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  1. hmmm why you guys picking on her photo with legs spread wideopen like thats her entire life in one photo? objectively shes OK. SHE SPEAKS SENSIBLY. i like her.

    • Good point Mr. Ramos. One photo does not define an individual. However, my point being was that you can be a BpP hopeful that can be sexy and not come across like one is a whore – for lack of a precise term.

      Peace out.

      • ive seen that kind of pose before and im appalled that u insist on labeling her that way tsk tsk i find her looks edgy and her speaking skills even better than maxene medina. and i dont think she will be judged based on just one sloppy amatureish photo.

  2. she looks a bit of ria rajabante. ruffa gutierrez also did the pose in red and it can pass as high fashion but karla dear you are an aspiring bb. some poses are meant to be done perhaps after your reign if you win .

    • Jackie , before she made that pose, she should have at least toned her thighs and legs. Everything is tasteless there- the cheap dress, the ugly make up , the bad hair. I’mamazed she made it in to the top 40.
      Where is justice there, Mia Howell?
      And Karla May, prove me wrong .

      • hihi..fabian you have such clear vision that you noticed the flaws. im crossing my finger that mia howell wil replace the candidate deleted on the bb site

      • Lol… Fabian, toned legs or not, that photo implies the vibe of a first-class woman of the night.

        There absolutely nothing wrong with a Bb looking “sexy.” However, there is a fine line between “sexy” and “slutty” you know what I’m sayin’?

        First impressions are important…unfortunately.

  3. nasa KF na pala sya. nakow girl. dont let Mr rodgil flores play your teeth with his mahiwagang veneers. proper make up and styling and pasarela lang need mo

  4. Lovely candidate. Pretty face.

    However, I’m not sure what message that pose with her legs spread wide open as if to invite every Tom, Dick and Harry for dinner and her firey red dress draped over her “Mt. Minitubo” is suppose to imply? A strong independent woman? Or an attempt as a shock value to be noticed? Turn-off.

    Fire her photographer. Sorry! 👎🖓

    • Saluda, I do not understand these seductive stares and poses . They give me that low class Asian hooker vibe .
      The way this girl says Bulacan makes me wanna … thank God I have my leftover Zofran with me
      But she is really cute with a decent body .
      So I do not know

      • I know Fabian. It’s sad if her trainers (or she herself) believes this will get extra publicity. We’ll see.

        I wish her well.

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