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  1. facial value wise/wow factor beauty/best body/smart and intelligent!
    still my favorita’s!

    1. Charmaine elima
    2. Mariel de leon
    3. Angelique de leon
    4. Rachel Peters
    5. Jamaica Ambal- im amazed by her beauty
    6. Katarina Rodriguez
    7. Sirene Sutton

    Good luck guapa’s!

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    Here are this year's official swimsuit photos of our lovely candidates. Who will be this year's Miss Photogenic? Choose your Miss Photogenic by voting for your chosen Binibini! The total votes are then added to the media’s votes from the Press Presentation. # Option 1: Website Visit http://www.bbpilipinas.com/vote and choose your favorite Binibini. # Option 2. Twitter Follow @realbbpilipinas on Twitter and use the hashtag of your favorite Binibini like this: #Binibini(number) and #BbPilipinas2017 # Option 3. Mobile app Download the CHOICELY app on your smartphone device and search for Binibining Pilipinas. Vote by clicking your favorite Binibini. ~ Head over to the Binibining Pilipinas Official FB page to see our 2017 Binibinis full photo! #bbpilipinas #BbPilipinas2017 #missphilippines #MissPhilippines2017 #missuniverse #missinternational #missgrandinternational #misssupranational #missintercontinental #missglobe #worldclassfilipina #modernfilipina #shinepinay

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  3. shes a go getter. thats MUP i dont see it on mariel, im seeing it with peters, elima, sutton and angelique. mariel is perfect for MI. im now confused with my choices wag na magpacontest next year at appoint na lang nila itong lima for the next five years 😀 Si madame din naman ang masusunod like maxene who fumbled on her QnA this contest is just for mere formalities on the lesser crowns. Yung sa MU at MI alam na!!!


  5. Magaganda naman talaga itong sila sutton, katarina, Mariel, Elima and Jehza and dindi. though may mga somethings sa kanila na medyo off satin. may sobra o may kulang o wala. Pero If ma trained ng tama itong mga to both Physicaly and mentaly. pasarela at makuha nila ang tamang transformation sa kanila eh talagang magkaka crown sila internationaly. meron na silang ganda at utak. kailangan lang talaga ng more efforts, experiment to achieve the best for their candidates. so wag sayangin ng team nila ang mga girls na ito. sana makuha nila ang dapat para sa bawat kandidata and i hope tumulong din ang mga girls na ito sa kanilang team. they are free to give any suggestions naman. Look at the mirror girls!!! and spend more time seeing your selves. Play with the mirror and experiment. Good Luck!!!

  6. Ako lang ba ang bet na bet si Clenci. Idk, malakas ang hatak ni girl sa akin.

  7. I rooted for Katarina before because I thought she had one of the most beautiful faces. Pero natatabunan na siya now. Unprepared si ate. What is that make-up? And hair? Wag na natin pag-usapan ang body. I wish she prepared for this. Sayang ang natural beauty. You can see who wants it more–sila yung diligent and came prepared.

  8. nasabi ko na ang gusto kong sabihin nasa unang post ni norman about this press presentation. madami nag likes at nag dislikes. well! Thats life iba iba tayo ng taste and i said magbabago pa naman yan. they have 1 more month to prepare so lets not take seriously every words we read.
    ako kase mas ok talaga saken na they are well prepared both physically and mentaly b4 they compete to bbp. para naman mayroon tayong unang pampakaba sa mga shupitbahay and to give us more excited feelings. Kahit press presentation pa lang dapat may pasabog na kahit konti basta feel natin. para kaseng wala lang ang ginawa ng iba kahapon. kesyo hinde pa actual pageant. strategy ba?? nakakasawa na din kase minsan stratgey stratgey pero at the end ng kakahintay wala naman palang pasabog. parang walang natutunan yung iba base sa ginawa nila kahapon. kahit sa simpleng rampa lang ma notice mo kung sino sa kanila ang may natutunan. press presentation kase so dapat inayos talaga nila. to avoid na rin yung bashing sa bawat candidate. if they want to gain more supporters then do their best or whats the best for them.

