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  1. @ andrew: good day!!! to answer your question, in my own perspective, i can see that a lot of eurpeans don’t think that these events really matter. They feel that beauty pageants are mere entertaiment and not that of a global changer. Maybe because there are other things far more important to them,,,it maybe just the way they think and see beauty pageants as it is

  2. sa unang pasok ng IMG sa MU. Finally Philippines was crowned as 64th Miss Universe. the strong Country in Asia in terms of pageant. and this year France from Europe continent was crowned as 65th Miss Universe. parehong dapat noon pa nanalo nung time ni Donald Trump. Janine is really the real winner. Kung si Donald pa rin ang may ari ng MU for sure columbia ang winners in 3 consecutive years 2014 to 2016.
    Buti nalang IMG ang bumile. If hinde tayo ang manalo sa 2017 edition. sana african or carribean naman. no to Latin muna.

  3. Philippine Pageantry posted the homecoming of Katherine Espin, Kylie Verzosa, Iris Mittenaire and Stephanie del Valle. It is so sad to see Stephanie wave to a handful of people who are not even waiving back. So heart breaking!

    • Ang sakit bes, imbes matuwa ako, nalungkot ako para sa kanya. Para bang di alam ng mga taga PR na may parade si ate. Pero may ibang pics naman na makikita mo na may bumabati at kumakaway din sa kanya, kokonti nga lang.

  4. To the Binibinis aspiring for the Universe.

    Closely observe the reign of the lovely lass from Lille as it unfolds.

    Then ask yourselves : would I make as good a successor, if not better?

    This is WME/IMG’s “It Girl” of the moment! LEARN.

  5. So hindi naman pala totoong her hometown is giving her the ‘cold shoulder’ daw base sa isa kong nabasa na article? it’s an overwhelming homecoming. but mas pageant fanatic kasi ang Pinas kaya if ico-compare, iba ang homecoming ni Megan and Pia dito sa atin. but hey, malayo din naman ang datingan nitong kay Iris compared kay Miss World. LOL

  6. Which format do you like? The Old Format or the 65th Miss Universe format?

    • there are elements in the new format that I personally like which are the interview portion with the girls after they are announced the semi finalists and the 2 round of Q & A. But I didnt like the way they are presented in the swimsuit and evening gown wherein they walk in three’s or two’s. It seemed too huried and the girls wasnt able to fully strut their stuff like what is done in the old format where every girl walks one at a time. There was a shining moment for every girl.

  7. Iris homecoming is exponentially more successful than Stephanie del Valle’s, which is a total flop. And worse, her vehicle is a farm truck used to transport farm animals.

    Karma is a bitch.

  8. It was really a very smart move for the organization to crown a European as Miss Universe and because of this, the universe will soon witness the rebirth of this pageant in the continent. I felt like the MUO has forgotten this part of the world when it comes to beauty and substance the past several years.

    • it’s not that MUO has forgotten europe. It’s just that the quality of girls being sent from europe in the past years was not at par with the Latinas and a few asians. France won because she really came prepared. It helped that she had a lot of support from her national organization that really made sure she’s in best form. Not to mention the staging of a big event to select a Miss France compared to most european countries just doing a small event, a casting call, or just simply handpicking a rep to MU

      • @ hara avria : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        This probably begs the question : why isn’t pageantry as big in Europe as it is in Asia or Latin America? Because if there were a demand for it there, shouldn’t the quality of their reps improve?

      • Beauty contest is not a deal in Europe. Most of them wonder why it still exist…not me..i want the drama and whole shebang. 😉

    • Under Trump, MUO has different idea of beauty. Very superficial and not the complete package.

      • @ Hana Ko : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Really?! Oh, my… Could you explain and share with us why this is so?

    • And Pia Wurtzbach is the complete package. Hnd ba nga panay ang lait mo kay Pia dahil bet na bet mo si Janicel na clapper?

    • We have to admit that interest on beauty pageants among Europeans, especially Western Europeans, is not as intense nowadays as in the Americas and Asia. Thus, participation is not as broad, especially among the native-borns. That’s why we see other ethnic backgrounds, whose interest is keener, winning the right to represent these countries. I believe the much-deserved win by Miss France will jumpstart the interest in beauty pageants in these countries. If Europeans are able to see how pageantry has evolved into a relevant activity, and the spokesperson personifies a holistic beauty that people can listen to, we will soon see the comeback of Europe as a formidable beauty powerhouse.

      • That is so true. But i don’t think it will happen as pageants are now viewed as insignificant and irrelevant here in Europe..They don’t even broadcast any beauty contests in their local television or even publish any news regarding pageants in the local newspaper, hardly…that’s the reason why mostly Latinas and Asians are crowned nowadays…but hey, they don’t know what they are missing.

      • Kaya nga MUO made the change of looking for a more well-rounded and relatable beauty who can speak her mind. Kaya nawalang ng interest ang ibang bansa sa MU dati kasi they thought of it as a superficial event and the winner a superficial girl.

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