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  1. I know sending replies to blogs of this topic can be dangerous because of the highly partisan atmosphere among pageant fanatics. From where I am, where I can only see the bets online, I think Angelique de Leon and Arienne Calingo will make excellent spokespersons for any pageant’s advocacies. Others may react negatively, but I believe pageant organizations nowadays give premium to public speaking abilities and intellectual faculties, because in today’s wired world, an advocacy is the main element that keeps pageantry meaningfully connected to worldwide audiences. Beautiful face and body alone may not get corporate sponsors to a pageant’s causes, but a “confidently beautiful” personality would definitely get donations coming in.

  2. Ala, andami na naming galit sa hotpicks ni tito Norms, basta ako I’ll stick kay Arienne Calingo. You can hype your bets but I’ll support her win or lose, Calingo is the girl I choose.

  3. Great choices Norman. I agree with all of them with exception of Dindi Panares. Though she has her own charms, her face is an acquired taste outside of oriental/mongoloid countries like China. Her ‘popularity’ appears to be a manufactured one via social media.

    In my view Angelique, Gabriela and Jamaica among quite a few others including her sister, are far more deserving. This is a beauty pageant after all, the foremost requirement is beauty of face, which she is quite lacking to put it in the nicest way possible. Her type of looks is not considered beautiful among non-orientals/mongoloids. Not even in oriental countries if we base it on the candidates they send year in year out which have all been de-mongolised by enlarging eyes, arrowed faces, fillers to reduce facial flatness, nose jobs, botox injections to cheeks, breast enhancement, butt implants, ribs removed to give shape to astereotypically boyish bodies, heavy caked on makeup, foundation with undertone for Europeans and photoshop.

    • im fr your so called mongolian countries myself but i have round slightly chinky eyes, pointed nose.i have boobs also. never went under the knife. we cant assume that all of them are what you called ” demongolised” .
      Dindi is beautiful on her own way. i lived in the middle east, india,us, vietnam and uk bec of my spouse job as a dr.and Dindi is beautiful in any standard of country i lived in
      i cant stand people talking about a certain race as if something is wrong for being one. racism ?

    • I actually find Dindi the most beautiful among the ladies that you mentioned.

  4. Mariel de Leon -for Universe ; Dindi Pajares -for Grand International

    Charmaine Elima -for International ; Katarina Rodriguez for Supranational

    Nelda Ibe -for Intercontinental ; Angelique -for United Continents

    Sirene -for Globe

    RACHEL PETERS -alternate for Intercontinental
    JAMAICA -alternate for Universe
    RUFFA -alternate for International
    OLIVE -alternate for Globe
    LIEZL and JEZHA -RUNNERs UP , hopefully will be sent to a pageant

    LACAP -dark horse 1
    SALIBA -dark horse 2

    I think I just created my top 15 !

  5. I hope every crown holder this yr is articulate.
    Janine proved that beauty can be improved as long as you have the basic elements – good height and teeth and a small nose. After all, pageant orgs do not expect Jennifer Aniston to come from the Philippines.
    This is a BEauty pageant but if u stutter or fail to make clear and cohesive responses at Q&A and Interviews , u will be toast.
    So far , only Sirene Peters Arienne and well. .. Mariel and Dindi have passed this test.
    I like the quiet confidence of both Peters and Sirene. The latter needs a lot of work facially – the big red lips remind me of Ms Supra Phils 2014 in a bad way.
    Peters is perfect …she just needs a little more energy.
    Arienne is cocky a la Licaros. She needs to tone it down .

    • I forgot Thomas . She can talk but needs to work on her face . Stop trying to imitate Nicole Kidman’s tone and facial expressions . They only work if u r blond and blue. Tse hihihi!!!

    • hi fabian, if nawat comes to bb coronation. i have a gut feel he wil pick Dindi

      • Really?
        I was hoping arienne clenci Mariel or Sirene
        But since MGI is one of the most interesting pageants to watch , I would not mind Dindi getting that crown .

      • Good afternoon/morning/evening. Just my one cents…

        Dindi for MGI may work. However, do bear in mind that the astute Mr.Itsaragrisil may be considering the over-all pageant dynamics for the 2017 season, obviously to favor his pageant and bring “benefits” to his allies both in Thailand and abroad.

        His choice of Filipinas rep for MGI 2017 could somehow, in ways we cannot fully comprehend at this point, affect our prospects in the other BPCI-franchised tilts by “disrupting” the assignments (which Binibini will go where). This may the start of a mind game! And a cause for some concern for us.

