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  1. Universe – Sirene Sutton
    International – Mariel De Leon
    Supranationa; – Charmaine Elima
    Intercontinental – Katarina Rodriguez
    Grand International – Arienne Calingo
    Globe – Dindi Pajares

    1st RU – Peters or Thomas
    2nd RU – Huelar

    Mark my word! :p

  2. Hindi naman mahalaga height minsan sa Miss Universe. Miss USA 2006 Tara Corner is 5’4 but she won Miss USA and got 4th runner up in Miss Universe 2006. So my bet is Binibini #2 Arienne Calingo. I can see the personality and hunger for this girl to win a crown.

  3. elima – you can makeover the body, upgrade the style but being able to think on ur feet, and being spontaneous di ko alam kung may training para dun.
    calingo – u can be a rocket scientist , but if u dont have the goods to get u through swimsuit and evening gown waley rin
    paghaluhin si elima + calingo =
    angelique de leon! =P

  4. I watched BP 2013 again.
    Elima has improved a lot physically . I hope she Is better at Q&A. Too . Oh boy , she was a mess then .
    If she doesn’t embarrass herself this time by giving at least a cohesive answer to her question , she’ll prob get a crown .
    I’m sure the painful experience of 2013 ha taught her a valuable lesson .

  5. Noong MWP ko pa napansin na grabe magcomment itong fans ni Arienne Calingo sa pageant sites at even sa IG ng A&Q. Pansin ko parang paid trolls yung iba to hype her. So tama ba hinala ko beshies?

    • @ Blyxter : Good morning/evening/afternoon. Thanks for sharing! Better than Queen P’s.

  6. Same pa din bets ko: Sutton all the way. Jamaica is bubbling up. Elima seems to be playing her cards up to pageant night. Mariel to me is Miss International. Di ko bet ganda nya for Miss Universe. Sutton and Elima are still my MUP bets. 😛

    • Sutton vs Elima ? Sutton for me .. comm skills alone give her a big adavantage over Elima.

  7. Ng-scroll down ako at may mga Calingo warriors nga hihihihi
    Ako’y natutuwa at nagagalak sa kanila kasi isa ako sa tagahanga ni Calingo sa MWP 2016 at nacomment ko pa noon na huwag nilang isali si Calingo sa Top 5 dahil kung mapasali sya ay sya lamang ang magiging kalaban ni Catriona sa Q&A to win the crown at nagkatotoo nga.
    Nadis-appoint lang talaga ako kay Sndra at abot kamay na nya ang korona ay weeee naglaro lang sa MWP playground ang bruha hihihi dahil si Sandra lang ang makakalaban ni Catriona sa Beauty department at si calingo sa Q&A department 🙂
    Pero ang daming magaganda at matatalino sa BbPilipinas 2017 kaya Gudlak sa yo Ms. Calingo hihihi.

      • Hayaan na nga sila. PERO pag nakarinig ako from them na pinipilit nila na mas maganda si charice kesa kay Charmaine, Mariel, o Sirene hindi ko na papalampasin. Lalabanan ko sila hahaha…

  8. Meron din kac mga pageant fans na katulad namin na naging tagahanga ni Anna Theresa Licaros, Shamcep Supsup, Ariella Arida, Nicole Cordoves at Kylie Verzaosa. Na naniniwalang ang Beauty Queen ay isang inspiration ng mga kabataan at nakakarami. Hindi lang cya Maganda at matangkad kundi Mabait, Talented at Matalino. Nakikita namin yan kay Binibini #2 Arienne Louise Braga Calingo

    • As for Ibe , she is as plain as plain can be without make up on. But when her face is painted, she turns into a real beauty . Even her big nose is hidden.
      Yup # 3 needs a lot of work in the personality and public speaking dept… which can take forever.
      I disagree with you on Sutton . I think she was gorgeous during the presentation . She Toned her lips down which worked wonders. And have u seen her talk? She sounds like a BQ through and through

    • ikaw na nagsabi “Maganda at matangkad kundi Mabait, Talented at Matalino.” Hindi matangkad si #2 at hindi rin kagandadahan. Not ugly, but not beauty queen material. But you never know, 2017 might be the year we go for matalino but hindi katangkaran at kagandahan. Iba-iba ang panahon… I wish her the best though. Victory is sweeter if you beat the odds… But my personal preference for now are those with passable communication skills and strong qualities that would take her straight to top 6. Aanhin mo Q&A skills mo eh hindi ka naman maka-abot sa top 6.

