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  1. shes also in my list for bbp universe. Look at her! damn! she looks ready. pano pa kaya pag natransform na yan. she can be the next mutya datul in bbp2017. after mutyas winning in bbp and supranational as independent. i think sma is now ready to crown again an independent queen. an independent queen with lots of potentials. If she wins the top prize. full support ako for her. but i hope na mag switch camp sya sa A&Q.

  2. JawsKuh, bakit ang ganda nya 🙂
    Nabawasan tuloy ang chance ko na makasungkit ng Korona hihihi
    Laban lang girl 🙂

  3. Shes pretty but i dont think she wont get noticed( her beauty) sa miss universe if shell win mup and compete sa miss u. Shell hav a chance If her personality is you know…..common lang ang klase ng beauty nya sa miss universe at mas madami mas maganda makakalaban nya sa miss u for sure.

  4. it doesnt matter if she has a camp or not…what’s the fuss? Is it a big deal? ngaun lang nman nauso yang mga camp na yan! Hindi nman yung camp ang lalaban kundi yung candidate mismo…nakalagay ba sa application nila sa bpci kung may camp affiliation sila? if luck really favors you mananalo ka kahit wala kang camp affiliation. Wag nang gawing issue yan kc strategy nila yan for media mileage para mapagusapan. Effective diba? next year lahat na ng sasali magkukunwari na walang camp but the truth is dumaan ng training sa mga camps…ang dadrama!!! tseh!!!

  5. I currently have this 23yo, 5’9″ statuesque beauty as one of my top three. Good luck Sirene!

      • What I love about Sirene’s face is that she can look either Asian. Latina, or European — and somewhere in between — depending on how she is styled, the same facial quality that Pia has.

      • Oooops, sorry guys for reposting a duplicate pic! Here’s the last one (promise):

      • @Fabian — I know, right? There are not that many pictures of Sirene smiling, but here’s a recent photo that I found of her doing just that:

      • And here’s another “smiling” photo of Sirene from a year ago (I think) from another pageant:

    • Based on this pic alone, she could spoil everything comes final night but I don’t wanna change what I think of Charmaine Elima. If this lady wins MUP, then I have nothing to say, I’ll support her all the way

  6. Ok i dont get this. Not to stir rumors or doubts. Sirene is from mercator right? Which is an affilaition od aces and queens or vice versa. And yet she is independent? Could she be doing a nicole manalo? As you know nicole initially said last yr that she was independent, with us guessing that its prolly bec SMA didnt like KF bec of the gown fiasco. Could the rumors that Aces thru Jonas earned the ire of SMA bec of thr miss universe franchise rumors? That sirene allegedly preferred to stay independent so as to avoid any association with aces? Just my assessment.

    • kunwari lang independent yan…para pag usapan sya…pero natrain na ni jonas yan kc mercator model yan…pag nanalo yan tingnan nyo sa AandQ parin punta nyan

      • I have the same haunches… another clever strategy of A&Q/Jonas…

    • Is this true? If yes then I feel bad for the other girls being trained. Parang she’s the anointed one na!!! Chossssss!

    • i read the comment of @titasofpageantry in one of her post in IG that sigulanon told her na hinde part ng aces si sutton or even a model at mercator. Maybe sinesecret. but i dont think gagawa pa sila ng ganyang drama. a waste of time. But whatever, independent or with camp. sana ma maintain nya til finals kung ano sya ngayon or more than much better.

  7. Sa edad na 24 at tangkad na 5’9″ malamang isa siya sa mga masuwerte kung may kakayahan sumagot sa mga tanong sa gabi ng patimpalak. Good luck Sirene!

  8. Tito Norms – what is her age and height? Those info. dapat kasama sa article mo 🙂

    • Try reading the article again to see her age. Also, Norman alread said that the height of all candidates are not published by the BPCI. He only has height info for the women who openly shared it.

  9. shes a spoiler alright. i like her but not for this year. and she seems very nice if she doesnt do well this year and i hope they dont send her to some minor pageant. its MI for her or MU anything less is atroicious. im glad they shelved pia for something bigger it only made her the best version of herself and i hope like pia and MJ she gains alot from this first try. again if she doesnt get a major crown its runnerup or semifinalist for her.

  10. Fabianita kumain ka muna! Ano ba talaga? A&Q of Kf? Mi, Mu or Grand?????? Gulo talaga ng takbo ng utak mo. 😂😂😂

    • If u do not want to go back to school , sa perya ka na lang . Huwag mong babuyin ang Norman’s blog . Para sa Tao ito. Magpakatao k muna. Fabian

  11. has anybody mentioned how the shape of her face and lips are similar to venus raj?

    i like the independent route, it means she’s confident

  12. Beautiful! She should do the Pia route and return again to bring out the drive within.

  13. Right now She looks tranny ish . She is very pretty but needs polishing. Very good in pictures but not in videos. She can win Bb Universe but she will need lots of work butbthecraw material is there

  14. Norman , pls advise her to join A&Q ( or KF) . She needs feedback from the experts ( both the co-candidoates and the trainers) .it does not hurt to have a 3rd eye.

    I like the way she talks and she’s got raw qualities that can be improved.
    Based on the pics above , I don’t think she is ready for any intl event…yet . But transformation will be easy.

