10 comments on “Sunday Specials: The Miss Philippines Earth 2017 Final Screening 

  1. Why join a pageant then just give up the Miss Air crown!!She should have known that it would take some time from her studies!

    • Gaga! Obvious iko-cover nya yan kasi pageant pa rin yan. Di na sikreto sa mga nasa pageant na nasa pay ng A&Q si Norman at isa siya sa mga mega-hype sa mga merla ng kampo karne!

      • Mas gaga ka bes! gawa ka ng sarili mong blog featuring lahat ng babae sa KF. I-hype mo silang lahat.

  2. I think Lorraine Schuck should just focus on Miss Earth and give MPE franchise to others. I like Miss Earth and its mission, it really a good potential to be bigger and better respected.

  3. Interesting choices for swimwear amongst a few of the Earth-Philippines hopefuls. A couple of them should have sought for a second opinion before choosing… like seriously!

    It’s not the actual swim suits, it is how some of the ladies “looked” wearing them.


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