10 comments on “Your Binibini 30 Mae Liezel Ramos

  1. The voluptuous figure says Miss Bikini (The Miss Globe). The very Asian face says Supranational. That curtain made from sashes sounds interesting. Hopefully Mr. Tinio can feature it eventually.

  2. I don’t know why this girl never seems to stand out. Maganda naman ang facial symmetry. The first time she joined, I was rooting for her but somehow her presence is really weak. Between Angelique and her, mas may potential yung beauty niya pero mas stand out personality ni Angelique. Pwede bang magkaroon ng Liezel-Angelique hybrid?

  3. good luck Ms. Ramos on your Bb. journey. I saw an article about you and Angelique and I must say the repeat candidates have always have a soft spot in my heart. May both of you clinch a crown.

    • *a
      Sino kaya ang nag thumbs down siguro isang ignoranteng bakla yun na di maka-distinguish ng genuine or fake na designer items.

      • The thumbs down is not because of the LV bag. It is bacause you have emphasized something that is not really relevant to the contest. So what kung fake? At least she doea noy have use other peoples money to buy a true one. Stop promoting materialism. She is just carrying a bag that she honestly affords, through her efforts, there is nothing wrong with that.

    • Hahaha hayaan mo na. Di naman nya sinabing “real” LV ah. Pera din naman nya pambili ng class-A. Hwag mo na cya hiyain. Ako marami akong ukay-ukay and that does not make me less of a person (I have millions in my bank account) hahahaha

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