  9. Mga bes, di nyo ba napapansin si Sarah Jireh Asido? Gumanda sya.

    Si #20 naman, sya ata the one from London. Gusto ko aura nya yesterday. Baka pasok si ateng sa top 15.

  10. universe – de leon (#15)
    international – sutton
    supranational – elima
    grand international – rodriguez/pajeres
    intercontinental – peters
    globe – thomas

  11. Dindi you’re hair is driving me nuts! I’m calling out your stylists!

    Sirene – beautiful girl needs more Milo

    Katarina – what’s the hurry baby?

    Charmaine – fez teh fez! Medyo short lang talaga

    Rachel – ganda ng katawan

    Mae Liezel – ayaw paawat ni ate.

    Mariel – oo malaki sya compared sa iba pero mas tight na body nya now pano pa kung puspusan mag gym yan? I’m not pushing for a skinnier Mariel ha. I mean pano pa kung ma redistribute yung laman nya ang ma convert into muscles? Ang ganda ng hubog ng katawan nyan kung toned and lean.

    Some are just pretty pero ang iikli ng biyas.

    Not crazy about the neon colorer bikinis pero mas maganda fit this year.

  12. I was reading comments here from top to bottom and Hindi makuha Ang concept ng “standout” for some. My pick for standout are those girls who has great bearing on stage with effortless pasarela skills.

    Hindi ko ma-gets Kung paano naging standout si Katarina when she has a hard time untying the knot of her shawl, the pacing of her walk is too fast, she is obviously nervous and she compensate that by flipping her hair?

    If “standout” is based on physical beauty, I might as well look at the photo where it is obvious who really stands out.

    • @gemma dear, maganda ang face ni katarina but phleaze she even have kilikili fats and the body is not worthy to rave about. hello sofia andres look alike mag showbiz ka na lang. and im liking jamaica thanks gem for making me see a rough diamond


    Where are you? Always appreciate your inputs and comments.

  14. IMHO, the top 2 BBP crowns (Universe and International) will be a tough tough battle between Sirene Sutton and Rachel Peters. They are both clear standouts having the height, body and face that are altogether MU and MI caliber plus their fluency in the English language is not questionable which sets them apart from other girls who sound too rehearsed while speaking.

    Dindi Pajares has the best body in the group as she was last year. The makeup and hairstyling is dragging her down though. Her projection is over the top at times so she can tone that down. Nonetheless, she still has that commanding personality and confidence. With the overflowing energy and enthusiasm she is showing, I believe she is a perfect shoe in in either MGI or SUPRA.

    Also a strong contender for the MGI or SUPRA is Angelique De Leon. She easily standouts with her towering height, curvaceous body, and the face that works for her in either fierce or sweet look. Still, proper styling is important.

    Nelda Ibe is one of the underrated girls at present but could pull out a pleasant surprise for everyone. Needless to say, this edition has the tallest lineup of girls in recent BBP history, and Nelda is definitely in that list. But aside from height, she just exudes with sex appeal without forcing it. Her flawless skin from head to toe makes her standout more. She doesn’t even need heavy makeups and elaborate curls or waves to step up! For now, she is my BBP INTERCON.

    If it is true that fluency in Spanish is a top quality for the Miss United Continents crown, then send girls who speaks the language well. We have Gabriela Patricia Ortega (oh I loved how she pronounced her name in web interviews!) and Beatrice Valente who are both from Spain. Also, Arienne Calingo can speak Spanish (correct me if I’m wrong) but she is short at 5’4″ (come on she could not be 5’6″, just look at the photos).

    Charmaine Elima, for me, is ALMOST there but still NOT QUITE. The hype she got in 2013 is actually what she is getting now again, so she should learn to live up to the expectations of those who are gearing up for her. She has yet to come out with a devouring presence because, as of now, she is clearly being outstaged by the other girls. Makeup and styling works perfectly for her but she is just lacking presence on stage. If the finals is happening now, a RunnerUp finish is a decent placement for her.

