45 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2017: Owen Reyes and the 40 Binibinis 

  1. the pictures i like:

    binibini3 maria gail tobes
    binibini5 joselle mariano
    binibini10 jehza mae huelar
    binibini13 sirene sutton
    binibini15 maria angelica de leon
    binibini19 rachel peters
    binibini22 chanel olive thomas
    binibini24 dindi joy pajares
    binibini31 katarina sonja rodriguez
    binibini32 charmaine elima
    binibini37 sammie anne legaspi
    binibini39 elizabeth clenci

  2. My top 12

    Mariel De Leon- MU/MI/Intercon
    Arienne Calingo- MU/Grand/Intercon
    Charmaine Elima- MU/MI/Intercon/Supra/Global
    Serene Sutton- Intercon/MI/MU/Global
    Gabriela Ortega- UC/Intercon/MI/Supra/MU
    Nelda Ibe- Intercon/ MI/ Global/ UC
    Katarina Rodriguez- MI/Intercon/Global/UC
    Rachel Peters- Intercon/ Grand/Supra/ Global/ MI/ MU
    Jheza Huelar- Global/MI/ Supra/MI/Intercon
    Dindi Pajares- Supra/Global/Intercon/MI
    Channel Olive Thomas- Intercon/Global/MI?
    Angelique De Leon- Global/ Supra/ Intercon/ Grand
    Gail Tobes- Globe?/Supra?
    Kimberly Pajares- 1st RUp?
    Lizel Ramos – 2nd RUp?

    • Hahaha baliw! Top 12 eh bakit 15? At ang gulo parang tie at kung sino nalang gusto mo. You are funny! 🙂

  3. My MUP :Charmaine Elima
    mi : Sirene Sutton
    Intercotinental: Chanel Thomas
    Supranational:Dindi Pajares
    MGI : Angelique De Leon
    Globe:Rachel Peters
    United Continents:Jehza Huelar
    Ist runner up:Katarina
    2nd runner up : Tobes and/or candidate 1
    wait ko pa few days mag iba styling ni Calingo coz I like her maturity in Q abd a
    Kat Tobes and candidate 1 gusto ko sumali next yr pati si candidate 28
    Mariel i want for mwp coz she have talent and may time pa mag lose weight. ayoko naman mag morales sa laban ni Paquiao na napilitan mag diet at slimming treatments makalaban lang.

  4. Sirene Sutton and Rachel Peters have the height and body, but in some angles, their faces look a bit man-nish. Not really an insult, it’s really just the angles of their face. Parang Solenn Heusaff din minsan.

    I really like Gabriella Ortega especially after seeing her in person. Dark horse, IMO.

  5. Tatlong korona lang hiling Kay SMA:

    MUP – Dindi
    MGI – Arriene
    MS – Sirene

    Since na explain ko na before ba’t gusto ko Silang Tatlo, balato na lang Kung pagbigyan PA ko SA apat:

    MIC – Mariel de Leon – lahat na yata ng combination naipadala na sa patimpalak na Yan pero di PA din masungkit Ang korona. Stepping stone na’to ni Mariel for MWP.

    MI – Charmaine Elima – OK naman yung mock Q&A Niya kaso Hindi strong Yung sagot. OK din yung sagot ni Maxine SA MU kaso Hindi Rin strong. Pero siguro naman magaling mag memorize ng speech si Ate at innate SA kanya Yung low profile demeanor kaya papatok siya SA mga hapon.

    MUC – Gabriela Ortega – Kung gaganapin SA Ecuador ulit Yung patimpalak na yon Ewan ko lang kung di Sila sampalin ng Castillan Spanish SA Q&A ng babaeng i2. Although kailangan PA mag practice ng pasarela and improve yung posture!

    MG – Angelique de Leon – she’s ready! I asianize lang yung image Niya. Best alternate din siya for MUC and MU. She deserve a crown this year!

