17 comments on “Your Binibini 25 Clarice Villareal

  1. Kamukha ni Rachel Lobangco. Better without make-up.
    Sa dami ng maganda, height lang ang panlaban nito.
    Maybe next time kapag na-improve na siya.

  2. There is something in her enigmatic looks that I can say she’s going to be a winner. For a first timer, it will be a big conquest. Good Luck “Aice” . Rise and Shine.

  3. Hmm tinangihan sa isang major beauty camp? hmm sana mag finalist ito this year or makasungkit man ng korona para makatikim din itong mayabang na beauty camp…

  4. Appreciate and Thank you for featuring my daughter Mr. Norman! God Blessed!

  5. Clarice is a “natural” beauty!
    No offense but the photo of her without make-up captures her “look” the best.
    She’s got a “cover-girl” beauty.

  6. I like her 🙂
    May potential to be an international beauty queen.
    1st or 2ndRU para makapagtrain sya ang join again next year for a crown 🙂
    Beauty at height, check na check + training para bongga.
    May laban talaga ang babaeng ito 🙂

  7. Thank you for this feature, dear Norman… and thanks to your readers for their kind words and constructive tips. #Binibini25

  8. Clarice said she attempted to join a major beauty camp but she was not accepted. Could it be Aces & Queens? I saw an interview of Rodgil Flores and he says KF does not reject anyone.

  9. hmm dont wear the straight hair parted in the middle it makes her strong features more prominent. Nice wavy hair suits her best. shes workable , nice body too

  10. She looks better with less make up. I think that’s a good thing … unless, hindi lang pa nahanap ng handlers niya ang best make up style for her. I honestly believe she’s pretty. She just needs a better overall look.

  11. She’s beautiful, hawig din kay Ann Colis. Pag di sya pinalad pwede ulit sya next year. Experience muna and more training.

  12. hawig ni Aileen Damilles at true 5’8(no padding) . volleyball player .ang kanyang gorgeous mother ay mala cherie gil kasing tangkad nya din. mabait si mother kaya support ko si Ms. Villareal.

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