    • oops sorry for that “standouts”.. it should be “stands out”.. LOL

    • Bulag is! Elima is the only stand out and maybe Mariel . Dindi? LOLOLOLOOL

  15. malaki lang talaga kaha ni mariel de leon pero may something. she’s way stronger this year to be dismissed.

  16. Revelation for me si Nelda Ibe, ang aliwalas ng face! In fairness kay 37 napansin ko din sya. Ano meron sa buhok ni dindi, sinasabotahe ba sya ng hairstylist nkklk.

  17. Globe kay elima runner up kay dindi…. Sutton for ms. Universe international is tobes.

  18. I don’t have any picks this year. I’m still stinging from only 1 of my 6 picks being crowned fromlast year’s batch.

    However, IMO, like I observed in the past month through the screening selection and pageant introductions it is becoming obvious that the MUP crown is for Charmaine Elima to lose. She has MUP written all over. No disrespect to the two DeLeon’s, Rachel Peters and Dindi. All of the Bb mentioned are worthy for the MUP title also but…

    I must remember, the game is still early… plenty of time for momentum shifts.

  19. Yay! Tapos na rin ang press presentation! what’s next? the parade of beauties and the preliminaries? (nabasa ko somewhere may preliminaries na daw an bpci ngayon?) but anyway here are my comments

    based on sa performance, Elima stood out! The girl was so fresh, gorgeous, beautiful and blooming. her body is sexy but can be sexier. iba ang aura niya mga beh. iba ang stage presence niya. i love it.

    Jehza – she knows what to do. i love the legs. love the poses. love the hair and make up!

    Dindi – girl. anyare nanaman sa hair mo beh? ngayon pa medyo sumablay ng slight.

    Mariel – beautiful! but she’s giving me that Pia 2015 vibe.

    Sirene – Beautiful.. but nakulangan ako.

    Katarina – Pak! ganda! pero for me, parang too flirty ang movements niya. or is it just me. LOL

    Gail – ganda ng fez talaga! jusko.

    Rachel – She’s in it to win one of the crowns. I believe she has one of the best physique together with Christagale Borja

    Ruffa Nava – beautiful but what’s with the super long hair extensions? (or buhok niya talaga yon? LOL)

    so far, top picks : Elima, Huelar, Pajares and Mariel

  20. susmaryosep paano sa alamat ng mga higante naging standout yung number 2 georgetown girl LOL

    • She looks like charice but she is very classy . Her movements show sophistication

    • That Calingo is a witch. 5’5. But shes good for Mutya ng Pilipinas.

  21. Kelan ang nat cos presentation? Kelan ang preliminaries? Para makapag rank na tayong lahat. Chos!

  22. Inamin ng taga BPCI na tinanggal na nila si Bb. #36 dahil sa isang larawan na labag sa pamantayan sa Bb. Pilipinas. Hanggang ngayon ba naman yan pa rin ang palaging dahilan wala na bang maisip na iba.

  23. Ai ai must be hot sexy pretty and classy . A lot of people must be suffering from astigmatism

  24. parang tuyot na tuyot pa rin Peters, pakisabihan itigil na ang pagyoyosi

  25. Ms Elima looked absolutely ravishing based on this pics. She has it all – beauty, sexy body and presence. Truly an excellent representative of Filipina pulchritude. The perfect blend of attributes for a true beauty queen. A clear stand out! Ms Ibe, Huelar, Asturias, Thomas, Peters and Clenci looked good too.

  26. I must admit that my early favorite was not the top stand out but the mysterious stage “light” was on her face through out the presentation. The same “light” that was on Pia’s face during the miss universe pre-pageant.

