12 comments on “Bragais™ |Head (and Heart) over Heels for the Binibinis 

  1. Funny though, all the top contenders — Elima, Sutton, de Leon, Peters — all are on the reserved side.

    Parang they need a few energy drinks before appearances. So they can capture that aura that Jen Hammond did during that interview at Miss Intercon lol.

    For this reason, I can’t rule out Dindi P (even though her sis has been coming on stronger IMHO) and Katarina Rodriguez. #Energy

    On a side note, Nelda Ibe has quickly shot up my list. Could she be the Joanna Eden this year for KF (the one who surpasses the clear camp favorite–Peters).

    Press presentation always heats things up. Speaking of which, watched it from the Facebook page. Madame has quite the appetite LOL.

  2. Jojo Bragais, Thank you for all that you do for the girls. Hayaan mo na mga bashers–they can’t make shoes at wala silang naitulong sa mga binibinis.

  3. Salamat Bragais at napakalaking naitulong ang sapatos na ito sa mga taong pinagkaitan ng tangkad. Kaya naman pala ang daming kandidata na 5’9″ daw ang tangkad, yung pala ay 5’5″ ang totoo.


    • The only problem with Calingo is her height. She’s only 5’4″. If ever manalo sya, pagdating sa international baka maapakan sya ng mga latinas! Sayang talaga sya kinulang sa height. Sana kahit 5’7″.

      • @miss tissa, we also have to un-charice arienne… which I think is easy knowing A&Q

    • From another social medial posts –Thai fans her to win MUP coz PHI will no longer be a threat. Although I agree that her communication skills is commendable, but we have to always remind ourselves that our rep should be able to easily get to top 6. Yun lang.

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