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  1. This girl is so beautiful and fresh, especially without make.up! More importantly, she’s brainy and articulate. I will be proud if she will represent our country.in MUP or at least in MIP. She’s the only one that csught my eye in her batch!

  2. i dont think her height is a concern its not a concern for bbp and MU so many tall gorgeous ladies wasted in previous competitions so i want to take chance on her if ever she wins a crown. shes crown worthy ….

  3. I have a feeling shell be a winning the miss universe crow. Its that x factor in her personality though intriguing is very substantive and reasonable. I like her.

  4. Girl, you have the face and the smarts already. Now work hard on that body.

  5. Her face is the likes of Paulina Vega and like Gemma said the Andrea Tovar personality but her body is the same as my 5’5 12yr old . her body is like a girl who is pre puberty or just reached puberty.

    • @bong700 hihi . im not into thank you science . maybe she can have some body sculpting treatments . she looks like a pre teen talaga. pero maganda talaga


  7. Bring home the Bb. Universe crown. You have ample time to prepare for it.

      • May reply ka doon fabian kc supra c dindi.
        Diko na sasabihin kc nabanggit na ng iba dito ang crown na yan for katarina ☺

    • @bong700 how are you again?sabi ng mga friendship ko na mga fan ng mga reyna 5’5 si beautiful kilay girl. so for me commercial model or artista material sya. Jehza even 5’5 to 5’6 mahaba biyas. na miss ko kayo ni Gemma at Fabian

      • Kef el hal, Jacky! Agree with your opinion as well as with cocoy above. Para kasing naglalaro lang itong si ganda! Parang manika though parang mala Andrea Tovar Ang personality. She’s Top 15 for me then join na lang ulit.

      • Salam ,Aftaqdeq Gemma, yes Katarina looks latina but I will most likely vote and root for her if she goes to PBB or Starstruck. pwede talaga mag artista . semi 15 siya sa list ko.. and my 5’2 friend told me Katarina doesnt look tall. may girl kasi na nadadala ng biyas kahit di ganu matangkad like Huelar and Cenci.

  8. Very articulate + intelligent + has a beautiful face = crown worthy!

    • U r very generous , Saluda.
      I don’t see class though . She reminds me of Imelda S .

      • I think I was impressed with her major being in Philosophy which, unfortunately, appears to be a chatterer.

        I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.
        Quite honestly, Fabian, I was not impressed with Pia’s 2014 video. She appeared a little arrogant and cocky. Her double dose of “humble pie” by not even being part of the 2014 winners circle certainly helped her persona to be more likeable and respected in 2015.

        Who knows what fate may bring to this one. Globe or Grand Int at best.

  9. one of the most beautiful faces of this batch! walang angal sa ganda niya. height is fine, i guess. concern ko lang talaga is her shape. I mean walang problema sa akin yung physique niya, kaya lang she’s joining a beauty pageant. if plan niya to join a beauty pageant ‘for the last time’ she shouldve come battle ready. i know madadaan sa gym yan kay john cuay.. pero di ba ms okay kung papasok ka sa laban na handa ka na. so you can focus on other aspects ng pageant.

    but nonetheless, i like her. I think she can win one of the crowns. Im just not sure with the MUP title. she can be International or Grand International. bilang ganyang fez naman ang makakapag hinto ng mga gyera. ganda e.

  10. hopefuly the last?! so i hope that she will do her best or the best to win one of the crown. i am a fan of her beauty. her height is just okay. she has the brain. only her body that i am concern for. but if she will walk with that body on finals then i hope she will come out on stage beautiful, elegant and very queenly with enough good perforamance to win one of the crown.

  11. Mukhang madaldal din ang girl na ito. Pero mas gusto ko naman ang madaldal kaysa tahimik lang. Hihihi!
    She’s beautiful indeed! Her height is acceptable (sana lang she’s at least 2 inches taller pa). Commskills check. She can be crowned one of the minor titles.
    Good luck girl!

  12. She’s a blabber , needs to get herself together.
    Face is pretty .
    Body is not there yet.
    I’m on the fence

    • True and i dont feel like she wants it so bad. She didn’t even show up nung nagpaworkshop si Pia. Nad Bronce had to comment on her IG post to ask her what happened. Like wth do you not communicate with your mentors???? Nakakaloka! Kung anu-ano pa mga posts sa IG samantalang the other girls are very busy devoting their time to the pageant.

  13. Her beauty is unquestionable. Hindi basta basta malalait ng mga kapitbahay na bansa.
    She speaks well. Spontaneous. Hindi parang nagdedeclamation na kinabisado.
    Her height is a concern.
    Wishing her well in the the pageant.

  14. Kung papalarin siya sa Bb. Pilipinas. Yung height 5’6″ ang magpapasuwerte sa kanya. Tignan mo na lang si Lara Quigaman kahit na 5’51/2″ ang taas ay nanalo sa Miss International 2005.

  15. She has one of the most beautiful face. I am just unsure of her height and body. But I like her, I dont mind her representing the country in MUP. But I sense Miss Grand International for her

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