  27. I like Sirene but she’s more modelesque to me than a beauty queen. But I’m fine with it if she and following takes home the MUP crown:

    1. Angelica De Leon
    2. Angelique Deleon
    3. Charmaine Elima
    4. Rachel Peters
    5. Chanel Thomas
    6. Nelda Ibe
    7. Juliana Kapeundl

  28. If I were to base my decision on the pics above, it would be Sutton vs Peters . Ibe looks surprisingly good .
    I’m disappointed with Dindis pic .but I have faith she will come through

    Considering all, it would be Peters bs Sutton vs Dindi for MUP – alternates : Mariel and Elima.

    Any of the 5 ok

  29. Wikipedia updated its info and to my surprise states that there will be 7 titles awarded (BbP United Continents) and a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th runners up?

    • How valid is this update?
      Wikipedia gets alot of wannabee experts.. 😉

  30. In Charmaine’s (#32) picture, a crown appears to hover over head. I really hope that it’s prophetic and she ends up with the Miss Universe Philippines crown. 🙏🏽👑👸🏽😁

  31. My TOP 15 in random order.

    Charmaine Elima
    Jheza Huelar
    Serene Sutton
    Mariel De Leon
    Christa Borja
    Camille Manalo
    Nelda Ibe
    Arriene Calingo
    Channel Olive Thomas
    Rachel Peters
    Dindi Pajares
    Angelique Celine De Leon
    Ruffa Nava
    Jamaica Ambal
    Katarina Rodriguez

  32. Tataya ako kay Sirene Sutton to win MUP. Hindi na kelangang ipaliwanag pa. Kung si Mariel De Leon naman ang mananalo, wala akong magiging issue. Bet ko rin si Rachel Peters, Juliana Kapeundl (na bawas-bawasan ang red lipstick).

    Ano naman ang nangyari kay Dindi Pajares? Nag-eexperiment ba sya? Si Charmaine Elima ay yung itsura nya nung 2013 ang nakikita ko.

  33. Mukhang LEGO si #Binibini2 Arienne Calingo. Never Sport that Hairstyle Baby Girl! #AllTeaAllSHade

  34. My favorites after this event:
    1.) Rachel Peters (polished and ready)
    2.) Jehza Huelar (pretty face and long shapely legs)
    3.) Angelique De Leon (charm and sex appeal)
    4.) Chanel Olive Thomas (mysteriously beautiful)
    5.) Charmaine Elima (dusky, perfect facial bone structure)
    6.) Jamaica Ambal (alluring and magnetic)
    7.) Mariel De Leon (cool, calm and collected- I like her now)

    Did not meet my expectation:
    Sutton – she looks like a tranny
    Rodriguez – Immature
    Dindi – overrated and ugly specially with that hairstyle

    • I agree with you Jeremy about your observation on Mariel. She sports the aura of the current Miss Universe – cool, calm and collected.

  35. Rachel Peters remind of Cita Astals. I’m not sure if its a good thing

  36. JUST SAW DIS “Now I get the POINT on her (DIND) styling! We need a NEW AURA/LOOK for our next representative for INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT not just a typical one or a look that we’ve seen before that will appeal only to Filipino’s… “- MARIA. .. I agree with Maria, lahat LATINA ang peg ng styling gusto ni DINDI to be different among the candidates and give BB. PILIPINAS a breath of fresh air, para bagong panlasa. But when you look and observe Dindi’s aura there’s really something different. 🙂

    • You can justify all you want pero pangit talaga ang styling ni Dindi sa press presentation. Mas maganda pa sya last year. Yung styling nya kanina as in pangit talaga. Di yan harsh comment ha, constructive yan para malaman ng camp nya na wag nila gagawin kay Dindi yan sa mismong pageant

    • Sorry Azalea but Dindi was just simply ugly with that hairstyle. IMO in terms of facial beauty she is at the bottom

    • Dindi was my ultimate choice for MUP last year but I had to admit, during finals night, even with a very exemplary performance in the Q&A, her very poor overall styling from hair to makeup to evening gown cost her the crown. Now, it is happening again. Correct, she needs to sport a different aura or style, but it should be something that suits her beauty; and her hair and makeup during press presentation is just a pain in the *** urgh! NOT AGAIN!

