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  1. nothing wrong to have repeater queens in every years of bbp competition or if we sends a repeater queens in international pageant to represent our country. As long as they have the determination and embrace all the qualities of being a binibini or a beauty queen.
    Elima. Shes also in my list for bbp universe. nag improved talaga sya and mas maeenhance pa yan. If she wins bbp universe. im still supporting her.

  2. Mariel without drastic weight loss will risk looking like a “bangaw” or housefly because her eyes will look beady and too close to each other – at least that’s the effect it would have if she doesn’t lose the extra width on both sides of her face.

    Syrene kind of looks like a tranny and you almost expect a manly voice to come out of her mouth, “hi….!” At times she just looks like Angelia Ong, no offense to her but she’s not the look to represent phi at mu.

    Elima has it all but she can’t magbilad sa araw at least 1 month before the pageant and she should take intramuscular or intravenous Glutathione to make her skin bronze and glowing because sometimes she does look burnt ( esp with the heavy makeup at times ) which explains why a few of you guys say she looks mabaho

  3. Siya talaga ang top pick ko for MUP. she is ready. what more if ma train pa siya. i just hope that’s really her destiny. na para sakanya talaga ang MUP crown. ang strong ng fez niya. iba ang ganda niya. angat kahit itapat mo sa matatangkad. i love her. it’s MUP or nothing. MUP or Runner up please!

  4. MUP or nothing for Charmaine Elima.
    In 2013, she was my bet for MUP until the q and a. Her commskills now has improved a lot, with a great body at lalo pa syang gumanda! Wala ka ng hahanapin pa.

  5. Bakit ba communication skill lagi habol nyo pag wala kayong ibang mapuna? Ano pa ba ang gusto nyo? I watched the interview. Naintidihan ko naman. She got her point across. So ano pa ba ang kulang? Gusto nyo sign language? Mag aral ng latin?

    • Madami kasi ang nagmamagaling dito!!! At meron din nagbubulag bulagan kung ano ang tunay na kagandahan.

      Di kasi nila matanggap yung bet nila ay nauungusan.

  6. Charmaine is my bet to succeed Maxine. I just wish that the stars would align in her favor on the evening of April 30th. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

  7. Kamusta ang Comm skills ni ate? Mahirap iimprove ang Q&A… Wala na akong sabihin pa sa ganda, pasarela nya.. She’ll easily breeze to Top in MU pero why settle for Top 6 kung meron mas kaya sungkitin ang korona? Yung maganda na, makuda pa. Ala Kylie, Cordoves, Catriona, Angelia… just saying kasi crownless ito sa 2013 coz she choked sa Q&A… at heavy favorite rin cya noon (just like now).

  8. E5 has the face period. shes glowing majestically its only a question which crown belongs to her but definitely anything less than international or universe is a big letdown. shes a great followup to the gorgeous medina.

  9. Last year, parang ganito din ang situation ni Kylie — almost 50 percent ng pageant fans wanted her to win the MUP — a year before, ganun din Kay Janicel. But as what Angelia says, as long as that crown is not on anybody’s head, it’s anybody’s ballgame.

    • true…wag pakampante ang mga front runners…walang preliminary judging ang binibini…finals agad kaya dun lang magkakaalaman tlga kung may ibubuga mga hyped candidates

  10. Major front runner, just like she was when she first joined. Must give props to A&Q for taking her on, she seems top notch ready to win.

  11. Fabian Reyes kahit buong araw tayong mag debate dito, Gora! Sana lang may sense yung mga pinagsasabi mo, please lang. wag tayong parang tanga na kung ano ano pagmamarunong ang ipinopost.

  12. The one to beat. What a gorgeous representative of a true Filipina beauty. All natural! Beauty of face and body, personality, wit and with a story to boot. Unique charm and sexy/alluring. It is not far fetched to say we may have the next Miss Universe with her. Truly an excellent representation of a Malay/islander/ASEAN beauty. The whole world agrees.

    No need for plastic sugery, heavy makeup, photoshop, filtered instagram pics or dedicated propaganda in Social media To sabotage others.

  13. Norman, would u pls post all the videos? para magkaalaman na . Baka may diamond in the rough dyan. Saying naman

  14. Minor crown NO MUP pls. I show Lia Ramos vibes on her, so many beautiful girls underrated.

    • I won’t be sad if she wins MUP .. but she will be a finalist … not the winner at MU

    • Elima is s lot prettier than Janine … with make up on . But she does not have her drive and the ability to answer question under pressure .

  15. Mga vhaks, for now, ito ang MUP ko…I just have a feeling she could have a great chance to win MUP 2017. She can still improve her communication skills. Kung gusto natin ng rep na magaling talaga sa Q and A….si Cat sana talaga yun…but this girl is fine with me for MUP.

