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  2. When I was watching her during the finals, it was obvious that MU was already conditioning the public in her possibility of winning.
    She was awesome in the swimsuit portion, and carried her gown excellently.
    She could have been our 3rd Miss Universe. Medyo nagkaproblema nga lang sa Q&A.
    She’s one of my favorite representatives.

  3. I remember her so fondly in 2010. She really did gave it her all, and the Pinoy’s in Vegas were all rooting for her. There was strong buzz that she’s a contender, and she proved it right. We really do owe her for opening the door to the top tier.

    Best of luck in life, Maria Venus Raj!

  4. Siya ang tunay na huwaran ng mga Pilipina hindi gaya ng iba na nanalo sadyang kontento na lamang sila sa pagharap sa television at pelikula at yung iba naman mas pinili na lang na maging modelo at pati paghubad ay ginawa na rin . Hindi madali ang kanyang dinaanan na halos ipinagkait ni Madam pero pinatunayan niya at nanalo siya bilang 4th Runner-up. Marami ang natuwa at marami rin ang hindi masaya sa kanyang tagumpay sa patimpalak lalo na sa kanyang pagsagot naging sanhi ng major major problem. Pinatunayan ulit ni Venus Raj na may utak siya pinili niya ibinuhos ang kanyang panahon sa pag-aaral at kumuha ng Masters degree kahit nagtapos na siya Journalism at Cum Laude. Saludo ako kay Venus Raj.

  5. I love Venus Raj in a major, major way! She ushered in the golden age for the Philippines’ consecutive placements in Miss Universe that she started in 2010 — after a long dark decade of drought. And to think that the BPCI wanted to dethrone her! Good thing Venus fought back — and prevailed.

  6. i just love venus dusky beauty. she is an example that life is a constant learning process. one cant be stuck in the mud. Bicolandia’s pride

  7. Ang ganda ni Venus at ang humble din. Ramdam ko ang sincerity. I just wonder bakit kahit nabibigyan sya chance sa TV eh di masyado ng ppropser. And di rin sya ganun ka in demand sa modeling. If she’s prioritizing graduate school kaya di ng pprosper ang TV career nya, then she is playing her cards right. I just hope she will be more visible sa TV, print ad and ramp, after all this is her forte

  8. Her inspiring life story started my keen interest in pageantry, an area very far from the corporate world I am in. She made me discover that a beauty title can indeed be a good platform for an advocacy because people listen. I think she started the paradigm shift in the way people view beauty contests. She showed to the world that poverty is never a hindrance to achieving dreams. I saw her participation in the MU contest as a representation of the rural poor who comprises 2/3 of the world’s population.

    I know her taking up graduate studies will take her far in any field she chooses to go in the near future.

  9. What if Gwen Ruais won MUP instead of Venus,
    Could we have had our 3rd Miss U ?

    • @ Fabian : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Gwendolyne Ruais versus Ximena Navarete (apologies if I misspelled)? Now that’s a thought…

    • Gwen won’t even make it to the semis I guess.

      Probable reasons why Gwen placed high during Miss World 2011.
      1. Token of appreciation to Cory Quirino as a new franchise holder of Miss Philippines World.
      2. Her royal connections. (Miss World is a UK based organizations, and the pageant was held in UK that year)

  10. Wow life is beautiful !
    I hope she finds a rich good looking white man ( i think she’s too tall for Pinoys) to sweep her off her feet.
    And I hope someone gives her another chance to be on tv. She may not be very articulate and her English maybe a little harsh . But she’s smart and humble with great personality . In no time , she will learn the art.

  11. She’s still beautiful! Kahit bukas pwede pa siyang isabak sa pageant! This girl worked so hard sa performance niya sa MU10 at mapasama sa finalists.

    I’d like to call her the Comeback Queen. LOL

  12. It seems like only yesterday that this beautiful dusky beauty represented the Philippines in the grandest of all pageants and started a streak that I hope will continue for a long long time.

    Here’s to a hearty salute to Ms. Venus Raj!
    Truly a pillar in Philippine pageantry.
    Bravo, bravo and bravo! 💚💚💚

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