  37. These are my stand out, with due respect to your choices:

    3 Gail Tobes
    9 Saliba
    12 Angelique
    13 Sutton Sirene
    15 Mariel de Leon
    18 Ibe
    19 Rachel Peters
    21 Jamaica
    22Olive Thomas
    24 Pajares Dindi
    30 liezel ramos
    32 Elima
    37 sammie

  38. Basta ako feeling ko c Binibini #2 Arienne Calingo ang magiging Binibining Pilipinas- Universe! Sa lahat naman ng major Beauty pagent Miss Universe ang naghahanap ng isang girl na marerepresent ng maganda ang Miss Universe! More than looks and more on capabilities and credentials! Napahanga na talaga nya ako kapag nagsasalita cya since Miss World Philippines 2016 na nag 1st princess cya kay Catriona Grey!

  39. JawzKuh, bakit c Jehza lang talaga ang nakikiusap ang mata sa akin na maging MUP’17 ko hihihi.
    Sumemplang man sya ay MI’17 ang mapunta sa Kanya.
    Sutton, Peters and Elima are also stunning.
    Bahala na yung iba maglabanlaban to belong in the Top 8 pa rin ba or Top nine na kasama ang RU’s.
    Puede ng sumali c Dindi sa Miss Vietnam 2017, bet ko sya Fabian pero nagFA lang sya ay naging markadong Vietcong na sya at baka hanggang Top 15 uli sya hihihi Charette lng 🙂

  40. Since this was primarily a physique showcase (I mean no disrespect), it may be good to be reminded of some key points we have seen recently in the international pageant circuit.

    1) For the Universe and notwithstanding the plus-size Miss Universe – Canada last January, the American audience of WME/IMG will want to see sturdy and toned bodies, perhaps not necessarily dangerously curvaceous. Function over form, please.

    2) For International, where the more conservative Japanese customer of the Paris Group has a discriminating eye for the classic female form a’la Botticelli painting, the full curves we saw last October (and for which Ms.Verzosa gained weight for with the help of Gold’s Gym) will be desirable. And with Ms. Moldova (who set herself apart from the pack with her V.S. runway stance and “flying kiss”) and Ms. Martinez before her taken into consideration, let Filipinas aim to bag the Miss Perfect Body subtitle this time!

    3) For the Europe-based Supranational and The Miss Globe, ample (fat) insulation from the bitter cold towards the end of the year, when the Boreal winter grips Iris Mittenaere’s continent, is HOT, literally and figuratively (pun intended. LOL). May our Dreamgirl of the World retain, if not improve upon, her rankings in the Miss Bikini and Miss Disco auxiliary contests!

    4) For Grand International, the ultra-jaded Mr. Itsaragrisil will expect NOTHING LESS THAN PERFECTION ON ALL FRONTS (all caps! LOL). Give him the Binibini with the banging bod when he comes over, as BPCI’s VIP guest.

    5) For Intercontinental, let us aim to send a Binibini that will be TALL (like Misses McGarry and Hammond) such that her meat mass will be nicely and evenly distributed on her willowy frame.

    P.S. Mr. Tinio, was there any mention of a seventh crown? My apologies for my ignorance.

  41. My kaWINDANG-WINDANG ANAlysis after swimsuit press presentation:

    Diyosa, VS angel at kawindang sa ganda si Sutton. Pwede sa 1st runner up. Next year, Pwede sa Miss Universe.

    Wala talbog na si Cheza, daming maganda at tunay na matangkad this year. Pwede sa 2nd runner up. Next year, pwede sa Miss Globe.

    Ang ganda at talagang diyosa ang dating ni Elima, talaga namang alagang-alaga ng a&q. Nawindang ako dun sa mukha niya na sobrang fresh at *BOOM* *WAPAK* *WUSHU* ang entrance ng mukha. Ganda ng hair at makeup. Perfect! Pwede sa Miss Globe.

