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  1. I really like her face. Perfect Pilipina Beauty❤
    Go:) Gabriela Win the crown ❤❤👸👸

  2. Hi – she is my top bet. Given that we have the best trainers around, we can transform her in time for Miss U. She and 32 and 39 are my top 3.

  3. If Matet de Leon, Tweetie de Leon and Agot Isidro had a baby girl, she’d grow up to be as beautiful as this candidate.

  4. sana magkaroon to ng pics with hair extensions with diff styles. for experiment para pag humaba na hair nya d na sila (A&Q) masyado mahirapan. i want to see her with long hair with diff styles nakaka tita sa kanya ang short hair nya even without make up. medyo matured looking ang face nya so she need to look like young a bit. But this girl is really lots of potential. Pwede sa Intercon ito if hinde palarin sa mataas na title. her beauty really suits in Intercontinental.

  5. She has a beautiful face but she looks like a Tita. Not sure if it’s the hair, the make-up, the styling. She looks older than her years. A&Q, please make her look younger and fresher!

  6. Tagal ko iniisio sino kamukha Niya. Now it sink to me that it was Cheska Diaz!

    • @Gemma bet ko na din si Gabriella Ortega.Im looking at her pics .Tingin ko she will win a crown

  7. Saw this girl and person and her face is lovely. I also like her tanned complexion.

    I honestly don’t know why she looks heftier in pictures because she’s so slim in person.

    • Na excite naman ako sa good news mo! Kasi SA video mukha siya bulky. I’ll take your word for it. Bet ko na siya talaga!

  8. type ko din ang beauty nya. her credentials also. yung katawan nya lang ang hinde ko gusto and her short hair. but im sure she can get a crown and ma ta train pa naman katawan at hahaba pa ang buhok so theres more time for experiment. she will surprise us.

    • I agree, the cut of her hair does not suit her. Extensions or if she wants to keep the length, a different hairstyle perhaps? I really want to see her shine. We’ve all been glued on the frontrunners, not realizing there’s someone like her who has great winning potential. I seriously hope A&Q trains her more.

  9. She needs to tone down the poses she did at the end of her walk in the first few seconds of the video. I hope somebody from A&Q trains her very well. Other than the unnecessary poses, this girl has everything to make her truly a crown-worthy Binibini.

  10. My bet for MUC! Kung si Jeslyn eh nag memorize ng sagot sa Espanyol eh Eto effortless! At SA mother tongue PA ng lahat ng Spanish language – Castillan Spanish!

    • MUC meaning Miss United Continents? If yes, meron ng representative ang Philippines through a certain Romellean Pontino (as posted on the official page of MUC). BS lang yata talaga yung kumakalat na balita na there is a 7th crown to be given by BBPCI and that is MUC.

      • Kinoronahan si Jeslyn Nung Sept 24 lang. Kung nagkorona na ng bago then her reign is just 6months? I saw the link na may Spanish name na equivalent SA MUC pero IBA yon.

      • OK! Gets ko na! Retract!
        Correct ka nga!
        Rumor NGA lang siguro yung 7th crown na ton!

  11. Imagine the Philippine bet speaking in Spanish beside an interpreter at Miss Universe….Go Gabriela!

  12. Very beautiful face
    Extremely overweight for a BQ based on pics and videos

    She and Ibe need to lose weight

  13. The most photogenic on the photo grid…she will be the surprise of this year with Calingo.

  14. I can see the Anjanette Abayari vibe in her. I have no doubt she can be a major upset for the so-called current front runners. Hindi ako magugulat kung sya ang magiging MUP. Im sure SMA will like her.

  15. TE ADORO.

    Her aura is that of the European delegates who are just so endearing due to their authenticity and rawness when they compete because they don’t have a pageant culture there. If she doesn’t win this year and competes again perhaps she will become more glamazon/patty, because let’s be honest, all the camps have a formula they follow. Now is the time to crown her!

    I think Europe-based Supra would be great for her. If Maine Elima doesn’t deliver a MUP-worthy performance or if it isn’t her destiny, wouldn’t mind Gabriela for that title. A Filipina Spaniard fluent in Spanish is one globally marketable back story that IMG can sell to the Filipino market, the Latin market, and to a lesser the European market that Iris’ win might tap into for the first time in decades.

    On a side note, was recently in Barcelona and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many Filipinos there. I was approached with the customary stare and “Filipino ka ba” by a Tita at a bus stop who’s lived there for thirty years with her family but still managed to have the Pinay warmth and sweetness of my own Mom and Titas. Would love to give that segment of the Filipino diaspora some recognition with a win.

  16. At first before parang pwedeng pagtawanan. But now i can say pwedeng maging bet for MU. May caliber of being a torch brearer. But i am not that interested sa result. I dont want to give my prediction kasi at the end of the day nasa laway ji madam ang mananalo. Kahit you slay it pa sa q and a.

  17. ..the moment her shortlisted pics came out, i thot of her as alta and maldita..but seeing her web video, shes down to earth and all..she is short tho..but she remains a stng contender for one of the crowns.

  18. I like her gab . Tito Norms, she is a dark horse. She might pull a surprise come coronation night but for now a semi finalist for me

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