    • There was so much hope with Licaros because of her outstanding credentials . As it turned out . She should have Concentrared more on facial and body sculpting . Who knows , the judges could have alsobeen turned off by the way she talked,. She was bordering on being pompous.

  9. I give it to my girl Rachel Peters this one, simple, sophisticated and classy. Great job my queen.

  10. in fairness sa BPCI! Level up! may pa voting keme pa! charot. ganda nila sa photos pero.. you guys can’t deny the fact that it was overly ‘post prod’ edited. but anyway.. here are my favorite photos from the set

    2 – Arienne Calingo
    5 – Joselle Mariano
    10 – Jehza Huelar
    12 – Angelique De Leon
    13 – Sirene Sutton
    15 – Mariel De Leon
    19 – Rachel Peters
    21 – Jamaica Ambal
    24 – Dindi Pajares
    29 – Karla Manongsong
    31 – Katarina Rodriguez
    32 – Charmaine Elima
    38 – Ana Asturias

    Those are my faves base lang sa swimsuit pics ha. over all.

    MDL’s photos are giving me the Pia 2015 vibe. I’m not sure if this will be in favor or against her.

  11. The photos have been perfectly- polished, lol. People should remember that what you look like in real life is a different, truer thing altogether than photos. However, the photos do point out things that the candidates can use to enhance how they can make an impact on stage or when facing the judges. It certainly hasn’t drastically changed my own list at all, though the photos (and the press presentation) have certainly put the spotlight on some girls I haven’t noticed before.

    For Universe
    1. Elima has it all- like seriously, if she gets this crown at dadaan siya ulit sa training sa A&Q, I can’t imagine how much more they can make her perfect. But then I agree with Laila- may kaunting kulang- gravitas. And it’s something that she alone can bring out if she internalises a bit deeper.
    2. Mariel de Leon- her ace is that she’s with Aces & Queens. She has the goods and all she needs is a camp to help her prepare and the self-belief that she can be deserving of it even if others say otherwise.

    ..and the rest..
    3. Jehza Mae- international? Although it would be so hard to follow in Kylie’s footsteps, someone has to try
    4. Nelda Ibe-this girl is just so gorgeous!
    5. Gail Tobes- love, love the symmetry of this girl’s face but I can’t help but think that she needs more time to grow and train. And when she’s ready, I’ll bet half my 401K that she will definitely WIN a major international crown.
    6. Sirene Sutton- if she was like competing for a different country, she’ll completely blend in. She can come across as bland, unexciting and generic as oatmeal, but because this is Binibining Pilipinas, the all powerful Philippine sash has magical transformative powers and I hope that when she does win a crown, that it would transform her. Girl needs it because atm, she’s not convincing.
    7. Jennyline Malpaya- dark horse!

    not convinced (yet)
    8. Rachel Peters and Chanel Thomas- ever wondered why this is their 2nd or 3rd pageant and they haven’t won big crowns yet? That’s because may kulang talaga- you can see the stylists trying out tricks like different hair-styles, make-up, but in the end, it’s just tricks.
    9. Dindi P- i know that Fabian is soooooo obsesseddddddddddd with this girl and I just don’t get it. She puts on this lazy ass hairstyle that looks like a wig half the time, and she never, ever varies her style or her smile. It’s the same face over and over again.
    10. Mae Liezel- so pretty this time around..the face is so maaliwalas as they would say, but somehow she looks more like a Makati or Fort Bonifacio beauty rather than a beauty queen..she’s that really made-up girl you’d give a lingering look at while window shopping at SM Aura

    • Rachel and Chanel having joined more than 1 pageant is good . It adds to their experience making them more capable candidates.
      I like Dindi because I was impressed with her performance last yr . I understand she has not found her groove so far but I have faith she will deliver When and where it matters …which is the coronation night.

      Real beauties and Good talkers .. Sirene and Peters .. and Dindi
      #2 20 and 39 maybe wanting in the beauty dept .. but let’s see

  12. Napaghahalataan ang mga nagpropromote ng wagas sa comments dito ha 😂Desperado na ba dahil natabunan na ng mga tunay na maganda at matangkad na girls? Bistado kayo pati sa ibang pageant blogs and forums naglipana ang mga request niyo na i-promote ang candidate na ipinag-pipilitan. Puwes, hindi kami bobo at hunghang para maniwala sa kacheapan at kachakahan ninyo. Char!

