18 comments on “Your Binibini 20 Christagale Borja

  1. I’m ok if she wins MUP.
    They did a great job on Shamcey Venus and Janine. I don’t see why they can’t do the same on her

  2. I don’t mind her winning a crown… She just needs braces and she’s ready to go…

  3. Christa reminds me of Angelia Ong bec of the way she handles herself. Im sure Ms. Earth Philippines would love her.

  4. I can see why she’s getting attention. Despite, not being one of the top contenders with many netizens bold enough to mock her looks; she’s extremely assertive. This further helps with the fact that she’s quite intelligent. Many people might be ignorant of this but acquiring a permanent job in Marks and Spencer’s is quite a feat. M&S is such a posh establishment with quite a competative job scene and her getting a permanent role shows quite a lot to what this lady can bring. Overall, people with great communication skills often go very far in life. Therefore, I won’t be surprised if she does well in this competition. Then again, I could be wrong

  5. Very Pinay beauty. But, I also don’t see one of the top 2 crowns will go to her.

  6. Christa is your typical bisaya pretty girl with a western attitude, she would get a crown but not the major(major) ones. Whoever is managing the BBP social media accounts likes Christa a lot(along with those 6 other girls who are receiving “special treatment”).

    Anyone else noticed that BBP is relying so much on the popularity of the candidates? It’s funny because they think Binibini no. 1 is one of the popular girls that they would ask her to talk in most of their videos. What they don’t know is Binibini no. 1 is only getting many views because her photos and videos are always on top of and first on their feed whenever they upload new contents. My point is: whoever is managing the BBP social media accounts is estupido, tonta and bobo.

    If Binibini is now mainly a popularity contest, expect Katarina, Charmaine, Cheza, Mariel, and even the KF flag bearer, Rachel to be some of the girls waving, blowing kisses, and fixing, adjusting their new Jewelmer crowns as if it will fall on top of their head on the 30th of April.

    • estupido, tonta and bobo… grabe ka pero ok cge ate ilabas mo lang. Pag hindi pa din. iutot mo yan! haha

    • @KK im not siding anyone but I think Fabian is just giving an opinion not to offend Christa Borja but to suggest a softer make up styling for her. we all know styling is one factor that can make or break a beauty queen chances for a crown.

  7. Curvaceous like Kennon Road! Could she bag the Miss Perfect Body subtitle at MI 2017? Hhmm…

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