22 comments on “normannorman.com is ready for the Bb. Pilipinas 2017 Press Presentation 

  1. Some observations:

    1 – Girls, you have less than 3o seconds to create an impression, don’t consume all of it in untying your shawl! Aralin ang square knot please!

    2 – Hindi BA nag-brunch Ang organizers at kailangang ngumangata habang rumarampa Ang mga girlalu!

    3 – Meron palang 5’4″ Ang height?

    4 – di PA rin adjusted Yung number kaya nagkamali tuloy SA pag-synchronize Yung voice over.

    5 – Kudos to binibini1, the pressure is on her as the first person to appear but she was able to deliver.

    6 – late na ba SA flight si Katarina at nagmamadali?

  2. After the presentation, my magic 7 are still the same. In order, accdg to their number: #10 huelar, #12 a de leon, #13 sutton, #15 m de leon, #19 peters, #31 rodriguez, #32 elima. Runner-up: #22 thomas #24 d pajares

  3. The standout during presentation:

    Jamaica Ambal
    Chanel Olive Thomas
    Christa Borja
    Charmaine Elima
    Ruffa Naval
    Elizabeth Clenci

    Would have been perfect:

    Dindi Pajares – if not for the hairstyle
    Angelique de Leon – if not for the styling
    Mariel de Leon – more energy please

    The disaster:

    Katarina Rodriguez

      • Yes, Jacky! She really was! In fact on my notes, I input that she has one of the longest legs! Just so happen that those girls leave a lasting impression Lalo na tong si Jamaica. I’m not expecting her.

    • guys alam nyo i love dindi ngunit kamukha nya si vicky belo sa presentation.

      • Ako din Jacky na-disappoint SA styling Niya. Inulit nanaman Yung ginawa Nung screening. Parang namumuro na yung stylist niya kababaing tao PA naman!

    • They want her to look different but sorry she was way better last year… the hair is horrible!

  4. 2010 breakthrough – finalist/ 4th runner up🌷
    2011 anticipation – repeat finalist/ 3rd runner up🌷
    2012 anticipation – threepeat finalist/ 1st runner up🌷
    2013 anticipation – fourpeat finalist/ 3rd runner up🌷
    2014 anticipation – top 10 semi-finalist⚘
    2015 anticipation – crowning 🌷 👑🌷
    2016 anticipation – b2b finalist/ top 6 🌷

    From 2010 to 2016, the MUP has been there and done that.
    When compared to her last seven predecessors, the MUP 2017 “should” lack the stress of having to prove anything.
    May she use this unique situation for her advantage to excel

  5. Sino pa kaya ang tatanggalin ni Madam? Hindi na lang ako magtataka habang papalapit ang araw ng patimpalak mayroon pang matatanggal. Hindi na talaga magbabago si Madam.

  6. So? It’s down to 39 only? No more filler to #36. So adjusted na yung number ng last 3.

    • They need a filler, otherwise they need to redo the videos and pictures. Right? also they have been using the social media hashtag with their numbers too… Tsk tsk tsk.

  7. Comment on S.F.’S post on a seventh crown named it as “Uniworld International”. Is this inaugural?

  8. Ung Colombia me bago na silang reyna.. Tau, warm up pa lang maya. Mema mode. Lol.. Speaking of possible winners/placements, it’s really any one’s ball game among the front-runners, with a surprise here and there.. so, there.. Twerk it girls…ginusto nyo yan. Gudluck.

  9. For now, my favorites remain the same – Rachel Peters, Angelique de Leon, Charmaine Elima.

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