tall and pretty.at gumanda styling nya intercontinental or other crowns will suit her. gusto ko nga mwp sya kung pwd lang
      i feel nawat wants a certain ” body type”. we all know what ms. ice said last yr.
      if Mariel wins mgi phils and mgi . she will be under the scrutiny of nawat everyday and i want her to be happy not forced to a certain body type which might be unhealthy in the long run

      • @ jackiey12 : Good afternoon/morning/evening. Do not know in which part of the world u r. Sorry.

        But anyway, were u referring to Miss Grand International – Sweden? I think it was Mr. Itsaragrisil’s way of “testing” her. And probably in his estimation, her outburst revealed that she was not classy enough or experienced enough to deal with a situation like that.

        You see, Nawat is a bully. And he was probably bullied at some crucial phase of his (young) life. He is merely manifesting his “natural na ugali”.

        But, when you earn the respect of a bully by choosing to be CLASSY and GRACIOUS, you SLAY!

        Besides, If Ms. De Leon wins Ms. Grand International 2017, there is the CONVENIENCE of shuttling between Manila and Bangkok whenever she feels homesick and wants to visit Boyet and Sandy. I’m sure Mr.Itsaragrisil will grant his permission. He’s a bully, not a sadist.

        And finally, I do not think Mr. Itsaragrisil will knowingly tease Ms.De Leon on her figure. Because I think he learned his lesson with Ms. Sweden. Once is enough. His pageant needs to make MONEY.

    • Daming kuda ni ateng Andrew. Sakit sa bangs!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚βœŒπŸΌ

    • Kumakain ba ng pork sa Thailand bakla? Mahilig ba sila sa baboy? Kasi kung di rin naman paano imamarket sa carnehan sa Bangkok si Mariel?!!! Saan siya itatapon dun, sa Patpung? Magbobola ng bingo sa kipay niya?! O sa Miss Elephant siya isasabak, yung nagpapakasta sa mga elepante.

      • You can choose not to support a canditate but that doesnt give you any license at all to call her names… please give respect to these ladies.

      • RESPECT Mariel de Lechon of Campo Inahas na Queens! RESPECT Lady Mariel de Lechon! She is embodiment of true Filipino symbol, the body of a lechon, national food.

      • richmond, magkasing baho yang bunganga mo at yang utak mo. Wala ka dapat dito sa blog na to kundi sa basurahan. Mariel seriously could work on her body, trim the excess fats that only you can see, but dude, you are hopeless. You are one ugly person.

  23. I wonder why my comments are being put on moderation 😦

    Hey Norman , i hope i didnt offended u in anyway .

  24. During the press presentation, SMA applauded Rachel during her turn. Interesting.

    Halfies from Bicol are doing well in national pageant. Venus Raj, the late Melody Gersbach, Valerie Weigmann and Catriona Gray to name a few.

  25. I still prefer to have a separate pageant for MUP.
    Problema kasi ng format ngayon ay yung deliveration of winners. Yung deserving na manalo ng MUP minsan hindi maibigay kasi yung ibang finalists hindi na fit sa ibang minor titles gawa ng age limit. Kaya mostly ang MUP ay binibigay sa mga bb na may age 25 and above.

  26. gut fee mgi will be Dindi or sirene. but more on Dindi. why nawat likes woman w creamy skin and tall lithe body ..based on what i saw on his picks w miss Thailand contest.

    • Baka nga si peters din, kase ang lakas maka-venezuela or elima na very pinay ang beauty. Who knows kung sino ang pipiliin ni nawat.

      • @mae..yes only nawat knows.im only basing his taste to the previous winners of miss grand thailand who are tall and fair skinned.
        eto sure ako nawat will pick the best. that means the lady who will be mgi 2017 rep might be the lady w the highest score. one commenter said it will disrupt the matriach stella placing. im agreeing this will be a game changer.
        and we all know what he did w ms.ice last yr.he doesnt like girls on the heavy side

      • Kung si Nawat yan, I’m sure aalayan ni Jonas ng mga lalake niya yan. Baka nga ilatag pa niya sila Tommy at yung mga Brazilian na hinahada niya at ipatikim kay Nawat! Siyempre si Benj Alves off limits para lang sa kanya yun.

  27. Gagawin nilang last two woman standing yung MI at MUP for the sake of ranking instead of demand of the pageant.

    Kung Q&A Ang basehan ng last two then it’s useless for Mi titlist dahil Wala naman Q&A dun They better stick to the old format because it produce significant result.

    Ang i-intensify nila is Yung deliberation of result as to whose title will be assigned to who taking into consideration the background, age, performance of the candidate. Ang idagdag nila is preliminary to get to know more of the candidate.

    • I agree to some extent
      We have to realize everyone wants MUP and to a lesser extent MIP

    • ang dami nyong mga teorya ! manuod nlang kayo at ienjoy ang mga rampahan ng candidates…wag na kayo mag super analyze pa jan ! sumasakit ulo ko sa inyo mga ateng !

  28. pupunta kase si nawatt sa coronation kaya ayan iniangat na ni madamme. points yan kay madamme para this year another placement for philippines in Miss Grand International. For sure aakyat din si nawatt sa stage para koronahan ang MGI Philippines 2017.

    • He will just be a guest unless he becomes a part of the judging panel. Si Manang Sugar NGA naging guest pero di naman nakisawsaw SA selection.

  29. I really hoped that the BBP crowns will be replaced with modernized, elegant and fit for a 21st era queen, with a touch of being a Filipino. Madame, nasa golden age na tayo. Wag mo namang paabutin sa 100th BBP edition bago ka magpalit ng crowns.

  30. I think it’s reasonable
    MGI excites me more than the other minor pageants it almost gives me an almost MU feel to it

  31. BUT OF COURSE! Mr. Itsaragrisil is coming over, after all.

    And this is my hunch : Nawat will choose Mariel De Leon.

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