17 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2017: The #AskYourBinibini Videos I like

  1. Charmaine Elima, Angelique de Leon, Rachel Peters, Arienne Calingo and Mariel de Leon.

    Something has changed in Angelique’s mouth. A big improvement on her confidence. Goodluck girls.

  2. Charlene Elima and Angelique DeLeon are the standouts…in my opinion, of course.

    Both seem to have “a look” that is a perfect balance of an international appeal.


  3. I love Katarina for she brings a breeze of fresh air in the pageant. She looks young, fresh and confident. I think she embodies a millenial filipina. Yes, she does not look queenly but i think she’s someone relateable to the youth who’s my age (I am 18 btw). For me she standouts from these bunch of pageant betty girls.

    Maine looks pageant perfect, she is ready for an international pageant. She’s really a pageant girl and you can see it in the way she presents herself. She’s someone that you can see with a crown on her head and can easily standout.

    Mariel looks classy and refined. I have no issues with her body since it can be developed furthermore. I think she’s not that articulate. She looks sweet and shy.

    Angelique is over the top. It’s like she’s saying something that people really don’t care about.

    Arienne looks very filipina. You know this girl has a lot between her ears. She looks and sounds intelligent.

    Rachel Peters is straight to the point. No pabebe, quick and casual unlike the girls who says a lot that we people really don’t care about. Like Maine, she is pageant perfect and so ready to take the international stage.

    Chanel Thomas looks like a daughter of Madam Stella. Magkamukha sila.

  4. Congrats the of #Queens of #BbPilipinas #2017goals to #AskYourBinibini #65thmissuniverse #philippines

  5. sypmre my favorita’s! Face Value/ beauty & brain / Wow Factor / Smartness!

    Mariel de leon, Katarina, Peters, Elima, Angelique de leon,

  6. Angelique is the winner here.

    Charmaine – she seems unsure when she is talking.

    Katarina – for some reason, she reminds me of Imelda. Her energy? The way she talks?

  7. Base sa videos my girl Rachel Peters ang pinaka mahusay mag explain ng nasa loobin siya ang natatanging mag rep resent sa miss universe wala ng iba.. May konting hawig din siya kay soleen hausef(not sure how to spell her last name) pag biglang tingin. Yah that’s a good thing. Diosa kaya si soleen. Rachel Peters my bb. Universe. Sa ibang girls good luck nalang sa inyo. Hihi

  8. yung taga mindoro magaling yun she looks tall at kahit walang slang accent may coherence ang thoughts nya well spoken si provinciana

  9. #MaineRemains

    She’s improved her aura so much since 2013.

    This is the hunger that I want to see for MUP. (Don’t think she’s the MIP type though…)

    Even her accent is charming.

  10. Mariel, Maine or Peters for MU. I would go with Maine because her beauty is so exotic and her bone structure is the best. Very adaptable to different styling. Mariel will be too similar to Ms Malaysia Katie James.
    What happened to Sirena? Was her vid that bad that Tito N didn’t include it here

  11. 1. Maine improved a lot pero medyo borderline pabebe. Kelangan ng onting fierceness.

    2.Di ko pa din talaga bet si Mariel. Something tells me she’s maldita.

    3. Hindi ko na-recognize si Clenci grabe! Napagoogle search ako. Morena ba talaga siya dati pa?

    4.Calingo is not beauty queen material sorry. I see her a teacher or philanthropist but not beauty queen.

    5. I can see Peters trying. Keep it up!

    6. Can someone please clarify if De Leon’s veneers are removable? She had a brighter, wider, bigger smile last time then she had her veneers removed and had braces again. Tapos ngayon it seems like naka-veneers ulit pero not the same as before. Daming funds ni ate?

    7. Katarina’s body is…honestly just like Mariel’s pero Katarina is very confident dahil 90% of her IG posts are bikini pics jusko po!

    8. I like Chanel’s styling here. Pwede for a crown!

  12. FTW due to their total package:Angelique de Leon, Mariel de Leon, Charmaine Elima, Rachel Peters, Katarina Rodriguez

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