  16. Dindi is still my bet.
    I believe in A&Q ‘ability to make international-quality transformations.
    I like Dindi’s drive. Her Diction and grammar may not be perfect .. but she is a good talker .. and lagimg may pasabog .. like Margie M.

    • Fabian, why won’t you just wait for the article about Dindi and praise her to your hearts content. This is about Elima.

      • Johnny , my entry is abt Elima .. in response to those who say she should be MUP

    • In your dreams Fabian. Dindi will be a clapper again this year
      Take note of that hahahah . Her name should be DingDing Pajares Cojuangco because she reminds me so much of Tingting Cojuangco

    • Jackie , pics above are amazing
      U have to remember though . Olivia J and Ms Australia 2015 look extremely pretty without make up on . I’m not sure I can say the same with Elima.. Not that it’s very impt as everyone in the pageant is judged with make up on

      • @Fabian..How are you? Im an admirer of dusky beauties (Venus, Elima, Tumulak) . I never got a hold of any pics that shows her face devoid of make up.

      • pag walang make up si elima walang dating…pag minake upan naman madalas heavy makeup…ang hard ng dating

      • Even in tagalog limited? Mommy ka ba niya? Abakada lang alam niya? Walang sense mga pinagsasabi mo haha! Bakla ka kumain ka nga muna! ๐Ÿ˜‚

      • Erwann,
        I wasn’t talking abt day to day conversation . Elima is fluent inTagalog for sure but I do not think she is able to respond to a question with conviction clarity and cohesiveness .. whether it is in Tagalog or English .
        Do not blame her . Blame our culture and educational system .

      • Blame our culture? And education system? Siraulo ata to si fabian eh, hahaha..

      • In our culture , People do not like us if we are too assertive . I’m hoping teachers emphasize on comm skills early on .. be it in English or Tagalog . It means kids should be encouraged to express Their opinions on a wide variety of issues .

        That’s how we can prepare our girls for these pageants .

      • Ano basis mo ng ayaw ng tao sa atin ang pagigigng assertive? Teachers? Hindi nga bat ini-encourage ng mga teacher ang recitation. Alam mo bakla walang kwenta yung mga points of view mo.

    • . She look’s like Janine Tugonon but speak like Ariella Arida. Both girls are runner up titles, so its a win win

  17. She will make it into the top 6 of MU given her great beauty ( with make up on ) and her great body . She is very feminine , she sounds really great , and she is humble which the MUO and the American judges will find endearing .
    Again , her major hindrance is her comm skills .. which is quite limited . I don’t care how much training she’s had . She still does not have it.

    If we want a potential MU winner , we should look somewhere else.
    But I’m ok with her ..I believe I will finish the MU pageant show if she is our rep.

    • limited? Iris speaks french pero yung english niya sablay. Pero nanalo siya.

    • If we can have a winner , it’s great . But a finalist is just fine . All I want is to keep the streak alive . No to 2000-2010!

      • Eto yung mga tipo ng tao na putak lang ng putak pero hindi ginagamit yung utak. Peace tayo bes! ๐Ÿ˜‚

      • Erwann, maybe u need to check where you are in life right now before saying anything like that .. and pls read the entries until u understand them . Everyone deserves a chance to be heard and understood.

        Remember each one of us is an expert here because our own eyes and ears decide who look and sound beautiful

      • “Everyone deserves a chance to be heard and understood” pero may judgment ka na kay maine elima. My gosh ang bobo.


    • Gather your thoughts babe, and be sure may dereksyon na pupuntahan yung thoughts mo, ang gulo mo kasi, make up your mind! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  18. It’s early in the game, however, Gabriela O. and Charmaine are my top two… for now…

  19. My conclusion from this small survey is that, in general, the beauty norms are universal. Beautiful is beautiful and racial mixes do seem to work. But we may still have the colonial tendency to consider beautiful what is simply caucasian and ordinary to them. ( case of one they thought was ordinary, could be because she looks more caucasian than Filipina) . But on second thought, it is too small a group to make general conclusions.

  20. Just so to have a more international perspective of things, in an international gathering just yesterday, I asked the opinion of 8 friends ( from different countries and continents, different sexual orientations- German, Spanish, Swede; Canadian, Mexican , Argentinian; Pakistani and Thai) and made them pick their favorites from the pictures of the Binibinis in their pink tops. I took note of their choices where they coincided 3 or more times: Maine was there, so was Sirene, and so were Gabriela, Katarina, Mariel, and surprisingly Dane (#1) who they thought was a cute Asian. (how tall is she?) I was surprised they did not choose Dindi . Perhaps the picture does not do her justice. I let them listen to Calingo’s video since I think that is her strong point and see if they’d find her more attractive (smart is sexy more than one contestant said) and they thought she was impressive as a speaker, but one said “maybe she had better join a debate team rather than a beauty contest”. I also pointed out KF’s strongest bets, Angelique who they did not like at all!, and Rachel, who they found “old, in her 30’s, ordinary looking (!!) not filipina” (but what is a real filipina with the globalization and the diaspora of filipino workers worldwide?) On the other hand they randomly liked more some other KF girls .