        Because after a relatively stellar run by Filipinas begun by Ms. Venus Raj, our competitors may be getting sick and tired that “Philippines always places”. The 2017 season might be pay-back time!

        I really hope I am wrong. For sure and we know this, foreigners have begun scrutinizing our bets.

        Let’s be perceptive in the days to come. And see how the “c(r)ooking show” unfolds. LOL.

        P.S. I would not be surprised if it is eventually rumored that Mr. Itsaragrisil is alleged to be a significant patron of BPCI charity projects. After all, SMA needs dough to make things run.

      • nawat likes tall beauties w clear white skin. Dindi can also speak well. we all know how nawat feels about queens on the heavy side. though Dindi is my supra.

      • Possible since rampadora naman si dindi. shes my supra also. but if she gets MGI then Rachel is my supranational. she has the rockin body to die for and a good pasarela. ayan nasa list ko na rin si Rachel. even if she has the height, the body and the walk. my guts tell me she can win one of the crown except the top prize which is MUP

    • Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      This means he will personally select his choice for MGI 2017!

      You ALWAYS give such privilege and option to the pageant owner when they accept your invitation to grace your national pageant.

      This means he will GET THIS YEAR’S BEST FOR HIMSELF.

      That Ariska is unconfirmed to show up is deceptive. He probably wants to avoid placing her beside the intellectually-superior Nicole Cordovez, who out of courtesy will obviously welcome “her boss”.

      Aggressive handlers, get in line, please… Mr. Itsaragrisil is in the building!

      • guys,have you seen Ariska? parang botox to the max. now im waiting who wil nawat pick. a veneers beauty or a ms vietnam type dindi. i want dindi for supra

  6. Hello Queens @ Binibining Pilipinas.I wish u ur best of prettiest!

  7. I would stick to my favorites since day 1 – Elima, Peters, A. De Leon, Sutton and Thomas… That’s all! Bye

  8. Madam SMA, Kung ligwak si #36, pasok mo na si Stephany kahit suntok SA bwan!

    • what happened to Binibini 36? Mae Lanie Chan ba? She’s nowhere to be found either sa BBP website nor BBP Official Facebook account. Ano kaya nangyari? Hmmmnnn…

  9. may pagka solenn heusaff ang vibe ni rachel peters noh…just saying…at wag na kayong mag away away jan! wala nmang bonggang kandidata ngayon…mas maraming ligwak para sa akin…konti lang stand out..makikita mo sila agad kung cno sila

  10. universe – mariel (or katja, maine, rachel)
    international – sirene (or maine, rachel)
    supranational – maine (or sirene, rachel)
    intercontinental – rachel (or katja, maine, sirene)
    grand international – katja (or maine, rachel, sirene)
    globe – chanel (or maine, rachel, sirene)

    • Talagang nabulag na ng drama ni Siera Béchamel ng Canada sa Miss U? At talagang uulitin natin na magpadala ng baboy na contestant? At least yung sa Canada matalino at maganda talaga mukha engage pa personality, itong si Mariel tisay lang talaga! Typical na bababuyin na pwede na katayin.

  11. My girl Rachel Peters all the way. Pak winner. Loving the black hair. Diosa. Salamat she’s listening or reading this blog. Pak winner

    • Di pa siya nag-peak marami pa siya pasabog. Wala pa ang kabog na katawan at ang palaban na interview! Wag lang talagang lulutuin at isasabotahe nila Jonas winner si Rachel ng crown! Ngayon pa lang obvious na ang pang-hyhype kila Mariel dyosmio walang panama!

  12. Peters or Elima for MU. They have remarkable bone structure and can easily stand out.

    Mariel or Katarina for MI. Easy on the eyes – MI prototype.

  13. My fave are Mariel, Sirene and DIndi.
    Followed by Jehza, Chanel, Rachel and Maine.

  14. Everytime Norman is making his pick and or prediction, there is always violent reaction from fans whose personal bet didn’t make the cut.

    Norman is not part of the judging panel (yet) and even those who will be part of the panel of judges also don’t know whose title will be assigned to who. At the end of the day, it is still the “tres Marias” of Bpci who will decide who will be the rightful representative of the country to international pageant.

    Instead of bashing the blogger, create your own list on this comment box and justify why that candidate deserve a specific crown.

    The immediate threat and or fear of most fans is thinking that the blogger has intention of brainwashing or sensitizing the mind of the public to endorse his personal choice.

    Norman predicted accurately Maxine’s triumph last year because he was able to justify his conviction.

