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  1. I like Elima’s face hawing ng kunti kay Janine T. hope manalo din ito. Maganda naman si Elima… I’m rooting for her na rin. Good lucj girl.

  2. Evil stepmother asked the mirror who is the fairest of them all. Ayan na sinagot na ni Tito Norms. the last pic

  3. Loving my girl Rachel Peters. You look mighty with your new hair color. Go girl.

  4. Maine is the main event but… I would rather see her more natural. Black hair, less make up. If only she was 2″ taller , I wouldn’t have any doubt she can win Miss U. If Kuzama wins Miss Thailand, Maine will have tough competition.

  5. Maine and Peters parehong maganda chance mag-MUP, ang edged ni Peters commskills nya at spontanuos personality mas lamang kay Maine.

  6. Hmmm based on the photos posted on this article, I can sense favoritism but i like it since she is also my favorite 😀😀💙

  7. ..sana sa apat na taon na nawala si maine, pina ayos nya arch ng upper teeth nya, maybe sabay na sa lower set..other than that, she just needs to relax, loosen a bit and exude freshness..enjoy your second journey maine..the MUP crown is yours to lose..

  8. not being biased but so far… Maine is the one to beat. Sirene is also beautiful but in terms of presence and aura, i have to give it to Maine.. yung ganda niya, angat sa americas, european and even here sa Pinas.

    • Yes, Charmaine Elima is MUP
      International – Ibe
      Supra – Peters
      Grand Intl. – Calingo
      Intercontinental – Mariel
      Globe – Sutton
      1st RU – Ambal
      2nd RU – Nava or Katarina

      • I’d rather put Mariel sa 1RU and Sutton sa 2RU. let’s not waste them sa minor pageants. they are young pa naman and can still join next year.

        International ko, eyeing at Ruffa Nava but Ibe is also a good choice. same tayo with Supra. if the rumor is true with BPCI Acquiring the United Continents, Jehza is my pick.

  9. I looked through the entire album on the BPCI FB page. The photos proved that Elima and Peters are the two most deserving to be the MU. Admittedly, my favorie De Leon (Mariel) does not look good in candid photos. I love Dindi, but I like to see more photos of her from different angles; same poses kasi siya lately.

    Another sad realization: Some of my fave girls only look good when glammed up. Natanggal bigla ang iba kong favorites after scanning more photos from BPCi’s Facebook page. Ang dami dun. By looking at candid photos and ones that are not taken in a studio, masasabi kong si Elima and Peters nalang ang natira na karapatdapat sa MU crown.

    This is my opinion. I’ll be happy if one of them wins the MU crown.

  10. they are now starting to make up our minds go crazy!!! nag sisilitawan na ang ganda nila even those not frontrunner girls. Not true pala ang chismis na may 7th crown. so hinde din true ang may 4 runner ups. impossible naman kase yan. ung 7th crown pwede pero not MUC and wala naman ako maisip na other titles na kakagatin ng bpci and so april 30 as coronation date is not true din. sobrang tagal naman non. maybe 3rd week of april. one thing lang medyo malakas ang kutob ko na may new crown sa bbp universe and also international. at yung current crown ng bbp universe at international ay ipapalit sa globe at supra or mgi.

    • I agree minus Mariel De Leon, I would rather put the other de Leon – Angelique with Jamaica Ambal as dark horse

      • True naimagine mo ba si Mariel diyan sa PAWS keme na yan, parang bukid ng baboy na may kargang aso.

  11. Habang tumatagal, ang dami ng girls na napapansin ko. They are really getting more competitive as the day goes by. Grabe, madami ng dumagdag sa list ko. Pero the question is, sino ang consistent at sino ang mahshashine until the finals night.

  12. Charmaine’s face is stunningly beautiful. And this is a candid photo! With a dog!

  13. Kung ganda ang paguusapan, kay Charmaine Elima ako. Ito yong ganda na papatok sa mga Europeans and Americans. I hope her handlers would be able to polish her social skills lalong lalo na sa communication aspect. Transform Elima and she will be our next MU.

    • Maine just needs to come across as comfortable with herself during interview. She doesn’t need to deliver a congressional-level speech or impress with pseudo-scholastic platitudes.

      Honestly, if Maxine can win with what very few would deny was the weakest interview skillset of our Venus-initiated streak, then Maine can too. And unlike Maxine, Maine seems to at least not seem parang laging hirap na hirap magsalita regardless of simple onstage or candid interviews. Even my personal next weakest interviewer, Ara Arida, succeeded in finding her sweet spot of just being comfortable when speaking.

      Maine’s name says it all, she just needs to ***charm***

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