    Chanel no. 1 improve na makeup at styling, di na mukhang galit at mananabunot any minute. Fretty siya. Yun lang. Pwede sa Miss Intercontinental.

    Best body si Peterz kaso medyo ai-ai delas alas ang fez. Mayaman naman si bf kaya pwede pa mabago ang hitsura niya, kaya hindi pa siya lost cause. Pwede sa MIss Grand International.

    Majubiz parin si Mariel, nakakawalang gana na. Char! Hmm, may more than a month pa para tanggalin ang jubiz. Pwede sa Miss Supranational.

    Maganda ang mukha nung Katarina kaso nawindang ako sa kili-kili fats niya. Pero dahil maganda talaga! Pwede sa Miss International.

    Ano ba nangyari sa buhok ni Dindi Palares? Bakit ang chaka parin ng makeup? Sinasabotahe ba? Char! Ganda ng tindig at aurang palaban na parang pinulbusan ang mukha at sinabunutan ang dating. Pwede sa Miss Universe.

    Wapak. Wushu. Bounce. Babush.


    • Dindi will never win Miss U. Maybe Supra. Sirene might be a runner up as they go with Elima or Peters for Universe. I can see Deleon (A) or Katarina or Jehza for International. Most likely Angelica. I will be very disappointed if Sirene competes in a lower tier pageant.

  42. Angelica de Leon’s hairline (V) is really distracting. Can something be done about it?

    • @4m she has widows peak even bb 9 meron. maganda naman sa kanya. kung aahitin at tutubo di maganda tingnan.

  43. Last year when I first saw the 2016 batch I immediately thought MAXINE is the take away winner (and the thought of Kylie of course)

    This year….I think there’s no question, it’s Maria Angelica De Leon (and Dindi is the Kylie this year)

    So yeah…I’m definitely routing for De Leon this year; her presence is something….I think she’s the only girl this year that has that UMPh! factor….

    Elima is still boring, sorry.

  44. Katarina Rodriguez did not stand out. She was a total mess. Everything that she did on stage was over the top.

  45. Sirene for the WIN! She is so ready physically. She just needs more personality development and maybe a deeper connection with the journey. I feel like these models cum beauty queens need to find that desire to really win it all. I felt the same with Maxine last year.

  46. Where is Angelique Celine de Leon? I thought she’s also a front runner?

    I just noticed that the smallest in this year is only 5’4″! Akala ko ba 5’6″ ang minimum height? Jusko paano mo ilalaban ang 5’4″ sa mga latina na 5’9″ ang pinakamaliit?

    • Ngayon pantay-pantay na heels nila from Bragais. Bistado sila Binibinis #1-#4 na all 5’4″ or below. Mas matangkad pa si SMA with her miniature heels at si Pia na 5’5″ with her 3″ heels. Hindi na pwede mandaya sa height dahil isang photo lang na matabi sila sa mga tunay na 5’7″ and above girls bistado na. So paano pa kung matabi pa sila sa mga latinas at europeans na amazonas? Anyways, mga mukhang filler queens lang naman sila, pwera na lang kung malakas ang kapit at mapera gaya nung si Charice at si bite-sized legs girl na mukhang laging gulat sa mga photos niya.

      • @anawindy .sbi ng friend ko0na 5’2 na lagi nasa events.almost same height nya yun ibang bb.

      • @jackiey12 kaloka! generous pa pala tayo sa 5’4″ na estimate natin?!? I’m SHOOKETH, sis! Shooketh na shooketh talaga! Mawiwindang talaga ako kapag ni isa sa mga 5’2″ na gerls na yan koronahan or bigyan ng runner up. Kung sana 5’5″ tapos goddess sa ganda(na talagang mapapa-tumbling ka) okay pa eh, pero 5’2″ na frog? 😳😳😳 amean, alam ba nila sinalihan nila? 😏😏😏

    • miss tissa, stand outs nga based on the presentation not front runners. hihihi. baka nagging back runner si Angelique.

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