    • My wish list is still the same:

      MUP – Dindi Pajares
      MGI – Arriene Calingo
      MS – Sirene Sutton

      My “pa-raffle” wish list:

      MIC – Mariel de Leon
      MG – Angelique de Leon
      MI – Charmaine Elima

      7th crown – Chanel Thomas / Gabriela Ortega

      Rachel Peters
      Ruffa Nava

      The only 10 I like for now.

    • and if you notice these people associated with AnQ are now purposely not putting angelique on their lists a farcry from the social media positive response to her quest for a crown. you can even check foreign pageant websites who have ALWAYS placed angelique on their winning cirlce…WHY WHY WHY

      • Do you mean the blogger is “officially” associated with AnQ? Hhmm I am ot surprised. I have this feeling he really wanted to be part if it officially. So much feelers sent to the camp for him to be recognized. Hard work pays off indeed. Congrats!

      • Matagal ng gawain ng mga taga Aces yan dati pang sali ni Angelique sila may pakana ng mga issues! Yan si Norman alam na alam naman na bayaran ng Aces yan! Maka-hype sa mga Aces pweh! Ang pangit kaya ni Mariel, putlang baboy!

    • and if you notice these people associated with AnQ are now purposely not putting angelique on their lists a farcry from the social media positive response to her quest for a crown. you can even check foreign pageant websites who have ALWAYS placed angelique on their winning cirlce…WHY WHY WHY ???

  15. for the love of beauty pageants angelique deserves a crown more than last year’s hammond and that horrendous guidotti who looks like tolekani girl from previous editions. angelique has sooooo many fans and she looks great and talks well shes ready sma~~!!

    • yah right you haters are now trollling the internet to put angelique down. more more hate guys! =)

      • Aren’t you the one who is a troll? Trying to bash Queens so you can uplift Angelique.

    • angelic is masyadong malikot kahit nasa stop point na after rumampa. kung ano anong mga pinag gagawa. nasobrahan sa landi. yun ang nagpatalo sa kanya. dapat well mannered ang rampa no need to do unnecessary moves during performance. But i think iba na sya now. i like how beautiful angelic this year. her awra this year is very on point. soultry. feel mo ang heart nya feel mo sya. i have no question on her beauty. but i think dahil kadalasan sinasama sya ng ibang lahi sa list nila lalo na latina ay dahil she looks like a latina also. But no doubt angelic will also get a crown for sure.

  16. Rachel and Dindi.
    I would be happy if one of them won MUP.
    Rachel has everything u can ask for in an MUP aspirant . She has a universal beauty wth a body to die for. She is classy and has no problem with English .
    Dindi is very ambitious . She is articulate in her own way and her face can be transformed into an Asian bombshell.
    No to Mariel Sirene or Elima for MUP

    • and has no problem with english! Putang inang comment yan! 😂😂😂

  17. If I were to base my decision on above videos , I would rule out sirene and Mariel for any crown . No to Elima for MU, too early to send a Janine copycat.
    Peters is definitely the one to beat – she’s got everything .i

  18. Well, it’s still early. However, Charmaine’s stunning features, her determination, plus her experience as a favorite in 2014 leads me to believe that the MUP title is hers “to lose.”

    Her credentials are perfect to be Maxine’s successor and a potential frontrunner/favorite to continue the amazing top 10 streak at MU 2017-18.

    My thoughts.

  19. Di ko gusto na napasama c Jehza sa group of 5 sa pics at hindi solo charot lang 🙂
    Gugulatin na lang tayo sa coronation night… Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2017 ay si…. Bb. number 10, Miss Jehza Huelar .. OMG OMG OMG hihihi charette lang 🙂

  20. Why no Angelique
    Hopefully she makes it into the semi-final round at least
    She has improved physically , Hindi na parang bampira bibig nya

    • Wa sa comm skills si Jehza
      Maybe MI . She has that lean ultra-feminine vibe and she maybe good with prepared speech

    • Organisado na yan sila. Na-threaten na uli kay Angelique parang ginawa nila dati. Ano asahan mo kay Norman na bayaran ng A&Q?

  21. Norman’s nerves must made of steel for tolerating this much disrespect .
    If he’s making money out of this , it is honest and rightful.
    Some people have no shame!!!

    • Hahaha tama po kayo sir Fab! Nakiki-blog lang eh, kala nila sila ang blogger. 😂

    • Kudos to Norman. Nerves of steel and patience of a saint. Always gives insight and shares what insider information he gets and allows us to live the life of a pageant blogger through him. Not an easy thing to do with all the armchair divas out there. I don’t always agree with his choices but will always give him my respect for doing a job even the bitchiest poster would not have the patience or cajones to do. My hat off to you Norman for a job well done!


