19 comments on “Your Binibini 36: Mae Lanie Chan

  1. I like her beauty. Serene. Sana hindi tambakan ang face nya ng make-up. Ganyan lang.

  2. I guess there’s nothing wrong with BCPI standards!

    The BPCI brings out the most high-caliber international representatives since 2010!!!!

    Keep on the momentum BPCI!!!!

    Go go go Philippines!

  3. Ano ba naman tong BPCI ang daming mas matangkad na maganda din naman na niligwak pero bakit mga pandak pasok!?

  4. This girl resembles Angelee Delos Reyes and Denille Lou Valmonte in some angles. She looks slick chick in brushed-up hair. I hope she’d maintain that look and try to tan her skin. If she won’t go for a tanned skin, same goes with Dindi Pajares, a lot of pageant enthusiasts would associate her to a Miss Vietnam beauty pageant. I can see potentials in her. Good luck, girl!

  5. Sana na ka indicate agad ung age, height, other stats.. I guess this lady is short, both in height and beauty required by pageant.

    • Maganda naman siya dun sa hindi mock pageant pics niya ha? Sa dami naman kasi maganda this yeat, parang pang Miss Earth or Miss Global na beauty niya. I like her hair, gusto ko ipatong sa ibang candidates na pretty face, parang playing dolls lang, charaught! 🤓😂 pee.esh. Ikaw ba si Marvin Agushtin? Ka-edad mo din. 😂

      • Hmmmm… I wonder why? Is it because BPCI broke their own rules by allowing candidates in who did not meet their minimum height requirement of 5’6″?

        And they’re not releasing weight stats either? NOW, there’s a story!

      • and why not? ano to guessing game nlang based sa itsura ng kandidata. Minsan tlga itong bpci may pagkabaliw

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