    Di i2 base sa ranking ng ganda lang but rather a “matching” Kung ano Yung demand ng pageant. After all, lahat naman Sila maganda! Many are called but few are chosen.

    • You are just blind! Kairita! Pakita mo nga mukha mo dito magpost ka kung stunner ka ba tlaga?

  6. My personal faves for now, in no particular order:

    Sirene Sutton
    Mariel de Leon
    Charmaine Elima
    Katarina Rodriguez
    Chanel Olive Thomas
    Rachel Peters

    Not written in stone just yet, so my list might change over time.

    Good luck to ALL the candidates! ❤

  7. Si owen reyes ba at raymond saldana ay iisa? Nalilito lang po ako. Salamat sa sasagot. Kung hindi, typo lang ba to tito norms?

  8. Sutton, Elima and AdeLeon, Kabahan na ang KF and A&Q kay Sirene. I feel like she might spoil this for these two camps.

      • Punyeta! Nawala ako ng ilang months andito ka pa rin?You are such an irritation. Made up your MIND (kung meron ka man utak!). You know that MU aint happening tomorrow or next week so dont fool yourself in saying “Sirene is my choice” when she is NOT. You dont like her. You like someone else so spit it put. Damnit!

      • @ observing you:
        Mali po mga grammar mo, and stop sounding like an American. Hindi bagay sa iyo.

        “Made “up to make up
        ” in” saying to by saying

      • Sirene’s calm demeanor is a plus. I love a classy queen. But boy is she striking facially. Mapapaluhod ang mga tala sa ganda nya.

      • @G
        I can bought you! I am richer than you my dear. Kainin mo grammer mo eh wala kang pera sa bangko o sa wallet man lang! kever ko sa grammer ko it aint gonna ubos my money. Ano almusal mo? I know you is HUNGRY!!!! Hahaha inggit much! Is you and Geoff uyab? hahaha

  9. Bb Pilipinas 2017 candidates are on their way to visit our sick and wounded soldiers at the Rizal Hospital in Mandaluyong City!

  10. I’d say that all are pretty and have a fair chance. Great photography and white and pink – great combination.

  11. such a clean looking pictures, way better than previous years. the white background works well with their natural skin color, it lightens them.


  13. Sa FB page ng Bb. Pilipinas, Top 4 likes:
    Bb15 Mariel De Leon
    Bb10 Jehza Huelar
    Bb31 Katarina Rodriguez
    Bb32 Charmaine Elima
    And I guess a crown awaits the 4 of them!

  14. Wow Factor/Charming Beauty/ Face Value/ beauty and Brain!
    My favoritas!

    1. . Mariel de leon
    2. Katarina Rodriguez
    3. Angelique de leon
    4. Charmaine Elima
    5. Jehza Huelar
    6. Gail Tobes
    7. Sirene Sutton
    8. Rachel Peters

  15. Without a doubt, Mariel is the girl to beat. She is just too gorgeous here.
    She immediately grabbed my attention. She is head and shoulders above anyone else.
    Very regal, fresh, and captivating. You’re my dream girl Mariel.

      • She is her choice. Sino ba kasi bet mo? You dont have to impose unto others kung sino gusto mo. Bitter ka ano? Kasi pinangarap mo dati na maging anak ka ni Christopher deleon sa isang pelikula eh panget ka eh so di ka man lang pumasa sa school theater hahaha.. buzz! Get lost!

      • @richmond: i might conclude that you are a perfect creature, -no flaws, and imperfections because of that harsh comment against Mariel. Maybe you havent experienced yet being appreciated by others because of your looks. You are just showing how vulnerable you are to react negatively when talking about beauty. I’m sure, you are struggling in this area..but dont worry, what’s important is your heart. Beauty is fleeting, but what you have in your heart is something that could always be remembered.. Be happy!

  16. #Binibini15 is effortlessly gorgeous here. And she does not look chubby, her body blends with the rest. Her face is nicely shaped, make up complimented well. She aced this shot!

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