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  1. dark dark dark horse……………………………………….

  2. I find her eyes creepy. Good for horror movies. Best placement for her is a semifinal spot. I don’t see her winning any of the major crowns. Saree.

  3. I agree sa more hukay about her personality… I also don’t know what crown she’s fit for but she’s definitely a semi-finalist.. I think her styling also needs to be changed.. Medyo matalas ang haba ng mukha nya.. kailangan pudpurin gamit ng H&MU.

    • Feel ko Rin walang fit na crown sa kanya. And kapag ganyan na maganda at magaling pero Hindi tailor fit for any crown, profile ng first runner up as alternate rep of the 7crowns.

  4. I like her energy and even though she was raised abroad, her enthusias to win MUP is very strong.
    She needs to work on her body stop that Nicole Kidman stare and keep the C atriona/Venus vibe… I’m OK if she gets MUP.
    She’s got great potential

  5. Para lang sya kay Jake but not a crown this year.
    Yan kc nakikita ko for now hihihi
    Sali sya ulit next year para may hugot hihihi charette 🙂

  6. Hey beauty isn’t my cup of tea. Maybe she’ll look better as the competition heats up.

  7. Chanel definitely is a shoo-in as a semifinalist — at least. She’s on my list as a possible title holder come finals.

    • Yeah. she remind me of miss vietnam 2015 and nothing Bad to this. Ang nagpatalo kase kay Ms. vietnam is yung performance nya. kailangan well mannered talaga ang performance. hinde umeffective ang sobrang likot nya sa pagrampa at pa sway sway pa ng buhok. same sila ni Miss Peru. kaya if ever being a copy cat or a resemblance of Miss vietnam physicaly or anyone from the past MU is okay as long as they know how to walk and how to talk. and i believe that Aces & Queens can transform Dindi into more competetive peg. hinde man sya kagandahan katulad ng marami pero ang lakas ng awra nya. ganyan man ang mga mata nya pero you cannot deny her. sa Q&A lang talaga nagkakatalo. pero i have a feeling that she can get one of the crown in bbp. MU or Supra fits her.

    • @Jeremi I like her also to bits. Complete package . styling na lang na madali ang solution

  8. Kailangan mawala ang Aussie twang, gaya ng ginawa ni Catriona Gray. I don’t see the two top titles going to her, siguro isa sa mga minor, puede.

    • If that’s the case , those who grew up in the States should also use ‘ Filipino ‘ English
      I don’t think it’s necessary
      Clarity of words thoughts and ideas is what matters the most

    • Frankly, I don’t mind her Aussie accent since that is natural for her, as much as there’s nothing wrong with having a Filipino accent, or an American one, etc., if that is the accent that the person grew up with, and is authentic to her — as long as what she’s saying is coherent and has substance.

      Having to change one’s accent just for a competition only adds an unnecessary and superficial layer to that person and makes that person sound ridiculous when exposed.

    • oh no!
      No mUP for Jaehza
      We need someone who can talk .
      Can’t blame Jehza, blame the system
      Kids should be encouraged to speak up abt life – their day day to day experience their dreams and the social issues of local and international importance. High stake professions are all abe communication . And beauty Queens are expected to be able to converse
      So no to Jehza for any major crown

    • she wants MUP , she may have it if she can get that MU body . Her belly in the pic is a little disappointing which can even cost her a top 15 placement

  9. She needs to shape up.
    A&Q Should transform her into a pleasant beauty .
    She looks good when she talks , still pics are way less desirable . I’m sure A&Q can do something abt it.
    Her Simple answers to simple questions are fine . U do not have to invent or magnify a story to answer a pageant question

  10. I love Chanel Thomas in motion. One of my favorites . Articulate and gorgeous . Though her team should find her perfect styling . pretty pretty

      • @Fabian. You have an eye for beauty. Chanel in motion is like watching an angel . Aces team if you can nail her perfect styling and make up Im sure Aces will bring home one sure crown next month.
        Chanel should find the proper make up. I already pointed out about Miss Puteri Indonesia Kezia skin case w make up acidity. Chanel also have the same case. dapat 1 or 2 shades lighter ang gagamitin para maging tama sa skin tone yung foundation .
        Chanel is one of my girl crush sa batch na to

  11. Winner tong si miss pilar pilapil…magaling mag english sana bigyan nya ng substance yong sagot nya hindi conversation ang dating dapat authoritative din ang dating para mas sunakut lalo ang ulo ng judges pagdating ng araw….hehehe

  12. Infairness kay mama JDV, ambait nya kay SMA. Binigay nya yung MGI last 2014, ngayon ibibigay na naman nya ang MUC. Mapagbigay si mamang.

    • Ayaw lang talaga ni SMA may nakakalamang sa kanya at gusto lahat sa kanya! kaloka tong matanda na to! ang dami dami ng minor pageants na pinapatulan. Gusto talaga ni SMA na siya lang ang may pageant dito…Gahaman! hahahahaha

  13. If she can speak eloquently then she’s for MI or MGI for me. Let us see.. so many strong candidates..

  14. sya yung girl na medyo mahirap ma gets ang beauty nya. kung anung fit na title ang dapat sa kanya. medyo more hukay pa para mailabas ang winning image nya. pero pwede din sa supra. pero i see her chance as a runner up sa bbp.

  15. My bet for Supra or Grand. Konting amo lang sa mukha, makeup na light at soft na di strong pasok na sa banga si Chanel numero uno ☝🏻 I hope she gets a crown, deserving naman si ate. Best wishes, mate(moyt)!

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