    Either pamilya niya kayo(Sobra na ha, mahiya naman kayo! Hayaan niyo na gustuhin namin siya hindi yung sobrang force. Kasuka lang🤢!) or isa kayo sa nabayaran ni mudra at pudra(bali-balita to ngayon, bistado kayo!) para maghasik ng lagim sa mga pageant blogs.

    Yun lang, O.A. na masyado, ano to labanan sa pagka-councilor? Ang cheapipay lang ng promotion ninyo, halatang may nagsabi na ganiyan ang i-post ninyo na message. Ginawang politika, kaloka! 🤣

    Hmm, kung tunay na may karapatan at gandang mapapa-nganga ka, okay pa eh! Pero kahit saang anggulo, north, south, east and west, ko tignan, Wala talaga. Wala talaga.

    Anyways, mukhang nabayaran na ang mga dapat bayaran kaya naman sure na na may korona ang girl na may maikling biyas at chaka na fez. Fwiends, let’s just pray na hindi baliw masyado si SMA at ibigay, este ibenta, ang any sa top 2 major crown sa walang karapatan na gerl.

    Annnd, again, we are not “threatened” or “inggit” because kahit san mo tignan, wala naman ikaka”threatened” at ikaka”inggit” sakaniya talaga, we are just worried na someone na may datung at power but very undeserving will represent our country sa international and universe stage.

    Babush. Bounce. Wapak. Wushu.

    P.S.S.S. Eto ay warning, at vavala sa mga maaring mahulog sa trap ng mga hunghang na people na naghahasik ng lagim.😈😈😈😼😼😼

    • Maganda nman cya Ana Winter😄
      Kaloka ka😊
      MGI or United Continents at puwede rin sa Intercon kung pagbabasihan yung Thailand na nanalo noon ☺hihihi

      • Bong700 she’s/he’s Anawindang. you can tell the difference in the posts…. hihihi

      • 4M, charette charette lang ha ha ha… seryosohin ba ang mga kacharotan. hihihi
        C Leni lang ang nagseseryoso maging presedente at kahit kabobohan para masira lang ang presidente ay gagawin dahil kahit hindi totoo ang pinagsasabi ng mga dilawan ay kakagatin ng yellow media and their international media counterpart to destroy DU30.
        Kaya yong mga bobong nilalang na hindi nagreresearch at wala na silang pakialam malaman ang katotohanan dahil yan ang binabalita ng mga dilawan, drug protector at nabayaran ng mga druglord na nasa media at damay na rin ang simbahang katolika kaya lalabas na kapanipaniwala kuno ang kanilang panlilinlang bwihihihi.
        Puwedeng magrequest ng million thumbsdown, walang charette yan hihihi 🙂

    • AnaW, ang galing mong magsulat , puede ka sa Tiktik o Abante. #2 has class sophistication and smart. Physically , she’s comparable to the MUPs from 2009 until 2016 with the exception of Pia . She’s an A&Q babe so I’m sure she will get transformed if she wins MUP or MI or MGI .. not that it will be a hell of a job as she is a pleasant beauty now

      Peters vs Sirene vs Dindi for MUP

  13. universe – de leon (#15)
    international – sutton
    supranational – elima
    grand international – rodriguez/pajeres
    intercontinental – peters
    globe – thomas

  14. facial value wise/wow factor beauty/best body/smart and intelligent!
    still my favorita’s!

    1. Charmaine elima
    2. Mariel de leon
    3. Angelique de leon
    4. Rachel Peters
    5. Jamaica Ambal- im amazed by her beauty
    6. Katarina Rodriguez
    7. Sirene Sutton
    8. Joselle mariano -have the best aura in these shot

    Good luck guapa’s!

  15. Upon reading a few comments I noticed the buzz on #2, Arienne Calingo. Yesiree, her pose brings out her best and her 1st princess finish at MWP 2016 tells me she is going to he a major factor in this year’s BbP 2017.

    The heat is on! ♨💥♨💥♨

  16. Aba yung Jamaica maganda din. Elima is consistent pero parang lukewarm pa din. Calingo’s pose really brought the best in her. Ganda. Di ko feel si Katarina. Wala lang parang ordinaryo mestiza beauty sya.

      • @gemma, hihi straight thick hair naman si papa ko. ewan ko lang yung kay bong700. di lang kasi ako marunung magpost ng pica. gaganda ng posing ng mga bbp candidates. si jamaica maganda ilaban internationally

      • Pweee 🙂 yan lang masasabi ko hihihi
        Ipis-Ehipto ang nangunguna sa aking list sa ngayon at idiscover nyo kung bakit ko nasabi yan bwihihihi.

