21 comments on “Your Binibini 17 Maria Camille Manalo

  1. I like her beauty sana pero stutter galore si ateh. Hope she gets good training on speaking and critical thinking.

  2. Not every one can be a winner.
    She’s prettier than most Pinoys
    But she’s not a winner

  3. I believe she has tons of potential, maybe needs improvement is some areas but I guess her discipline will propel her to the top. She maybe a newbie but you cannot disregard her presence. As for now she is a darkhorse that might pull an upset Better watch out, the game isn’t over. I believe she will peak at the right time!

  4. She has the height and she looks in tip top shape being a world-class martial artist. I like her! BbP International would be a perfect crown for this beauty!

  5. Magkahawig sila ni Maxine pati utak magkahawig hahahaha
    Nexxxxxtttt …..

    • FurnitureS strikes back !

      Carrying your own chairs again Jeremi ?

      Your last stupity was “comes final night ” . It should be “come finals night”!

      Eto pa-
      “Magkahawig sila ni Maxine. Pati utak magkahawig. Hahahahah next ”

      Manlalait ka na lang , itama mo na .

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