    • Yan din sabi ng 3 Latin friends ko sa FB (Brazilian, Mexican & Peruvian). They said Calingo speak well, pero mas bagay daw na pang diplomat. Elima and Sutton are their favorites.

  21. How should we package her if she’s the MU bet? I’m not sure which styling is better for her , fierce or sweet? I think she has good chance if she is MU bet.

  22. My MUP bet! Hope Maine keeps improving her comm skills! She needs to be engaging and spontaneous everytime she opens her mouth. I also super love Sirene’s goddess beauty as evident on her still photos….but in motion, there seems to be a gap. Perhaps settle with a runner up finish this year and come back next year under Aces and get the MUP crown. Yun lang. K thanks, bye! ๐Ÿค—

  23. If she could take the heat…
    Then she just may be the one to beat!

  24. Crown contender! I seriously think it would be Elima-Sutton top 2 but I hope they don’t waste Sutton’s potential in a lower tier pageant. Those 2 scream Miss Universe and Binibini should play their cards right. I would give Elima Miss U and Sutton a runner up placement as I feel that Sutton is going to kill it at Miss Universe.

    • Those are my two favorites but I have two concerns about Sutton:

      1) She is not affiliated with a camp (yet). Wasn’t Kleiner the last independent to place? Politics and preparation do not favor her in this regard (esp for the international stage).

      2) I think MU wants more than a model these days. I mean my goodness, top 2 were STEM brainiacs and No. 3 was a girl who knew how to rise to the occasion and play out MUO’s (hopefully final) milking of the Harvey fiasco.

      Sutton for Supra or Intercon for me, unfortunately.

      • I agree to the extent that both are physically among the top bets. Your concern for Sutton, ( that the new MUO may want something more than just models or pretty, curvaceous girls) can also be applied in a minor extent to Maine. A flight attendant may be a relatively glamorous job for the Philippines. but not so for other countries like the US or any other anglosaxon country for that matter, where you are measured according to educational attainment (and which University you went to) plus your professional achievements. A university graduate turned stewardess may not be too impressive. Worse even in Europe where stewardesses are usually girls who do not go to college and take a short diploma training to be flight attendants. I’d say her credentials will not impress either.

      • MUTYA JOHANNA DATUL in 2013 was the LAST INDEPENDENT DELEGATE who won Bb. PILIPINAS -SUPRANATIONAL 2013 and bagged the 1ST MISS SUPRANATIONAL CROWN and becoming the 1st FILIPINA @ ASIAN to win the coveted crown….

      • @pageantfan – I actually agree with you re FAs not being regarded highly in the West, especially since most of them in the US are entitled and provide horrible service. But, Westerners can be sold on the provincial girl who’s now seeing the world due to dreaming big back story.

        I think they’d prefer that to child breadwinner stories. I think they view children supporting their families as a failure of their parents and societies. Pity worthy, but not as admirable as accomplishments. Just my opinion lang, esp. in being around them for most of my life (in liberal SF and LA at that).

        As for models, I think they are just not what IMG is looking for these days at least (see Miss USA results).

  25. Undoubtedly, she got the prettiest face and the most pageant-ready body among the candidates this year. I love her! My MUP. She and Angelique De Leon are my top 2 for now. Then Rachel Peters, Sirene Sutton, Chanel Olive, Jamaica Ambal, Jehza Huelar. But I bet there will be a Rogelie Catacutan or a Jennifer Hammond again this year.

  26. Beauty-wise, she is among my two-types for a MUP: 1) globally mass-market pretty (ala Pia) or 2) dusky exotic (ala Janine). I think Asian countries have a certain type that appeals at home (literally white skin lacking facial structure). Unfortunately the latter does not leave an impact to the Western eye (which is still the standard MU goes by despite their PC-sound bites). Our past winners and 1rus have been distinctly one of these two types.

    Maine is No. 2 and given that we have No. 1 Miss Universe right now, I think she would make an excellent follow-up.

    So far her aura and comm skills reveal she has committed herself to upping her pageant game. Her switch to A&Q has resulted in a marvelous transformation just for screening alone, can’t wait to see what else they’ve worked on for the final night. If she can keep it up and deliver when it matters most, I think she will easily bring the Philippines back into the final circle.

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