    • Bet ko siya for MGI – marunong siya mag-Thai, kwentuhan Niya on how to stop the war through education si Nawat dahil trabaho siya SA US embassy.

      Ilan lang naman Ang haters Niya Kasi yata masyadong nagpasikat si mudra at pudra which is normal lang naman sa mga magulang na maging proud SA anak nila.

      She will do well sa pageant na yon – first dun sa speech portion and then SA q&a. Nakuha na nila Jonas Yung timpla niyan kaya tailor fit na siya SA korona na yon. #cabalen

  17. 21 is gaining momentum, she strikingly different and standing out in the bunch. I hope she has great personality.

  18. Kung patalinohan at pagalingan magsalita ang usapan! Wala tatalo kay Binibini #2 ARIENNE CALINGO! 1st Princess cya sa 2016 Miss World Philippines! Almost na cya matalo kay Catriona Grey para making Miss World Philippines! Hoping for Miss Universe or Miss International for her! Kac once nagsalita cya mapapahanga ka talaga sa kanya dahil sa ganda ng voice at command nya sa tao.

  19. Mariel is ❤️! She is definitely in contention. Laban kung laban. Body can be transformed but that face screams universal beauty. At 5’8 and with good speaking skills plus great command of English language, pang Miss Universe talaga. Ganda rin ng face ni Katarina dito. Sirene is gorgeous – need nya lang to gain muscle para mukhang fit. Charmaine 2.0 is less pageant patty compared to 2013. And Dindi needs to overhaul her styling. Rachel has the best body but I’m not sure about the face. jehza had stepped up and definitely can get a crown. For now I think MUP is for Mariel’s to lose.

    • ‘Screams Miss Universe?’ The stupidest phrase I have heard in a long time . Yo know judges are different year in and yr out

  20. Sa totoo Lang Ang gaganda nila. Tama lang yung styling, simple concept and classy black bikini.

    Calingo – ganda Ng katawan nya sa anggulo
    Tobes – cute Ng dimples
    Mariano – ganda Ng Fez nya dito
    Saliba – gusto ko pa to makita mag bloom
    Angelique – 90s mala Kathy Ireland sports illustrated look! Love it!
    Sutton – pretty
    De Leon – love her pin up girl look
    Peters – sexy bagay dark hair. Christa sexy din pero hindi sa photo na to
    Ambal – beat styling ni Jamaica to so far
    Dindi – eto Yung Dinding inaabanangan ko. Yung hindi sinabotaje hair and makeup. Yung Kita mo katawan.
    Ruffa – Ang editorial Ng Fez!
    Mae Liezel – watch out for her. Even sa candid shots umaauwra to. Hindi sya nag sla slack off sa prep and presentation. She wants one of the crowns!
    Katarina – stunning in photos talaga. Sana nga photo contest Lang to…Pero Hindi eh…
    Elima – Ang modern Ng transformation nya from 2013. Ang ganda Ng Fez! My eyes! Ng nose! Yun nga Lang din medyo maliit talaga.
    Asturias – Ang Italian/French movie star Ng styling nya. I like it.
    Clenci – interesting features.

  21. Along with Angelique, Charmaine and Jamaica. Rachel Peters and Sirene Sutton are also top tier MUP pageant beauties. The latter two also would be shoe ins for MWP for both have that captivating beauty and seasoned communication skills that Megan Young and Catriona Gray embellished. IMO, nothing less than MUP’s for these ladies.

    Dindi, I feel, is either MUP or BbP International.

    Maria DeLeon is a sex kitten. She would be excellent in all crowns “except” BbP International.

    BbP 2017 is definitely heating up! 🌅♨🌅♨🌅


  23. Angelique DeLeon, Charmaine Elima and Jamaica Ambal impress me in these swimsuits.

    My heart goes out to candidates #27 for a very awkward pose and for #23 for the fan being on too high during thr shoot. Both are beautiful ladies and the photographer should have known better. 🙁

    • I totally agree with you on Angelique, Charmaine, and Jamaica. Their photos are the best and their skin tone glowed. Charmaine’s face is what I call magandang pinay.

