22 comments on “Jeffrey Rogador and the Swimsuits of the Binibinis 

  1. The swimsuits were great. Good summer colors that do not make your eyes burn. Good job!

  2. Sino kaya ang ihahandpick ni nawat this coming BBP coronation day? Papayag kaya si SMA na ipadala ang handpicked candidate for MGI?

    • @ Mae : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      Of course papayag si SMA. This is basic courtesy to one’s esteemed guest. Kung hindi rin lang pauunlakan ang mahiligan, bakit pa niya papipiliin?

      Mr.Itsaragrisil just MIGHT be the game changer! His personal choice might shake up the fans’ (read : ours) wishes. Ma-ra-rumble ang assignments ni SMA.

      Even now, he is probably perusing these images. And making his initial picks for final scrutiny on pageant night.

      Walang sinabi ang mga Puteri ngayo’ng taon! This Binibini batch is LEAGUES AHEAD.

      If a Puteri advances in the placements ahead of our Binibinis in any of the competitions in question, I will flip. 😦

  3. I like Charmaine Elima’ s beauty the most. If only for her height she’s perfect for MUP!

  4. I like his designs. I would wear his swimsuits. Does BPCI pay him or pro bono ito?

  5. Ang masasabi ko lang is kudos sa designer dahil lahat sila nagmukhang acceptable ang korte ng katawan. Walang nagmukhang suman. Very universally flaterring yung cut and color. Good job!

  6. Kudos! Not only the colors were pleasing! Even the fabric used was superb! Filipino designers are now evolving. We have our own brand now!

  7. I’m ready to give up Peters and Dindi for Sirene . The swimsuit presentation sealed the deal for me. She is gorgeous confident but not cocky and very articulate. Her face has improved significantly by ‘ toning down ‘ her lips .
    Still , I’m ok if either Sirene Peters or Dindi wins it.

    • wag naman si dindi Fabie. si rachel nalang ang i give up mo hehe. natatangkaran lang ako kay rachel. wala ng ma i ta transform sa katawan nya ok na yon. pang international level na katawan nya. kaya lang hinde benta ang awra nya sakin kahit ganyan na form nya and her beauty is just okay. Pero she can win one of the crown. Ok naman si dindi kahapon. yung hairstylist nya lang problem. sarap sabunutan.

      • Peters kapag tinabi mo sa miss u candidates wont stand out. Sorry 🙂

      • Let Rachel stand with the latinas and she’ll stand out because of her dusky beauty.

    • Fabbie sorry but Dindi has lost her way. We have lost the sweet, bubbly and youthful Dindi last year. Sayang! Best she can do is Supra or Grand since rampahan naman ang peg eh.

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