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  1. reserved muna ito. konting ayos pa sa ilong nya. wag na sa veneers. ok na yang ngipin nya. KF ba to? parang same style ng make up ni mj during bbp2014.

  2. I like her! Love her dusky, exotic features, and her imposing height to say the least. She sounds great in her video interview, too. Jamaica can also easily pass as a Caribbean or even a South American beauty.

    Good luck Jamaica!

  3. kamukha nya yung nanalong bbp world na kasabay ni licaros darker version nga lang. too raw for now but would be a force to reckon with in the future.

  4. Dapat kabahan si Elima, Mariel at Sutton kay Jamaica. Strikingly beautiful

  5. Reserved her for bbp 2018 or 2019 as MUP. She’s beautiful, tall and sounds good in commskills. Runner up muna sana this year para makapag train sya for next year or the following year.

  6. WOW she’s unique….May laban, tapos matangkad pa. KF pala si ateng. KF please package her well, ang mga veneer please lang. Ang make up please din. Dont waste her. Another dark horse for MUP. MUP or 1st runner up for me. Don’t waste her

  7. Tall, brown and beautiful!
    Love love love!
    I noticed Jamaica right away in the screening group photos with that orange dress!
    I said, “dayum” this girl rocks!

    • Saluda, The overweight body was what alerted me to this girl at the beginning. I did not think she was that pretty until I saw the pics above .
      She also talks with fluidity and that’s a plus.
      So I’m not closing my door to this girl yeT.

      • Lol Fabian,
        She may be a little “healthy” but nothing that diet and excercise can’t solve.
        I’ve always been biased to darker-skinned Filipina beauties…Miriam Quimbao, Venus Raj, Janine Tugonon, Parul Shah…

        They are distinctively Filipina with an “island” mystique….

  8. Dont waste her on a minor crown . Save her for MU next year after a slight nose job she will be perfect

  9. Looks good .. with make up and contact lenses.
    She sounds good too.
    But first thing first .. she needs to lose weight

  10. Kababayan from Calamba City. Promising. Maganda sa malapitan, not so much pag malayo. Pero pwede pa ma-improve.

  11. Another dusky beauty who stands out and does not fit the Asian prototype, Latin prototype, African prototype, or European prototype. Plus she is commercially pretty, unlike others who are balut — standard fare in the Philippines but an acquired taste anywhere else — lol.

    However, she is clearly a little on the raw yet pageant patty side. With the strength of the girls in this year’s 40, not sure if this is going to be her year. Maybe she can do a Tugonon?

  12. She is one of the dark horses this year. She is actually among my top 6 since day one.

  13. Im not digging the colored contact lens. she is more beautiful without it

  14. First time i saw her i already liked her! Hope she win one of the crowns! Very exotic!

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