    • Good morning/evening/afternoon, cocoy.

      Tumpak. Ikaw na!

      Presenting cocoy, dear readers. Stands 6’3″ (taller than Ms. Warouw?). With vital statistics of 38″ cup E-20″-30″ (more voluptuous than Ms. Suansane?). Unanimously chosen by us earlier as the recipient of the Congeniality Prize. Specialist at the 3000-meter individual relay with perfection in the butterfly stroke globally-recognized. A ardent practicioner of silat. Collects and deals museum-quality art pieces of the Levantine and Slavic artistic traditions. Triple undergraduate degrees in Management Engineering, International Criminal Law, and percussions (cymbals, maracas, triangle, xylophone, tambourine, drums of all persuasions, etc. SABAY-SABAY). Certified to perform CPR and the Heimlich manuever NANG SABAY. Fluent – reads, writes, speaks – in English, Arabic, French, and Mandarin (puwedeng SABAY, upon request and lead-time of 10 hours notice). Faithful lover. Contributes his proficiency in sign language to special children during spare time and as advocacy. Has an interesting backstory (which would make a good Sunday Specials post on this blog someday if the blogger will consider). Has a HUGE fish tank at home housing a great white shark named…cocoy. Ano pah?! 🙂

      Not bullying. No hatred. Just love and fun. World peace to Thomas.

      And thank you again, Mr. Tinio, for your efforts and your generosity.

  23. Coffee Lover: Don’t be too judgmental about these types of things. It’s all part of pageantry and participants in the pageant knows it happens. It doesn’t deter them from trying their hardest to achieve to be the “best”. Look at Laila Lopes. She was under everyone’s radar and ended up being crowned Miss Universe. It’s all part of “the game” and harmless. In fact, not being on anyone’s “Favorite List” can sometimes inspire those that aren’t to try even harder. Those who wilt under these type of things show that they don’t have the temperament or determination to be a “winner” or at the very least the best version of themselves that they can be. Just my humble opinion…

  24. Mariel is undeniably beautiful but I find her too laid back to the extent of inducing me to a deep slumber.. I get bored! Her personality does not and wont fit the MU mold – beautiful (yes), intelligent and witty, vibrant and full of personality.

  25. No Angelique Deleon? That’s makes me really sad. I think she deserves a crown this time around.

  26. Mariel’s facial beauty is undeniable. If she can be transformed into a sweet Asian vixen with body curves ala Honey Lee, she will be a hit in Miss Universe. Her height is good enough to stand out next to glamazons but her face will set her apart at MU competition. I stlll believe MUP is hers to lose. Nipping in her heels are Jehza, Maine, and Sirene. I think these ladies can all fight for the top two crowns with the remaining two getting minor crowns or runner up positions. There are 40 candidates but not all of them are crown worthy. May the best women win!

  27. I am beginning to NOT LIKE my former top fav Elima. She might still get one of the secondary crowns but she is not for MU.

    Mariel is still my favorite for MU. Just work out hard and work out plenty and that body can become really really sexy.

    I am beginning to like Jamaica. I think her look and height suit MU very well. The body needs toning.

    Dindi is my bet for Grand International. She can win the crown this time after Nicole. How about Intercontinental for Nelda ? I think she has a great shot to finally get that elusive title.

  28. I noticed in the Official List of the 2017 Bb Pilipinas Candidates at the official Bb Pilipinas website that the name of Candidate #36 has been omitted . What happened there? Honest mistake on BPCIs webmaster or have we seen 2017’s first disqualification or blackout ? Tito Norms paki verify. Thanks!

  29. Yes too premature. All of these early predictions are based on hype which is very unfair to other candidates that are not popular and not affiliated to camps. Sayo na din po nanggaling na kahit press presentation hinde pa ngyayari. Its still a long way to go. Predictions should come with factual basis, not hype from not reliable “radar”

    • I can only assure you that my pageant radar does not pick signs from outside the BPCI circle or from other pageant sites. These are infos I share only to readers of normannorman.com.

      • Granting they are reliable, do you think it is right to release such prediction this early which will really hurt the chances of the less popular candidates? Besides what are the basis? The havent even completed at least a quarter of the activities. This is mind conditioning and really really unfair. Factual basis please and not hype and signs

      • Coffee Lover don’t be a party pooper. Norman has ears and eyes in the community. All he does is show us a list of girls who are probably getting noticed. No malice intended.

      • Coffee, you are also free to predict yours. Just like anybody else. Walang basagan ng trip.

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