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  1. Dindi looks so happy always. I don’t know if its because sis is competing or because her chances this year are better than last. Or both. She’s somewhere in my middle of the pack group now, but I expect a placement of some sorts for her.

    As for Kimberly, I think she will have a wonderful experience to share with her sis,

  2. Personally, I don’t think it is a good idea for two sisters to compete in the same pageant. What will either sister gain?
    Dindi is the more well known, polished and experienced candidate of the two sisters and is highly expected to win a crown. See? That right there is an unfavorable comparison against Kimberly.

    She is BbP worthy, indeed, but I believe she could have waited for next year. Sorry folks. My opinion only.

    • She is 26 already
      Dindi should have let her sister join first
      I don’t like the idea either of 2 sisters competing in the same pageant . Who are the relatives going to root for?

      • Oh, I see…
        My bad. I assumed Kimberly was the younger of the two.

        Thank you Fabian.
        Put’s a different persective in my opinion!

  3. kahit may mga pics at nagsasabing mas maganda ito kesa kay dindi. pwedeng totoo. pero mas panalo pa rin si Dindi kesa d2. Facialy, Janine Tugonon is not beautiful as Olivia C. but janine stood out by using her strong awra and exotic face. So minsan wala din yan sa ganda ng mukha. nasa awra yan and Dindis awra this year is getting stronger than before.

  4. Ang swerte naman ng mga magulang ng magkapatid na to. Parehong mukhang manyika! Tapos trabaho PA nila Ang Laki ng sweldo!

  5. She’s beautiful. but not sure if a strong contender like Dindi. since first time ko siya mapapanuod to compete.

    The problem with this one, yung magkapatid eh sumali.. Both of them can win. but feeling ko isa lang ang kokoronahan. unless na lang both of them nag deliver talaga sa performance.

    another one is.. since magkapatid nga sila, hawig na hawig sila. kita mo halos ang similarities with their faces.. yun ang nakikita kong reason kung bakit isa lang sakanila ang makokoronahan.

    but again, if both of them delivered naman. why not?

  6. Sana kahit isa sa kanilang magkapatid ay makoronahan. Good luck Kim Chu and Dindi Gallardo.

  7. Wala pa akong marinig na flight attendant na naging beauty queen sa major pageant internationally…. Mukahang ayaw ng mga owners ng fs.

      • Puta ka fabian! Ginawa mong literal na Miss International yung internationaly.. dapat kasi universally daw yung word na ginamit! Bwahahaha! Jusko siya oh! 😂😂😂

      • Jusko Fabian! Wala kang karapatan manghusga ng kandidata, wala kang credebilidad! Hahahaha!

      • Erwann , I said international winners , not Miss international winners . Obviously, your comprehension skills are limited putak putak hihhi

    • Erwann,
      It’s what my eyes see . It’s what my ears hear.
      Dont call me names because I have a different opinion .
      That shows how much u hate yourself.
      How can u expect others to respect u if you cannot respect yourself and those u thin k are in the same boat as u?
      Kung baboy ang tingin mo sa sarili mo , baboy din ang tingin nila sa yo

      • Hindi kaya ikaw nag dpat magsabi nyan sa sarili mo. Masyado kang mapanlait. Perfect ka? *flips hair*

      • If we are in the same boat, maybe we are heading the same destination. Whatchathink bes?

      • Once you won any of the major tittle, you are already considered as a beauty queen” read between the lines “Major pageant internationally” Bianca Manalo won the tittle MUP, that is considered as major tittle (Internationally)

    • @Erwann, crush mo ba si Fabian? Busted ka nya noh? hehe.. ang puot ng puso mo…

  8. She sounds very feminine and approachable
    But she needs to lose some weight …. among other things.

    Dindi is more pageant ready

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