  24. Elima definitely on top. Simple pose but look at that stare and that gorgeous face. Next is Katarina (she looks good in stills), Jamaica Ambal is stunning she can be MUP, Peters, Angelique De Leon, Mariel De Leon (how I wish that’s her unaltered physique, Chanel Thomas is peaking, she is giving the Megan Young/Venus Raj vibe with her new make up and styling. Jehza Huelar is consistent. I am not really a fan of Sutton’s face but she might get one of the crowns at stake. Guelos and candidate no. 1 might surprise us.

    • Not gonna lie. I dont really care for Mariel De Leon. However, during this video I could not keep my eyes off her. She registers so differently in motion compared to pictures.

    • Class and speaking skills u cannot learn overnight. So I will prioritize on these qualities.
      I’m losing nterest in Mariel , she is not really pretty.
      I like ibe Elima and Legaspi for their first pleasant beauties … with make up on . But I know Ibe is not articulate and so is Sammie. Elima has had foreign experience so at least she is prob ok with conversational English.
      #3 is another pleasant beauty but she lacks sophistication …
      #2 20 and 39 have great presentations . I just don’t know if make up and science can turn them into pleasant beauties .
      So I’m still gravitated towards Peters Sirene and yes Dindi

      • Fabian pwede tigilan mo na si Dindi hahahaha
        Top 15 max or a total eclipse clapper hahhahaha

      • Great insight Fabian.
        I will concede your take on communication skills.
        You cannot learn it overnight.
        Either you havr it “now” or you don’t.
        The concern is the habit of answering a question too rehearsed, flowery or just plain bs – for lack of a better term.
        I gave Maxine Mexdina the benefit of the doubt and believed she would pull through.
        At the end of the day… well… the rest is as you know, history.

  25. Ang galing ni Raymond! Hindi siya nauubusan ng concept pag dating SA pictorials! Kung may Photoshop man, minimal lang naman din KC kung ano nakita SA press presentation yun din naman Sila!

  26. Very exotic looking si 2! Very Pinay pero hindi kamukha nong mga nakaraang mga deligates before Pia- na may halo dahil German ang father nya. I think this Girl can Win or impress in the International Pageant World!

    • Hindi lahat ng ‘very pinay’ is considered maganda. Meron totoong pinay beauty, no. 2 is not a pinay beauty, pinay lang.

  27. the pictures i like:

    binibini3 maria gail tobes
    binibini5 joselle mariano
    binibini10 jehza mae huelar
    binibini13 sirene sutton
    binibini19 rachel peters
    binibini24 dindi joy pajares
    binibini26 ruffa nava
    binibini29 karla may manongsong
    binibini 30 mae liezel ramos
    binibini31 katarina sonja rodriguez
    binibini32 charmaine elima
    binibini 38 ana patricia asturias

  28. Ang ganda sobra ni Binibini #2 Arienne Calingo! Pinay Beauty! The Nadine Lustre Look Alike! Sa mga bashers na grabe manghusga kay Arienne! Parang wala kayo kapintasan at ingit lang kayo kac hindi man cya pinakamatangkad tandaan c Miss International 2005 Precious Lara Quigaman At Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo! Credentials at Brains panglaban nya tamang ganda at height lang na hindi nakakasawa

    • Kung makasobra naman to sobra sobra..sobrang ganda talaga pede bang maganda lang ng slight kasi yan ang totoo.

  29. Is it just me? Or is it difficult to access the Vote Page? Are plenty of fans voting ATM?

    Congratulations Mr. Saldana again, as usual! Your contribution to Philippines pageantry is sealed.

    I want to create my own calendar. Tanduay, Ginebra San Miguel, Asia Brewery, etc. can weep!

    Solely based on these images and with absolutely NO baring on what has transpired, here are the twelve who will take me through the year (so to speak).


    Can BPCI offer “customised calendars” for our favorites? Thank you po! Good night.

  30. sexiest 12 angelique de leon (parang ayaw ko na magdinner pag di ka pa nanalo)
    1st runner up 21 jamaiaca the height
    2nd runner up 22 chanel tomas my intercontinental
    3rd runner up 15 mariel ganda ng pose magaya nga sa summer hihi
    4th runner up 37 sammie legaspi
    i love dusky women. hay..

  31. Edit pa more! #AllTeaAllShade Vote for your Miss Photoshop este Photogenic pala

    • Agree! Very evident nga yung photo ni #2 na si calingo, in her photo you can see that on her right underboob, nasobrahan ng edit ng photographer. Heheheh. Makikita mong phinotoshop at evident na na-contour ni mr photographer yung part na yun.

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