    • Fabian – I think kilala ko yang secret admirer mo.hihi Siya si ano yung mahilig maglagay ng emoji at charot sa dulo ng comment Niya. Dami niyang namesung minsan letter lang ang gamit Niya para hindi mo siya mahalata pero sa pananalita niya hindi mo siya maikakaila. Ang tunay na namesung Niya ay nagsisimula sa b, doblehin mo lang ang b Alam Mo na. Pansinin mo madalang mag comments si b ngayon dahil Iba ang gamit niyang namesung. Malakas ang loob Ni b mang bully dahil malakas siyang sumipsip ng coke. Feeling ng lola mo siya ang may ari my blog na to. AS IF. LOL

      • Queen b , thank you.
        I don’t know why people have to call u names because u see a candidate differently .

      • Hello mrs_spainhour este dugyot hihihi … musta na u 🙂
        Miss ka na ng katropa mong c bb nica hihihi ..charette lng

  15. Sirene is super gorgeous. But let’s be honest here. she needs a camp wherein she can be a stronger contender. she’s beautiful but for me lang ha, ang datingan kasi ng fez niya is latina. pwede siyang Miss Mexico, paraguay, nicaragua. point ko lang is. how are we going to make here ‘filipinized’.. or aangat ang ganda ng pinay sakanya. baka d bumagay kung magpa tan or what. but i believe she can win one of the crown.. but i’m not sure if she can MUP being an independent candidate.

    let’s see. let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. malay natin, a&q din siya..

    • She was Miss global 2014 rist unner up . So she’s not really green . I hope it’s true that A&Q is with her . I like her quiet confidence when she talks . She s good for either MI and MU if she gets transformed into a radiant and pleasant (not fierce) beauty .

  16. For me – she has huge potential! i think Miss universe. However, I am torn between her and Maine for MU!!! all the best to both ladies!!

  17. Ang corny ng write-ups but I believe she’s in for any of the titles. Pero bakit comment dito ‘come back next year or kaya dapat 25 andcabove na ipadala’. Dapat Ba damatan ang rep natin?

  18. She’s not long, she’s actually short without heels. I should know because I always see her in fashion shows, plus, without make-up she’s not really a stand-out. She looks good on her photoshoots because well, she’s supposed to because she’s made-up and all. So in short, I don’t understand the hype about her. Also, she’s not favored by the fashion industry much because she pretended that she’s a foreigner once and she could not speak tagalog ignoring a friend in the process! And she treated her mom rather unkindly. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Know the backstory before liking an aspirant. We should root for someone who is confidently beautiful with a heart. 🙂

  19. I don’t see a beautiful woman yet. Her face is drawn and she needs a smile makeover.
    But I like her English , and she is very feminine.
    I hope she joins again if she loses this yr


  21. 1st Runner up ka muna ha. Balik ka na lang next year, ikaw ang Bb. International iha.

  22. Please don’t hate…But I don’t get the hype on Sirene…She’s pretty and all but I don’t see a queen…I won’t even be shocked if she wouldn’t reach the first cut..

    • Yup she’s not there yet.
      So yes, there’s a chance she might miss the first cut…. if these judges do not look at the video before the coronation night. The video is her saving grace because it showcases her ability to talk.

  23. Really stunning and can be enhanced more, Miss Universe for me…Good luck!

  24. No way is Mamma SMA going to let an uncamped beauty take on anything above the Supra or Grand level.

    MUP and MIP are titles that need prep teams and their networks. BbP can/will only do so much. Even MJ knew she needed a camp, despite being as independent and strong as she was.

    Is is true that Grand International is in April? If so, will this years winner of that title be put in the precarious “to compete at a TBD date”??? And who will actually compete of the reigning titleholders, Alita?

    I think Sirene is gorgeous but I want to keep my expectations in check.

  25. She has the face that doesn’t need transformation. All she needs is personality development. Universe or bust! As far as being independent is concerned, being a model gives you access to a bunch of talented network that can help her out during binibini. She can also work with A&Q in the future if need be. I’m sure Jonas would welcome that idea.

    • Sayang naman
      Reserve those titles to Elima who might just win us the first Intercon and the second Supra.
      These pageants give emphasis on physical beauty which Elima has already perfected … with make up on .

      • lahat nman ng beauty pageants may emphasis sa physical beauty…syempre ganda muna saka na ang iba pang factor

  26. Sirene, Kung nababasa mo to, e2 game plan. Aspire for the MS crown, mas advantage para sa future mo as a model. You look like Gerone Olorocisimo (another supermodel) by the way. Pag nakuha mo na Corona, consult ka lang sa Gouldian Kasi sila Ang nakakuha ng timpla ng contest na Yan as evident dun na first runner up nilang kapitbahay. Just ensure na makapasok ka sa Top 15 which I’m sure piece of cake para Sayo. Good luck! God bless u!

  27. Bilib ako sa beauty ni Sirene! And those cheekbones will cut through the competition 😮

    She’s eloquent pero medyo ordinaryo lang ang look nya sa interview. I think straight hair and sharp colors better compliment her features. She’s so chameleon-like but I wish she channels her Asian look more often because that’s when she looks most exotic 😍

  28. Shes long and lean
    But not a pleasant beauty yet
    Joining a camp especially A&Q will prepare her better for intl beauty pageants
    A runner up or a top 15 for me… for now

  29. If she joins a camp, the focus won’t be on her. Kaya okay na din siguro. But she would benefit from the sisterhood of having a camp.

  30. I really like Serene!! She will get one of the crowns!! I hope she gets Universe, Supra or Grand!!

  31. 1st ako mag comment…. Ipadala ito sa universe. Hahilig sila mg mestiza at model

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